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The 12 Reviews Of Christmas: Fluttr by indieSpring (Day 6)


There’s something innately addictive about the type of game where your character is constantly in motion and you have to keep them safe from whatever traps their surroundings hold. These games tend to work pretty well on the iPhone, but like any other genre that trick is to come up with something that’s different than everything else the user has played. Fluttr does a pretty good job of that. Instead of a running creature you must protect a butterfly. More importantly, though, is that instead of directly controlling the character you control the environment.

Grinch e-book available!


 Oceanhouse Media is going all out on the Grinch stuff this Christmas, and now you can get an e-book of this children's classic for your iPhone/iPod as well. You can check out all their Grinchy offerings here

The Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble


Gritty, etherial and industrial sounding, are words which come to mind when I listen to the University of Michigan's recent iPhone performance. I love the sound and show (see video below, there are others from previous recitals and practice) which is reminiscent of early Kraftwerk, remember at the time (early 1970's) Kraftwerk's sound was considered abrasive and undisciplined.

Great Games Under a Buck!

On a budget? Stretch your buying power with these great games.

When Apple announced the iTunes App Store last year, they opened up global distribution opportunities for small development studios that were willing to offer high-quality games for very low prices. Many of these games cost you less than a dollar. Since everyone’s on a budget these days, I thought I’d show you how to stretch your buying power. Each of the games in this article costs 99 cents. So for ten bucks, you get ten great games—call it the “iTunes Super Value Menu.”


Great Games Make Excellent Holiday Gifts

Some of the very best games in a number of genres make excellent holiday gifts

Great games not only make excellent gifts, they’re a good way to keep you and your family entertained during long holiday trips. This holiday game buyer’s guide covers the best titles in a number of genres. Each one offers many hours of engrossing gameplay and tremendous value for your holiday dollar. Whether you want to buy someone a gift that they will enjoy for months to come, or you want to make sure that time flies on a cross-country flight, these titles will keep you jolly well past New Years Day.

Final thoughts

As iPhone games mature, developers are creating more sophisticated titles that do more than show off the platform’s flashy graphics.


A Mother's Gift Sent from Heaven

My iPhone keeps me organized, in touch, and on time.

Period TrackerAs a mother of four active children and the wife of a scattered businessman, I’ve been drawn and quartered for the better part of two decades. The iPhone has made and continues to make a tremendous difference in organizing my life.


"Must-Haves" for Chicks

The iPhone’s style and the power of its apps make “iPhone Chick” something you’ll feel proud to be called!

 The iPhone has an irresistible quality to it that creates an instant bond between users. Suddenly, you have something in common with the person next to you in that long line at the bank. Yet, it’s the state-of-the-art power it provides that makes it a must-have for us chicks. I used to think it was a bit trendy—and that opinion kept me on the wrong side of the iPhone equation for much too long. My skepticism cost me time and money in my personal life and as a business owner.

The look and feel of the iPhone are the first things that catch your attention, but it’s the apps that allow you to experience its unparalleled capabilities. Let’s take a look at six fabulous examples.


Top Healthcare Apps for New Parents

Apps that help parents manage their children's health and make better healthcare decistion

As healthcare providers for young children, we’re very aware of the challenges faced by new parents and the common mistakes they make. There are a few iPhone apps that can help parents provide better healthcare for their children. Note that these apps do not replace the need to consult healthcare professionals. For example, the first app helps you track medication dosages and timing when you’re caring for a child with a fever and even gives dosage recommendations. You should always consult a professional about which medication to use and to confirm dosage and timing recommendations.


Two Great Fitness Apps

iMapMyRide and Calorie Tracker help you get fit and stay fit!

Ok, you’ve decided it’s time to get in better shape. You’re going to get healthy. Now what? One trick that may help is to keep records of your training sessions and calorie intake to make sure you stay on track. By doing this, you’ll be able to tell what works for you and what doesn’t. Using your iPhone to measure and record your efforts can make exercise and losing weight almost fun.

“You look great!”

That’s one of the nicest things someone can say to you. A close second is, “You’ve lost some weight.” The first thing you need to do is make the decision to do something about your fitness.


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