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Free app offers 3-D sounds of nature


Amazing what's free in the App Store. Naturespace recreates the sound and space of natural surroundings using the latest HD recording technologies.

Google adds product search for your iPhone


You can now get price comparisons for any product you're interested in just by doing a Google search and then scrolling down in the search results until you see the "Shopping results for . . . " link. Click on that link and Google returns a list of companies that offer that product and pricing information — in a format that's optimized for your iPhone. Some products, such as books and electronics, also include info such as online ratings and reviews.

Baby Shaker iphone app pulled from app store… Do we need a rating system?

I cannot count the number of times I've heard of useful and cool apps rejected from the Apple store for 'typically' stupid reasons, and when I heard about 'baby shaker' getting through, all I could do was shake my head and think, how did a sick tasteless app like this get through? Well, it took 2 days, (last week, sorry been sick) but now its pulled. At first I was quite happy to see this trash removed, but then I stepped back and started to think about it.. This is tasteless and offensive to be sure. But where is the line?

iView: The iPhone’s Remarkable Rise to the Top

In only two years, the iPhone has emerged as an industry standard for smartphones

In the beginning—the niche PDA market

For a quarter of a century our publishing company has written about the practicality and fun of carrying a personal computer wherever you go. We started by writing about the original laptop from HP. Then in the 90’s we changed our focus to handhelds (miniature laptops), and then in the 2000s to PDAs (Pocket PCs).


Robust and Affordable Medical Apps

Three iPhone apps to help medical professionals care for their patients and keep costs down

Healthcare professionals have a brand new and very affordable “black bag” of medical resources in the form of the iPhone or iPod Touch and a wide variety of healthcare applications available for them on the iTunes App Store. Many of these programs are free or inexpensive, and a few are moderately priced. But one cool thing about them is that most do not require a direct link to a PC or Mac—all you need is a wireless connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi or the iPhone’s broadband data connection.


eLearning with the iPhone

University professor uses iPhone for classroom presentations and distance learning

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to teach a course in Ethical Leadership for a college in Lithuania. Unfortunately, I arrived a few days before the start of the term and didn’t have much time to test the equipment in my new classroom.


Time Tracking on the iPhone with Tick

Tick's mobile app makes project manager's job easier

As a Senior Project Manager I am responsible for a project’s scope, schedule and budget. As part of my regular status I compare the time entered on project tasks with the budget. Accurate time reporting is a necessary component to ensure a project’s success. Compliance with time reporting processes can be an issue. It can be overcome with clearly defined processes, training and the right application.


Switching from Palm to iPhone

Settling into a new relationship

Ending a long-term relationship is always difficult. You wonder if you have good reasons to leave the relationship and ask yourself if the grass is really greener on the other side. So itwas with some trepidation that i considered ending my long standing relationship with Palm OS smartphones


Dealmaker’s iPhone Much More Than a Mobile Phone (or Cell Phone)

Switching over to the iPhone opens up a new world of efficiency, information, and enjoyment.

Two months ago when my cell phone stopped working I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my two-year service contract was also coming to a close. I was free to pursue new options, and inspired by my business partner, I took a closer look at the iPhone. In the past, a cell phone has only had one purpose for me—phone calls! Little did I know that the iPhone would open a new world of efficiency, information, and enjoyment, not only in my business but in my personal life.


The Smartest Phone on the Planet!

My iPhone experience rapidly became a succession of firsts

Prior to Friday, July 18, 2008 I lived a sheltered and somewhat impoverished mobile phone life. Until that day, I had made do with various cell phones and phone-PDA combos (a.k.a. “bricks”), but on July 18 I ambled into an Apple Store to see if there were any iPhone 3Gs in stock. One must remember that here in the UK iPhone 3Gs were harder to come by in mid-July than George Bush supporters. Much to my surprise all variations of Apple’s newest family member were available!


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