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Star Walk Contest Winners!


 I want to thank everyone for participating in the contest (and especially to ViTO for sponsoring). Our winners appear after the break with instructions for claiming your free copy. If you missed it or didn’t win, go check out the winning Star Walk celestial viewing application (it’s only 5 bucks)--now with digital compass capability. If you did win a copy, we ask that you post a short review in iTunes and on our comment section here. Read on for my mini-review, contest rules and instructions, etc.





David Pogue's top 10 tips for iPhone 3.0

David Pogue, you may know, writes great how-to books for computer users, including iPhone: The Missing Manual. The publisher, O'Reilly, has posted an article with Pogue's 10 best tips for iPhone 3.0 taken from this book. The tips are related to using the camera, macro mode, the map, voice memos, voice dialing, free text messaging, and more.

Find the newest & hottest games at Best Buy


Are you a gamer? If so, the the Best Buy - Gamers Club app may be right up your alley.

Dig the iPhone? Live in the SF Bay area? Well then! Its iphoneDevCamp time!


Yup, almost time for another iphonedevcamp.  What? You did not go last year?  What’s wrong with you?  If you have an iPhone and have ANY interest to building or help build what everyone will see either at the end of this weekend or the end of the year, this is the place to be.

Makeover Madness


A recently released app by Cactus Publishing, aBeauty Pro, offers women the opportunity try a make-up makeover without leaving home and or spending any money.  My first criteria for picking an app is a good description, and this hooked me right away!  What woman doesn’t love a makeover?  


RecentiPhone and iPod Touch news

New iPhone; OS 3.0; other announcements from Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference

  • New iPhone: Page 10
  • iPhone OS 3.0: Page 12, 74, 80
  • iView column: Page 96

iTunes update released in advance of iPhone OS 3.0

Apple has released version 8.2 of iTunes in advance of the release of the iPhone OS 3.0 update for the iPhone and iPod touch. The new version provides support for iPhone and iPod touch devices running the iPhone 3.0 software update. Version 8.2 also includes bug fixes and improvements to security.



Letters to the Editor

I read with interest your article on page 21 of the second issue of iPhone Life. I loved your point about making it easier to organize apps in the Home screen pages. I would also like to see Apple include a built-in zoom feature on the iPhone’s camera.


iPhone 3Gi - the fastest, lightest, most invisible phone ever!


We here at iPhone Life would be remiss if we didn't review the latest model of iPhone -- unfortunately The Onion broke the story first: the new phone is faster, lighter, and just all around cooler than any phone ever seen, or for that matter any that ever will be seen.  We here at the magazine -- along with children everywhere -- have of course had evaluation models of this phone for months now, but we didn't realize it until th

Arctic Shuffle Is Some Slip Slidin' Fun...


What do you get when you cross penguins with snow caps, zany physics, and 80 levels that each end with a bull’s eye? Why, you get Arctic Shuffle from Zinc Roe design. This puzzle game is fun, frustrating and rewarding all rolled up in one. The penguins are pretty cute, too!

"Flow": the iPhone Experience that Sells

Apps that involve the user are successful; the key is the experience of "Flow".

For every top download in the App Store, you’ll find a number of similar apps that aren’t doing as well. What is it that separates the high roller apps from the also-rans?

You’ve probably heard of sports figures talk about their peak experiences as “being in the zone.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi refers to the experience as “flow”—the “holistic sensation that people feel when they act with total involvement.” In the state of flow, people “become absorbed in their activity.” They experience these subjective benefits:


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