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Oh, the fun you will have with Drawing Pad!



I’m not an artist (as you can see), but with Drawing Pad, I can have hours of fun pretending I am one.  

Working with documents is a snap with ReaddleDocs for iPad



ReaddleDocs was good on the iPhone, but ReaddleDocs for iPad is even better. The iPad’s larger screen and the easy-to-use ReaddleDocs app, together, make document management a snap.

Kensington Sling Bag -- the perfect iPad case for me


Thanks to Kensington for sending me their Sling Bag. It's everything I hoped it would be -- and a real buy at $19.95. I really wanted an over-the-shoulder case because I take my iPad everywhere with me. The Sling Bag is fashioned like a messenger pouch so that it rests in the small of your back. It leaves your arms free, and stays in place even when you bend over to do things.

Get Your Quest On with Princess Fury!


Princess Fury is a blast, but I thought there was a bit more strategy to controlling the different squads. Mostly you run around slashing the crap out of enemies, and collecting new weapons and troops to advance through the different levels. You can control your avatar--the Princess her bad self--and can muster or disperse her minions during combat. The game has a good mix of challenges, and the bosses get progressively harder (I had trouble getting past the first ogre).

iPad basics -- free 109-page ebook tells you what you need to know


Tonya Engst of the legendary TidBITs website has written a 109-page pdf ebook titled Take Control of iPad Basics. It's free, and if you're thinking about getting an iPad or if you have one, you'll want to get this book. Some of the content is, well, very basic, such as how to use the touch screen, but other information was quite useful to me. For example, I had no idea that you could combine gestures to get diacritical markings when typing. And to be honest, I didn't know that you could shake it to Undo.

iPhone 4 from a skeptic's perspective


Once again, Apple has designed a winner and I will buy my iPhone 4 on Day 1, but as the resident skeptic, I feel compelled to discuss at least one shortcoming.

We knew many of the details in advance, thanks to a forgetful (or drunk or victimized) engineer who lost his iPhone 4 prototype in a bar.  For example, a front facing camera was not only expected, it was overdue.  Many smartphones have one, as does every Macbook and iMac with iSight.  The bigger news would have been if a front mounted camera was absent!

iPad on the Road - Part II

Back from a 3-1/2-day intercontinental trip that included a 17-hour trip to and a 22-hour trip back from Stockholm, Sweden. I checked what I'd usually consider a carry-on (the airlines don't charge for a checked bag on international routes, yet) and simply took along a shoulder bag just large enough for my MacBook Pro, camera, the usual assortment of cables and chargers, and my iPad.

I usually take the MacBook as my main machine, but this time it came along as backup to the iPad. And how did that work out for me?

No Wi-Fi For You

I took the iPad out today for the first time for a real test in town. My son was getting his haircut so I figured that I could pick up a wifi signal at the salon. Unfortunately I could not pick up any open signals where I was. I can definitely see how the 3G version can be beneficial. So instead of going online, I took the time to play around some more with pages, as I am sitting here typing this up. This is probably one of the most borings posts you ever read, but hey I got some pad practice out of it.

Princess Fury Fantasy Battle Game now available!


I'll be getting round to posting up a full review later on Princess Fury, but it looks cool already, and wanted to get the word out that it can be grabbed in the App store. I love any game involving battle strategy (see my recent review of the most excellent Land Air Sea Warfare). So go check out Princess Fury at the links above...and stay tuned for my review.

Free Audi A1 Beat Driver App updated!


The game is not hugely challenging, but it is free, and a kinda fun time-killer for when you are standing in line at the store or something (or at the dealer waiting for your financing to get approved). New music tracks are featured in this version, and you can't beat the price...Read on for full press release, links, etc...

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