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Joint custody of the iPad DID NOT WORK!


 My husband and I were going to have joint custody of the iPad we bought yesterday, but that lasted 13 hours.

After playing with it all day and having "discussions" over who was going to get custody when, we decided to save our marriage and buy a 2nd one!

As I said in an earlier post, I ran out of memory rather quickly with the 16 GB, so I upgraded to the 32 GB. MUCH BETTER! After uploading all my apps, photos, songs, and videos, I still have 19.69 GB left.

iPad - First Impressions


 I can only say, WOW! Although I haven't had a chance to do everything yet, my first impressions with the iPad are AWESOME! And it can only get better.

The user interface is beautiful; the graphics are crisp and COLORFUL! I love the color. My husband has a Kindle and the iBooks reader on this iPad is going to blow Kindle out of the water! Color illustrations, adjustable font sizes and the slickest page turner I've ever seen.  

Cory Doctorow and the Electronic Frontier Foundation on Apple's iPhone Developer Agreement


People who want to develop for the iPhone OS family of devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and sell their software through the AppStore must agree to Apple's terms. 

The skeptic's iPad review

I am on record as having some reservations about this new device so I am obliged to give credit where it is due.

This thing is fast... zippy even! I never would have said that about my netbooks, one of which I sold to make room for the iPad that I am typing this on. I am sure there will be frustrations, such as when I visit a website that requires Flash or if I have to type at length, but so far I do not feel as if I am missing out on anything, even as I type this on my iPad. I am getting faster at typing with this virtual keyboard. The trick is to make a leap of faith and trust the autocorrection. And find a comfortable way to hold the iPad.

The device is heavier than I expected. Heavy may not be the right word. It has more heft. It is substantial.

First post from iPad

Is the iPad “magical”?  No.  Is it pretty darn impressive?  Absolutely. After picking my iPad up this morning at the Portland Mall in Maine, I got right down to business seeing just how well this thing can blog, and in so doing, put it through the paces that everyone wants to know. I’ll let you be the judge based not just on these words but by the recognition I’m doing it all on the iPad. So where to start?  Setting up MobileMe is just like the iPhone, Settings > Mail > Add Account > then enter your MobileMe account info and you’re in. You set it up to connect to the internet just like your iPhone or iPod Touch.  And if you’re a brand new convert to the iPhone OS, it’s about as intuitive as you can get.

Syncing my iPad!


 I'm waiting for my iPad to sync here at the Apple Store.

I think it's syncing every app I own. I forgot to set the preferences.







A must-have for nature lovers!


Have you ever heard a mink talk? Do you know what kind of gait a Blue Heron has? Can you identify Grizzly Bear tracks?

Apple creates first iPad timewarp


 This evening I contacted my local Apple store, to ask whether the press was allowed to bring video cameras into the store, the predictable response was no.  Which is fine, however I also wanted to find out why Apple has the store hours incorrectly posted, as not open on 4/3.  The response, no that's wrong.  What do you think?  Hype?  Oversight from Cupertino? Has the iPad created a time warp?

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