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My Favorite Games


What games are on my iPhone? Check out my list and see if you have any of these.

Coming Soon - Rumored new app

It's rumored that a new typing app is coming soon called "BlindType"

Hollywood Hospital Game Free this Weekend...and Free Stuff Here at iPhoneLife!!


Looking for a freebie time killer app? Well, this weekend (24th, and 25th) you can grab Hollywood Hospital in the app store for free for this limited time offer. Haven't tried it myself, so can't vouch for it, but hey...it's free. Oh, and while on the topic of free stuff, don't forget to check out our giveaway here to win a Nano case, or maybe some cool headphones. Both offers end Sunday, so don't forget to check them out before the deadline!

Comic Con...There is an App for that!!


Wanted to give fellow blogger Tracy Sebastian and our readers a head's up on the Comic Con app. Tracy is covering the event on her blog using her iPhone. If you are headed down to San Diego to the show, you might want a handy guide to take with... and if you see Tracy, make sure to say hi!

Review: ThinkFlood's RedEye Mini




Well, I have had some time to try out this new RedEye Mini. What’s different about this than their original?  A lot. The original was more of a base station unit that was tied to one room. This new Mini is all about Portability and multi iDevice usage. You can keep it at home, or you can bring it on the go. You can use it in an iPad, an iPhone, or an iPod Touch. There are no restrictions, and as you can see from the pictures, it comes with a handy keychain case. Plus, this unit is more affordable and I think this added with the fact it is portable, makes it a better value.

Spider: Bryce Manor HD for the iPad Review


Have you ever imagined what it might be like to explore an abandoned mansion?  How about combining that exploration from the dimensional aspects of a spider, with the ability to personify that spider in search of its prey?  Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor HD is just such a game.  

On the surface, the objective of the game is as simple as the life of a spider.  Maneuver around the flora, walls and objects while feeding on insects that can be trapped in webs generated by intersecting spider silk lines.  Once enough insects have been eaten, a portal appears.  Jumping into the portal progresses players to the next scene until the last of the 38 levels is completed.  


Review: Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case


Well, it’s been about a week or so since I received the Otterbox Defender Series case for iPad. What do I think about it? I love it. I have been using it non stop since.

First off, it comes packaged in a cardboard box, and is held in place inside via a cardboard tray. When you take it out, you will see a folder under the Box with the Otterbox colors and logo. Inside this you will find that they provide a screen shield, a cleaning cloth and a squeegee.

Free Stuff Giveaway Here at iPhoneLife!!


have been known to throw the occasional giveaway, usually software, but this time we have some blinged up Nano 5G cases and sweet stereo headphones, all provided by our friends at iWaveAudio.com. Tell me how you wrap your iPhone, iPad or iPod player in the comments section of this post and become a candidate to win one of these great prizes! Contest ends on Sunday, Jul 25th, 2010, 11PM EST...Read on for full contest rules...

iPad on the Road -- Part IV


And yet another trip with the iPad. This time a 10-day product review trip to the Honduran island of Roatan. I took along all my dive gear, as well as a boatload of underwater cameras, both of the still and video variety, so luggage space was at a premium. 


Calling all history buffs . . .


For you history buffs, check out the history apps available from

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