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Everything you need to know about iPad 3G service plans from AT&T


Of course, I like the fact that the iPad 3G can connect to the Internet anywhere a cell phone signal is available. But right up front I'll tell you that 250MB won't be enough for many people. I got my iPad 3G last Friday and used it a while in the afternoon. The next morning I checked and found that I'd already used 47MB of the 250MB that I had paid $15 for.

Magazine publishing on the iPad

I spent some time comparing different approaches to magazine publishing on the iPad. Given the amount of hype about the iPad being the savior of publishing, I am surprised there is not an iMagazine app or some such. I mean, Apple could take the lead here yet again, creating the iTunes of the magazine world.


1 million iPads sold as of last Friday


Today Apple announced that they had sold 1 million iPads as of last Friday — that's in 28 days, and over twice as many as the number of iPhones sold when that first went on the market. You can read more on CNet and Yahoo news.

Quick Look: Atomic Web Browser


This is by no means an indepth review of this app, and in fact I have only tried a few things out on this. I saw some buzz on an app called "Atomic Web Browser", which has more features than Safari. One of the features is that you can open up separate tabs, like on IE. That was one of the main reasons I purchased it. It also works on the iphone as well. There is a lite version available, but the price was only $.99 (USD), so I figured why not.  It seems to be getting good reviews as you look at the various online forums as well.



I've had my AirStash ($99) for several days now after the delay of nearly a month due to some streaming difficulty in the first model, I've got to say I'm happy but hmmmm.  Let me explain.

Can You Miss Something You Never Had?


I didn't pre-order my iPad on day 1.  I wanted to be patient and see the reviews, even though I knew it was exactly what I needed.  I don't have a laptop and I didn't want a netbook.  The iPad was the PERFECT solution. 

So, I waited.  I didn't even go to the mall to check out the WiFi versions.  I knew I wanted the 3G, so there was no point in tormenting myself.  I put in my order on April 19th for the 64GB 3G with free shipping. 

What Hulu could be on the iPad


While Hulu diddles around taking its time to build an app for the iPad, ABC is is already doing it building their brand on this platform, staking out a claim to this new medium and boy are they doing a great job!

Seuss, Seuss and more Seuss


Dr. Seuss on my iPhone was great, my son loved it but The Lorax ($2.99) on my iPad is out of this world!  This ebook is just more good stuff from Ocean House Media, see my previous post on The Cat In The Hat. The Lorax is the same well designed reader with a new story.

iPad 3G -for the serious iPad user!


I picked up my iPad 3G yesterday and transferred everything over from my 32 GB WiFi iPad last night. I also upgraded to 64GB and bought the case for the iPad made by Apple.

This is going to make the difference between having a fun "gadget" and having a piece of equipment that is an asset to my business. Since I'm on the go a lot and find it inconvenient to stop for a WiFi connection, the 3G is going to make doing business on the go a snap. 

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