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Quick Look: Saving Private Sheep HD (It's On The iPad)


When Sheep meet wolves, it typically means all out war...I mean WAR!!  Let's face it, the two just do not get along.  This is mainly based upon the fact that wolves like to y'know...eat sheep.  And the sheep, they don't so much like to be eaten.  That is where we pick up the action in Saving Private Sheep, a highly original game on the iPad.

A bag with a bonus!


Here’s a bag with a bonus! The Cocoon Innovations Messenger Sling bag not only protects and transports the iPad, but it also contains an extremely functional insert, the GRID-ITTM. The GRID-ITTM is designed to hold pens, a stylus, earphones, flash drives, notepads, business cards, charging cord, small electronics and other accessories. Customize it any way you like with the woven elastic grids that hold the accessories in place. The back of the GRID-ITTM even doubles as a mouse pad.

It's Here: ThinkFlood's RedEye Mini!


Today's the day that the RedEye Mini is available for purchase. This is their new portable remote control plug in. Below is the press release that I thought I would share with you.

App Review - Moonlight Mahjong


I only have a handfull of games on my iPhone, and this is one of my favorites.

Making the case for case companies


Oh the life of an iPhone case manufacturer.  You make an accessory for one of the most secretive technology companies around.  They don't trust you so you don't get early information, making it a mad scramble to have products available soon after the gadget is launched.  With the iPhone 4, things got messy.

On the one hand, the 'misplaced' iPhone 4 prototype gave case makers (and the rest of us) a glimpse into the potential iPhone 4 design.  It had a glass back so case makers must have been delighted that their cases would be needed for protection.

App Review - ColorSplash


First there was B&W and then COLOR came along. Now you can have the best of both worlds.    

Paragon Releases Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 2010 2.0


If you (not unlike me) have lived for more than 20 or so years, you might have fallen for buying a bunch of actual hard-bound encyclopedia books. If so, then like me, you now have a bunch of out-of-date volumes eating up shelf space. Welcome to the digital age, because Paragon has released a new concise 2010 2.0 version for iPhone iOS. Read on for more info...

Green Eggs and Ham on the App Store!


Who doesn't love Seuss, huh? And if you love Seuss, then you probably absolutely love one of his best known and popular works, Green Eggs and Ham. It is non-sensical, goofy, and wonderful fun that has transcended generations of young and old alike. Well, Oceanhouse media has finally released an interactive eBook version, along with some other Seuss titles. Check out the PR here, or grab GE&H at the links above...

App Review - Ask Dave Ramsey


If you had this information years ago, you could be a millionaire by now. it's never to late to start so what are you waiting for!

Remember the Lyrics from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, "Teach your children well". With this information you can do just that.

Now when you're talking finances with someone else, you can honestly say "There's an app for that" and I have it right here on my iPhone. The app icon looks like this, and best of all... it's FREE. Don't wait any longer, download this app now, you'll be glad you did all the way to the bank.

An interesting concept - a lock on the iPad?


Here’s an interesting concept. The iPad Security Case by newPCgadgets includes a combination lock to keep out friends, classmates and co-workers! No, it won’t prevent your iPad from being stolen, but it will keep out the curious.

The form-fitting, black leather case allows easy access to all ports. A tab on back creates a “stand” for typing, which is a handy feature. There’s also a convenient penholder attached, in which you can store a pen or stylus.

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