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iPhone App Developers Profiled


In the Chicago Tribune giveaway daily, Redeye, Chicago-based iPhone App developers speak about their successes. Lars Bergstrom, for instance, is a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago, but came away with $100,000 or so for coming up with the WiFi Finder app.

Sneak Peek at iPhone Apps


The Wall Street Journal has a story covering some of the new functionality expected in the next generation of iPhone apps. 

Catch the Masters on your iPhone


You know it's spring when you can hear the birds sing at Augusta National during the quiet Masters Golf Tournament telecasts. But how can you keep up with the action during the workday?

With the iPhone, of course. The stodgy, old-fashioned Masters is the first PGA tournament to provide live streaming video – but for iPhones only.

Make the World's Best Phone Even Better

Improve wireless syncing, enable A2DP Bluetooth, improve video output

 This year, the word “fanboy” was added to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. The term is sometimes used derisively and other times proudly, but it always refers to an almost religious cheerleading of a brand of technology. And quite often, that brand is Apple. I’m not an Apple fanboy, nor an Apple basher. I love technology and my allegiance is to whatever device offers the most convenience, ease of use, quality, reliability, value, and overall experience. That might mean Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows, or a Mac, all of which I use everyday.


NY Times: iPhone Gold Rush

Sorry to jump on the horn so often here, but I came across an interesting article in the Sunday New York Times Style section today. How would you like to quit your job and live off your sales through the App Store? Here are some who did:


Well, we can dream, can't we...?

PhotoBlasting: Practical Applications


PhotoBlasting is the term I use for taking a picture with your iPhone and sending it via e-mail. In my last post I wrote about blasting off a photo to slightly tweak a White Sox fan. I got an out-of-office reply, so the effect wasn't as immediate as I hoped it would be. I'll have to settle for a delayed reaction.

iPhone PhotoBlasting: Who Are Your Innocent Victims?


I've got some Chicago White Sox fans in a fix. My Cubs-fan neighbor let me buy some of his long-time Wrigley Field season tickets. The neighbor wasn't interested in seeing American League teams – as if his Cubs will ever see an AL team when it really counts, in October – so he gave me my choice of interleague games.

I scooped up three to see the Cubs vs. Twins for a Sunday afternoon. My friend and his son are both big-time Sox fans, which in this city (Chicago) usually means they're major Cubs-haters.

Day One - I have so much to tell you about kid apps

The reason there is so much to say is that this is my first post and we are twenty or thirty apps in on the iPhone/iPod migration into our lives via our 5.5 year old boy, Johan. We started out with some games on my iPhone but soon found that I was losing the thing to the kid most of the time and so we got the iPod touch to give me MY toy back.

I would have to do about 20 posts to get you up to speed with where we are... Maybe you can get a lot of that out of my upcoming article in the next issue of iPhone Life.

A Portable Biking Computer

Using iPhone’s GPS for more than just maps

Trailguru2For a long time I have been biking to work, to run errands, and to occasionally participate in organized rides. In the past, I used my own memory and simple bicycle computers like the CATEYE Velo2 to track my performance.


Lose Weight with the iPhone

Power up your iphone and lose some Pounds!

My blood pressure was high and my doctor wanted me to do something about it. He suggested taking blood pressure pills and even wrote the prescription, but I declined. His other suggestion was to lose some weight. Over the years I had risen to about “two bills” (200 pounds) and nothing, not even 2-4 mile daily walks, seemed to bring it down.

The Edibles on iPhone home screen


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