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LinkedIn for iPhone 3.0


Yesterday, LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking site, announced that it had released an update to their popular App (iTunes download). Read the full blog post.


So you got a new iPhone or iPod touch... now protect it!


 You probably want to keep it looking new and who can blame you.  It's like a new car, and you're dreading your first ding or scratch.  I know, I've been there and I'm a perpetual phone dropper!

Regular readers of my columns know that I use a lot of different cases, depending on the occasion.  For formal events, I might put my iPhone in a slim case and slip it in my suitcoat.  But for travel, I use an OtterBox and have done so since the days of my first generation iPhone.

Free Little Runner


Just your price, for a limited time Red Rocket Games Little Runner is free!

A nostalgic look at classical music


As a classical music fan, I am really enjoying this app. It's fun, educational and brings back fond memories.

With Classical Music, I can listen to one-minute excerpts of classical music from a variety of composers, learn more about each piece, as well as each of the composers. Afterwards, I can take a quiz to see if I recognize the songs and composers from listening to excerpts.

Best Apps and Accessories for 2009

For a list of Best Apps and Accessories for 2009, be sure to read Nate Adcock's blog. I added my list in the comments.

TeachMe Kindergarten


Here’s a fun way to reinforce learning - use the iPhone or iPod Touch and the TeachMe Kindergarten app. With TeachMe Kindergarten, your child can practice addition, subtraction and reading skills using a variety of learning styles – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This is the most effective way to learn.

Lighting my hotel room with reviveLITE




I took the reviveLITE with me to Stillwater when I stayed overnight for my graduation. The reviveLITE is a nightlight and iPhone or iPod charger in one. I like the idea of having a nightlight with me when I’m traveling, and the fact that it charges my iPhone at the same time makes it even better – less cords to bring. (You can turn the nightlight off if you want.)


The biggest problem you may have is finding a suitable outlet in the hotel room. Some rooms do not make them very convenient. But, if you do find the right outlet, this is the gadget to have. I definitely recommend it for travelers. 

Best iPhone Apps and Accessories for 2009!

Being a tech news Junkie, and fond of the superior Ziff Davis line of publications, especially eWeek, I recently noted their list of top 20 iPhone Apps, which were ok, in my opinion--but then some were aimed at System Admin geeks like me. Anyhoo, after monitoring our own blogs and noting the excellent products being reviewed here, I thought we might do our own little end of year round-up. So, I will start it off with some of my favs after the break below (which will include at least one hardware item), and then hopefully a few more bloggers can pile on with posts of their own.



Do you wonder where that book is you enjoyed so much last month? How about your favorite drill? Maybe you lent it out and can’t remember who you lent it to. You need iLend.  

This simple little app easily keeps track of whom you lent what, whether it’s a book, tool, article of clothing, or any other object.

The 12 Reviews Of Christmas: Bloody Xmas (Day 9)


Games starring Santa seem to have taken a turn towards the violent this year, and Bloody Xmas is no exception to that rule.  I'm never thrilled to see Santa spill some blood (though at least you wouldn't be able to see it against his suit), but I'm willing to try and look past it if there's a decent game to be played underneath.  Unfortunately, Bloody Xmas just didn't do it for me.  There are other games with a similar theme that I found much more enjoyable, and that didn't go quite so overboard in the gore.

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