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Making kids smarter, one Smart Kid at a time


Smart Kid - English basics lite (free) by Viralint is great!  Upon opening it up you can choose to get learn a bit about it, go into settings, where you can set up some parameters, or start right in with sentence completion, choosing from a difficulty level of1 to 6.

App-A-Day Project: Spot The Bug


Now from the name you're probably thinking this is some boring programmer's game or an insect variation of "Where's Waldo?".  In actuality it's an interesting take on the match 3 genre.  Unfortunately, like most of the games in this series to date, it suffers from inadequate controls and hasty implementation.  Here we go again...

Infant app's for child development


I’ve recently had the opportunity to review Mantaray Creative Labs iBaby Buddy ($1.99) and like what I see with one caveat.  From the get go it should be obvious that you take risks handing over a several hundred dollar iPhone to an infant, I could easily imagine the lady at the Apple Genius bar asking if my iPhone got wet and my saying, “Does my baby teething on it count?”  But with that caveat, and a parents desire to give their children the best learning opportunities they can, I think this is a use of the iPhone worth following.

Welcome to iPhone OS3.0

Apple introduces the 3rd version of its revolutionary mobile OS at WWDC.
Upgrades will be free to iPhone users and $9.95 for iPod touch owners.

On June 8 Apple revealed the third version of the iPhone OS, an immense update to the iPhone interface. It’s easier to list what appears not to have changed—Weather and Calculator—than what has changed. Apple stated that there were over 100 new user features and 1,000 new developer APIs (see page 80) in the new OS, which was released June 17.


Mmmm ... I can smell the cookies baking!


From Almond Biscotti to White Chocolate Drop Cookies, Bake-Guru has enough cookie recipes to keep your sweet tooth happy.

WOW! Apple's New iPhone 3G S

The “fastest, most powerful iPhone yet” runs the iPhone OS 3.0 and features video recording, voice control, up to 32 GB of storage, and a lot more.

Apple introduced its new iPhone on June 8th, and is promoting the 3G S as the “fastest, most powerful iPhone yet.” While it’s true that most new devices are faster and more powerful than their predecessors, the new iPhone does have a faster processor that renders Web pages quicker and launches apps up to twice as fast. In addition, the new device is packed with other hardware and software enhancements that make it a far more powerful and “smart” phone.

Power under the hood

The 3G S looks very much like the 3G—the changes are under the hood. The new iPhone includes a number of new hardware features, including:


From The Editor

iPhone 3G S and OS 3.0

The big news for this summer is the release of Apple’s updated mobile OS and its new iPhone.

In this issue, we take a first look at the new iPhone 3G S. Resting in your hand, it looks pretty much like the 3G, but in this case, looks are deceiving. The 3G S sports a faster processor, better battery life, a 3 megapixel camera, enhanced 3D graphics, and a variety of other improvements. Best of all, Apple claims it’s twice as fast as the 3G. By the time you read this, it should be available from Apple, AT&T, and other vendors. Check it out.


App-A-Day Project: Trounce


Ready for some demon squishing fun? I was too, but what could have been a simple yet intriguing premise somehow managed to get mired in the details. Trounce is a good foundation for a nice pick-up-and-play game, but until it can move past its App-A-Day roots it really feels like little more than a prototype.

Tethering coming September, will cost $55/month!

Appmodo claims to have spoken to a "reputable" AT&T employee, who told them that both MMS and tethering are coming in September. MMS will be no extra charge, but Appmodo says that tethering is going to be $55/month on top of your current data plan. Ouch. Let's hope Appmodo is right about the timing — but wrong about the price.

Protect your iPhone or iPod touch with the help of accessorygeeks.com


So you’ve just taken out your brand new iPhone or iPod touch out of the box, you just can’t put it down and it hasn’t left your side in days. Stop! Before you go and download any more apps your first priority is to protect that baby. The iPhone or iPod touch is similar to any piece of electronics in that if you don’t take care of it will not take care of you.


Here are my two rules if you own or plan on owning an iPhone / iPod touch:

# 1 – Buy a screen protector

# 2 – Buy a case

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