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App Store gets Adult Supervision... too heavy handed?

"Apple has reversed their policy".  If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times.  Actually, I google'd those words and found 994,000 results, so that's not an exaggeration!  Apple has had enough of the 'bikini' apps and has begun removing such apps from the App Store.


I must admit, I am a bit conflicted here.  As a father, it can be frustrating seeing 17+ apps when doing searches or browsing the App Store.  Those apps obviously sell, but that pushes other apps down in the rankings, making it harder to sell.  As a developer of family-friendly apps, this is also frustrating because it means less "exposure" (pun intended) for my apps!


Apple is giving away $10,000 for the 10th billion song downloaded

Itunes has launched 7 years ago, they are celebrating their 10th billion music download with 1 lucky winner getting 10K in itunes Gift Cards! 

If you want to see what number download they are up to click here. No need to purchase needed click here.

A Guide to Writing App Reviews in the iTunes App Store

If you just got an iPhone or iPod touch, congratulations!  You are on your way to enjoying the most game-changing mobile device to come along in a while.  And even if you've had your device for a while, the following should help you with the App Store, specifically writing reviews.


As a developer, over the past year, I've seen a lot so I thought I'd compile some hints to make your app experience better!


Auto-Syncing and syncing preferences


A cool feature added to iTunes 9 automatically fills any remaining space on your iPhone or iPod touch with songs.

Using the Sync Applications feature


 Sync AppsMy favorite new feature is Sync Applications. I have over 500 apps in my iTunes library that have been rather difficult to manage until now. This feature makes it easy to install and uninstall apps and move icons around Home pages. To use this feature:

Setting up Home Sharing


 HomeSharingUntil the release of iTunes 9, the computer you used to purchase music from the iTunes Store was the computer the music lived on. It was possible to play it on another computer, but you had to jump through some hoops to do so. iTunes 9 includes a feature called Home Sharing that allows you to share music, videos, and other media on up to five authorized computers in your home network. Here’s how it works:

Using App Genius


App Store GeniusApp Genius helps you locate apps that are similar to ones you have already installed on your iPhone or iPod touch. Since there are over 85,000 apps from which to choose, this new feature should help you cut down on the time you spend searching the App Store. Here’s how to use App Genius:

  1. From the iPhone or iPod touch, tap the App Store icon.
  2. Tap on the button labeled “Genius” in the upper right corner of the display.
  3. Tap on “Turn On Genius” and you’re prompted to fill in your iTunes password. Do so and hit OK. (Note that turning on Genius sends information about the apps you have installed to Apple.

iTunes 9 Tips and Tricks

How to use the new features of iTunes 9

Apple continues to improve its legendary iPhone and iPod touch interface with the release of iTunes 9. This newest version of iTunes tweaks some old favorites, like the Genius feature, and brings us some new favorites, like Home Sharing. This article will help you better understand some of the new features available to iTunes 9.0 users.


Learning a language


iTunes LatinoOne of the keys to learning a language is to immerse your self in it. Ideally, you’d like to live where the language is spoken, but that’s not always possible. SettingsLanguage 1More practical ways to immerse yourself in the language include watching foreign language movies and TV shows, listening to foreign language music and radio, and reading books published in the language you are learning.

Adventure Games

The past is now present—and the future looks even brighter!

For several years now, the PC gaming world has been lamenting the death of the adventure game. The funny thing is that the genre is alive and well; it just doesn’t thrive as much in the commercial world. However, it appears that developers are interested in reversing that trend and, in part, are using the iPhone platform to do it. Over the last several months, quite a few adventure games have been ported to the iPhone, ranging from the first adventure game ever made, to one of the most beloved. I’d like to share my thoughts on some of these translations, and where I hope this trend is heading. This is my look at the state of the adventure game on the iPhone.


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