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Get map to Contacts address quickly


Find a contact location in MapsFind a contact location in MapsIf you need a map showing you the location of a person in your Contacts manager, go to the desired contact and tap on his or her address—Maps opens and shows you the location.

Locate your friends in Maps by selecting their address from their contact info

Get Contacts and Calendars on Your iPad the Easy Way


With all of the wireless products coming out these days, doesn’t it seem pretty old-school to have to fumble around with cables and synching with a desktop or laptop to get your data on a mobile device? The Palm Pre may have been a marketing flop, however it showed us a glimpse of the near future where we no longer have to link up to a PC to keep our contacts, calendars and such up to date and at the ready.

The last few updates to iTunes and even the Apple mobile OS’s have allowed for some synchronization with information sources other than iCal and Address Book, however it seems that for the time being, Apple wants us tethered to our PC’s with our mobile devices.

Add and size contact photo


Edit PhotoYou can add a photo to a contact by opening Contacts, tap on the desired contact, press the "Edit" button in the upper right corner, and tap on the square labeled "add photo" to the left of the contact's name. Next, tap on the "Choose Existing Photo" button and you are taken to the Photos app where you can select the desired photo.

If you have an iPhone, you can take a photo of the person and select that for the contact photo.

iVideochat: The missing link for the iPad & iPhone


While I will definitely be buying an iPad on Day 1, I am on record as being disappointed there is no built-in camera, let alone two.  Cameras are included in just about every cellphone and even the lowly iPod nano and Nintendo DSi.  Imagine the gaming, Augmented Reality, and videoconferencing capabilities this feature would have enabled.  Instead of the mixed reaction the iPad has garnered, the appeal of the iPad would have been a no-brainer, just by including a camera.  I have to believe a future iPad will have at least one camera.  But for now, I Photoshopped the following creation in the hopes it might inspire a vendor to create such a hardware and software combination.

AutoRingtone PRO, on sale for $0.99, uses speech synthesis; AutoRingtone MUSICAL currently free


Our blogger Todd Bernhard has a number of ringtone-creation apps that are pretty neat and that let you do some creative things to make customized ringtones for individual callers. His new app, AutoRingtone PRO TEXT to SPEECH RINGTONES, lets you use speech synthesis to have your iPhone announce your caller by name — or some sort of clever nickname. For example, I created a ringtone for my tennis partner, Bruce. I selected a chime from the 100 introductory sound effects, and then selected a British male synthesized voice.

Tap on address to see map


Contacts - addressAddress - Shows address of contact on MapsTapping on the address in your contacts opens it up in Google maps.

Import contacts from another mobile phone’s SIM card



When you buy a new iPhone, you probably want to transfer the phonebook listings from your old phone to the new one. Fortunately, phones that use a GSM-based network like AT&T, T-Mobile, and most of the rest of the world, use SIM cards to store phone numbers and contact info.

MoGo Talk Review - A Bluetooth Headset with a Disappearing Trick


LG makes a phone called the Envy, but the LG phone that I've always envied is the Decoy.  The LG Decoy has a snap-on Bluetooth earpiece that always goes with the phone.  It's a novel concept that we iPhone users couldn't take advantage of.  Now, there's a headset for that!


Send e-mail and MMS contact info to an associate


Email Contact featureOS 3.0 lets you quickly and easily e-mail contact info to another person. (When AT&T makes MMS available, you’ll be able to share contact info via instant messaging as well.).

  1. Select the desired contact and display it in full-screen view.
  2. Go to the bottom of the screen and tap on the Share Contact button. This opens a new e-mail with the contact info attached as a .vcf file.
  3. Fill in the e-mail address and hit send.

Keep Contacts list manageable and useful


 The Contacts list lets you access phone numbers and other important info quickly, but it can get very long, very fast. When that happens, it becomes hard to use. Here are some suggestions:

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