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iPad Gaming: The Next Big Thing!

New games that take advantage of the iPad's enhanced features

At this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March, much of the buzz was centered on the iPad. Everyone was eager to get in on what Apple executive Scott Forstall called, "a whole new Gold Rush for developers." However, these game developers were encountering a problem: Apple had not provided even the biggest third-party companies with early iPad devices to test their applications. Developers instead had to rely on computer emulation, without the security of knowing how their games would play on an actual iPad.


First Hands-on Impressions of the iPad From iPhone Life.com

Introduction and edit by Benjamin Katz

Touted as a magical and revolutionary device, the iPad has hit the shelves with a big splash. Is Apple really that good? Can they create a device that on the surface lacks many basic features and still receive overwhelmingly positive reviews? Apparently they can. I was a bit skeptical when I started seeing all the glowing reviews flooding the internet. That being said, the iPad does have a bit of magic to it. It's not the instantaneous response of zooming in and out on the touchscreen, though that certainly blew me away initially. I suspect I'll soon take the speed for granted. No, what makes the iPad magical is that it is essentially a blank slate that can become just about anything an app developer can conceive.


iPad: It's All About the Apps

A look at the software that makes the iPad a winner

Imagine if back in January of 1984, the release of the first Macintosh had been accompanied by over 150,000 applications—games, utilities, communications tools, you name it. The Mac would now be the pre-eminent personal computing platform on the planet.

Early in the morning of April 3rd, 2010, as the first eager Apple fans were picking up their iPads, the total number of available apps exceeded 150,000. Since most of these apps can run on the Apple's tablet, new iPad owners had immediate access to a huge library of creative and useful apps.


Apple's iPad

The First Truly Personal Computer

Large screen, enhanced performance, great apps, and more.

For the Apple faithful, the announcement and first public demonstration of the iPad on January 27th, 2010 was both a taste of the future and a bit of a quandary. Was this really a "magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price," or just an oversized iPod touch?


iPad Case Finder — new website helps you find the right case


iPad Case Finder is a new website that helps you find the case you're looking for. You can sort by brand or by case/bag or by color. Personally I want a vertical case with a shoulder strap. But I want it svelte, and not the luggage end of the spectrum. iPad Case Finder's category of bags (sometimes also called satchels or messenger bags) lists the sort of cases I'm looking for.

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité FRANCE 24


Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité are not the only things I love about France, though I deeply connect to these concepts. I remember my time in Paris some years back very fondly, the amazing culture, food & wine and a people who in general seem far more interested and understanding of what is happening in the world than my friends here.

iPad and Fine Arts



I've been enjoying the Art Authority for iPad ($9.99) from Open Door Networks for some time now, initially just exploring the the various artists, periods and styles and then exploring it as a coffee table book of sorts.  Though at a recent dinner party where there was some lively discussion about the iPad versus Kindle with a side by side comparison (no comparison) most everyone agreed that the iPad with Art Authority isn't a coffee table book, it has a different purpose. 

Everything you need to know about iPad 3G service plans from AT&T


Of course, I like the fact that the iPad 3G can connect to the Internet anywhere a cell phone signal is available. But right up front I'll tell you that 250MB won't be enough for many people. I got my iPad 3G last Friday and used it a while in the afternoon. The next morning I checked and found that I'd already used 47MB of the 250MB that I had paid $15 for.

Magazine publishing on the iPad

I spent some time comparing different approaches to magazine publishing on the iPad. Given the amount of hype about the iPad being the savior of publishing, I am surprised there is not an iMagazine app or some such. I mean, Apple could take the lead here yet again, creating the iTunes of the magazine world.


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