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Syncing my iPad!


 I'm waiting for my iPad to sync here at the Apple Store.

I think it's syncing every app I own. I forgot to set the preferences.







A must-have for nature lovers!


Have you ever heard a mink talk? Do you know what kind of gait a Blue Heron has? Can you identify Grizzly Bear tracks?

Apple creates first iPad timewarp


 This evening I contacted my local Apple store, to ask whether the press was allowed to bring video cameras into the store, the predictable response was no.  Which is fine, however I also wanted to find out why Apple has the store hours incorrectly posted, as not open on 4/3.  The response, no that's wrong.  What do you think?  Hype?  Oversight from Cupertino? Has the iPad created a time warp?

Give your kids a Witty Bit of music and alphabet learning


When I first started the Witty Bit app, the song went on and on and on. I couldn’t figure out how to get pass the first screen. Finally, I discovered you merely have to swipe to the next screen to get it to stop. Whew! 

The iClooly has been updated!


The iClooly Multi-Touch Pen (reviewed in an earlier blog) has been upgraded. The first version was not made very well and broke almost as soon as I took it out of the box. This one is much sturdier. I like it!

iPad — What you need to know, plus a roundup of cases


Macworld has a great article that answers frequently asked questions about the iPad. It's a quick way to get a handle on all the essential details. Also, they have a roundup of cases

Great video review of the iPad

This video review of the iPad from PC magazine really does a good job of showing you the device and what it can do.

Tons of iPad reviews out today — mostly euphoric


Wow, the first wave of reviews of the iPad are amazingly euphoric — unbridled enthusiasm, and calling the iPad revolutionary and a game-changer. It even made the cover of this week's Newsweek magazine, which read: "What's so great about the iPad? Everything." Fast Company has a very helpful executive summary of the main reviews, with links to the original articles. The Huffington Post also has a slide show of the rave reviews from the top media outlets.

And the winner is!?


As I browse the web, twitter and tweet, and watch what vendors are putting out there for the iPad, I noticed an auction on ebay for an iPad 16GB wifi version which ended just awhile ago.  How much do you think it went for?  $499 as they're being sold in Apple stores?  How about $550? Maybe $600?  It went for $620 with free shipping.  Despite there being some delays in the iPads ordered more recently, purportedly due to order volume, I'm surprised to see something which isn't even in the stores, and according to this auction wouldn't even ship until the 5th, sell for such a premium.  

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