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Answering, ending, and switching between calls using the headset


The headphones that came with your iPhone let you answer, end, and switch between calls without having to pull the iPhone out of your pocket. A button located on the microphone capsule controls these functions:

Minimize international data charges


AT&T has published tips on how their iPhone customers can minimize international data charges when traveling overseas:

Fetch New Data

Turning off "Data Roaming"

Make calls fast from Favorites list


The iPhone’s “Favorites” (speed dial) feature lists your most important or frequently called phone numbers. To add a number to Favorites, follow these steps:

Enter keypad codes to get phone info

Using your phone keypad, you can type in different codes to get a variety of information about your iPhone. Go to Phone >Keypad, enter the code, and tap Call to access it. Here is a list of codes and what type of information they are for:

Route calls to a different number

You have the option of having all the calls made to your iPhone routed to a different phone number, which could be useful if you are overseas or are in an area with no coverage for an extended period. To do this:

  • Make sure you are in an AT&T coverage area
  • Go to Settings >Phone >Call Forwarding
  • Turn Call Forwarding on
  • Enter the new number.

Your iPhone will no longer ring until you turn Call Forwarding off.

Hide your Caller ID on other’s phones

If you don’t want your number to appear on people’s phones when you are calling them, you can turn off your Caller ID:

  • Go to Settings >Phone >Show My Caller ID
  • Tap the On/Off switch.

Dialing in for voicemail 
 from another phone

If the need arises, you can dial your iPhone and listen to your voicemail from another phone. Dial your iPhone and wait for voicemail to come on. While the greeting plays, dial * , your voicemail password (you can change it in Settings >Phone), and then #. As you are listening to a message, you have four options that you can perform at any time:

Three ways to ignore 
 incoming calls


Declining calls

If a call comes in that you do not want to answer, there are three ways to send the call directly to your voicemail, depending on the circumstance.

Three ways to ignore 
 incoming calls

Three ways to ignore callsIf a call comes in that you do not want to answer, there are three ways to send the call directly to your voicemail, depending on the circumstance.

Adding names/phone numbers to Contacts list

If any name in the Recents list is not already in your Contacts list, you can add that person to the list by tapping on the icon of an arrow pointing right. Then, tap on the button labeled “Create New Contact.” If a name on the Recents list is already in Contacts, but has a new phone number, tap on the button labeled “Add to Existing Contact.” To change info in an existing contact, tap on a name in the All Contacts list and hit the Edit button.

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