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BEST strategy game Orions: Legend of Wizard out for the iPhone! + Strategy Guide


In my opinion, the best turn-based strategy game ever released for Windows Mobile, Orions: Legend of Wizard, has just been released at a very low introductory price ($1.99 / 1.79 euros). (On the screenshot below, this isn’t visible as I’ve purchased it from AppStore right away; hence the “Installed” tag. With the, compared to Windows Mobile or other platforms, really cheap AppStore prices, it was a no-brainer for me. After all, I’ve paid $20 for the first two episodes on Windows Mobile – and it was already a, IIRC, 20% rebate.)

MacWorld versus CES (Consumer Electronics Show)... either way, Apple is everywhere!

Next month I will be heading to Las Vegas once again to cover the Consumer Electronics Show.  I've been going to CES (or Comdex when that existed) since 1988 and it's always a great way to see the latest gadgets from numerous vendors.  But one firm is conspicuous in their absence.  Macworld is always held around the same time, and that's where Apple holds court.  So it's understandable that Apple puts all of its eggs in one basket... or maybe it's a basket of apples?

Let's Make the Best Smartphone Even Better!

The iPhone was 'Designed by Apple in California', but it can be improved by iPhone Life readers in cyberspace! 

Don't get me wrong... I love my iPhone and it is almost always attached to my hip.  But over the years, I have owned an Apple Newton, a Motorola Marco, an HP 95LX, a Compaq iPaq, a Palm Treo, a Nokia e62 and more. I love technology and my allegiance is to whatever device offers the most convenience, ease of use, quality, reliability, value, and overall experience. That might mean Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows, or a Mac, all of which I use everyday.

using your itouch as a phone... Sure, all you need is WIFI


Just read in TechCrunch about a new itouch app by UK-based Truphone that allows you to make phone calls on your itouch if you have WIFI access. Sounds pretty good. Calls are free to other itouch users as well as other supported mobile devices and low rates to those outside the system, much like Skype. What is interesting to me here is idea of taking an itouch and getting near iphone capabilities.

Warning!!--Spore Origins very addictive!


So, my 3rd Apple iPod, the Touch, which I've had for about a month now is quite living up to the hype so far. It is operating in a most excellent manner, and monopolizing all my free time. I get the feeling that my other gadgets are starting to get p**sed. Recently, I made a big mistake and bought a game from the app store called Spore Origins. If you value your time, you will not get this game!! That's right..nice and slowww...just walk away! No, don't look back!

App Store Web site crashes mobile Safari


I'm new to the iPhone and iPod Touch, so please let me know if I'm missing something obvious... but I just found that one of Apple's Web sites -- a site targeted to iPhone/iPod users -- crashes the mobile browser.  (I have already reported this problem to Apple.)

Use a photo as your wallpaper

Using photos on iPhone/iPod as WallpaperYou can use any 
picture you load onto your iPhone or iPod touch as your wallpaper (the image you see when you awaken your device from Sleep mode). Open Photos, tap on the desired picture, and then tap the options button in the lower left corner of the screen. Then tap Use As Wallpaper, and the “Move and Scale” screen will appear where you can move the image up or down or zoom in on it (by touching and spreading your fingers) until the picture appears as you want it to. When you are ready, tap Set Wallpaper.



Change iPod browse buttons

You can replace any of the first four browse buttons in iPod with other options as follows:

Sync Mac or PC’s Web bookmarks
 with iPhone/iPod touch

With iTunes, you can sync bookmarks from Internet Explorer (PCs) or Safari (Macs) with your iPhone or iPod touch. Launch iTunes and sync your device to your computer. Then click on your device under Devices in the iTunes Window and click the Info tab. Scroll down to Web Browser, and check the “Sync bookmarks with” box. Now you can choose Internet Explorer or Safari in the corresponding field. Click Sync (or Add) in the lower right corner of the iTunes window, and your bookmarks will be loaded onto your iPhone or iPod touch.

Get content on your iPhone/iPod touch from multiple computers

iTunes won’t let you sync the same content with more than one computer. However, you can sync different content with different computers. For example, you could set up your computer at home to only sync your music and videos in iTunes. You can then set up your work computer to only sync your contacts and calendar in iTunes. Maybe set up your laptop to only sync photos. This way, you can fill up your device with content from different places.

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