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Rē not for me, not yet. Still prefer a dedicated Universal Remote Control.


While attending CES, I blogged about the trend of using an iPhone or iPod touch as a universal remote.  Since then, I have had a chance to play with the  from NewKinetix.

I really wanted to like the Rē.  I am the gadget guy, who always has the latest of everything.  I have owned numerous high-end universal remote controls, from Philips, Sony, Logitech (Harmony) and Monster Cable.  I am not opposed to spending $100 or more for a device that can connect all of my audio and video equipment and displace multiple remotes.

iPad post number two


I figured that maybe with a little help from BlogPress ($2.99) I might have some luck being able to upload images to my iPL blog since I was having difficulty uploading images from my iPad via my regular Safari log in. Still getting used to BlogPress, oops how to I change the image orientation?

What do you think? -- Post From My iPhone

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Two Macworld editors share their experience using the iPad when traveling


If you're wondering if an iPad will be a useful substitute for a laptop when traveling, you should check out this article from Macworld. Two editors recently spent a week traveling (one on vacation, the other on business), and they both took their iPad to see if it would suffice. Bottom line: excellent for entertainment, web/e-mail, and light business, but probably not a laptop replacement if you need to do serious work.

22 useful iPad tips; Plus, an update on iPad Wi-Fi problems


TidBITS has a great article titled "22 Useful iPad Tips." It points out, for example, that although the iPad ships with four app icons in the dock, there's actually space there for two more. And it notes that while you might have a tendency to make large swipes, such as when scrolling through photos, you can actually just make a small swipe of half an inch.




This is what the iBook app looks like! See how the page curls as you turn it. You can even read the back side as it rolls over. How cool is that?

I'm going to examine this app more closely in the next week and give you a report. 


Pacific Defense


I saw a video of this game being played on the iPad the other day and I wanted to try it out. For $1.99, I bought it for my iPad.  I have only played it a few times but I did want to share this information with you.

My Initial iPad To Do's & Thoughts

My iPad survived it’s three day journey from China and arrived safety last week. I have had it for about five days now. My wife has actually logged more time on it than I have. But from my use so far, I can honestly say I love this device for the purposes I bought it for. As I said before, I have a clunky old desktop that I use for data backup/syncing purposes only. My employer provided me a laptop for work, but that is exactly what that is for, work. But I can check my work email from the iPad, which will come in handy when I am on vacation. I love the screen and the responsiveness of this device. I also like the portability. And It’s plain fun to use. It does my eyes justice!  I know it’s not a full laptop but I very am satisfied on what I will be using this for.

Kim Komando's video review of the iPad

Kim Komando, whose radio and TV broadcasts about computers are heard and seen nationally, has put together a video review of the iPad in two 5-minute segments.

1st Week with the iPad

I’ve had my iPad for one week now, so here’s what I spent my time doing:
  1. When I was home or had access to the Internet, I checked my email, sent text messages with Ping!, updated my Facebook page (love using Fun Box to add graphics) and kept track of my Weightwatcher points.
  2. Surprisingly, I didn’t read one book. Just didn’t have time!

Notes to Store v. Pages


When comparing Notes to Store with Pages on the iPad, Notes to Store is a viable alternative for some users.

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