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Jailbreaking and/or Unlocking your iPhone is now Officially Legal.

That's right folks, you can now Jailbreak and/or Unlock your iPhone without getting into any trouble according to a recent report from MSNBC.

Free Stuff Giveaway Over...


Just wanted to thank everyone who participated in our recent giveaway of 2 iPod 5G Nano cases and 2 stereo headphones. I'll be posting up winners and will send info on claiming prizes later this week, so stay tuned for instructions! Thanks again to iWaveAudio for sponsoring this giveaway. Contest rules follow after the break, and don't forget to tune in to our site for more great contests in the future!


Recall Notice: ThinkFlood's RedEye Mini


 I recently completed a review on the RedEye Remote control system from ThinkFlood. Today I received notice that these units are being recalled. Please see below.


Recall of RedEye mini Lot C0101

We regret to announce a full recall of RedEye mini units bearing serial numbers beginning with C0101. We have determined that there is a high likelihood that these units will fail. Customers who purchased may choose to receive either a replacement unit from the next lot (D0102) or a full refund of their purchase.

 Failures are the result of vibrations which cause wiring between the headphone jack and the mini’s printed circuit board to break or to create short circuits with other components.



DashPad allows you to use multiple widgets on the iPad in a multi-tasking environment. You can check the time, write a sticky note, search Google, calculate and look up a phone number in a dashboard environment. The program runs in Mobile Safari - in other words, you must be connected to the Internet to use DashPad.

Review: Hollywood Hospital by Zed Worldwide


While most time management style games are relatively close in game mechanics, I still tend to enjoy each new one I play, at least for a while.  Hollywood Hospital is no exception to the rule, and it’s actually a time management game that doesn’t take itself seriously, which is even better.  The visuals are good, the music is straight out of a bad 80s drama-dey, and the mini-games are actually rather amusing.  After a while it does suffer the same “wash, rinse, repeat” dilemma that plagues most time management games, but while it’s fresh it serves as one of the more quirky and fun time management games you’ll play on the iPhone.

DIY micro SIM


You know someone at iPhone Life had try making their own micro SIM card so I took the plunge and decided to sacrifice a T-Mobile card I had to give it a try in my iPad 3G.  You can certainly do this with the iPhone, but you’re going to have to jailbreak and unlock it if you want to use a carrier other than AT&T.  The iPad 3G comes unlocked, except in Japan.

Attractive, feels great and protects: the iSkin Duo



What’s attractive, feels great in your hands, and keeps your iPad protected? It’s the iSkin Duo.

It’s attractive because it’s available in lots of fun colors like Sky blue, Diablo red, Glam pink, Persia purple, and Soleil yellow, as well as clear and black.

It feels great in your hands because it’s made of rubberized silicone that provides a firm grip without being bulky. A black, front screen border adds a comfortable thumb grip, while maintaining the iPad’s sleek appearance.  

iAnnotate PDF - one app that will stay on my iPad



Finally, a PDF reader and annotation tool that’s different: iAnnotate PDF integrates your notes right into the document, not as a layer on top of the document. You can read these annotated documents with any standard PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader or Preview.

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