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Do you Tango?


Because I do. I Tangoed last night. For those of you not in the know, Tango is a new app that let's you make free mobile video calls (facetime). There are three reasons why this is exciting:

1. Tango lets you make video calls using 3g. This means you are no longer tied to wifi to make or receive video calls

2. Tango lets you make calls across platforms. This means that I can facetime with my friends who own android phones. (not that I would want to)

3. it's FREE!!

Cheap cellular and data for your iPhone, iPad and iPod!


It is official, Truphone is amazing and it's cheap, really, really cheap cell phone service!

In a world where jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone is now a right, you would think carriers would catch on that the world is changing and they should  unshackle us from those chains of service contracts for cellular and data plans. 

DIY micro SIM


You know someone at iPhone Life had try making their own micro SIM card so I took the plunge and decided to sacrifice a T-Mobile card I had to give it a try in my iPad 3G.  You can certainly do this with the iPhone, but you’re going to have to jailbreak and unlock it if you want to use a carrier other than AT&T.  The iPad 3G comes unlocked, except in Japan.

Dial a number and save it to Contacts (iPhone)


You can dial a phone number from your Contacts, Recents, or Favorites lists, or use the built-in keypad to place the call.

MiFi keeps you connected



The Chinese word for Challenge also means Opportunity.  I kept this in mind when my cable modem Internet connection stopped working today.  Fortunately, I have a review unit of the Novatel MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot.  It's basically a wireless 3G modem.  I was planning to seek out a remote location to test it.  But suddenly not having any Internet here in the suburbs proved to be an opportunity to test out this device in the comfort of my own home, and get some work done!


The Novatel MiFi 2200

FaceTime not ready for Prime Time?

As our intrepid Editor, Hal, blogged earlier, he and I shared some quality time together, via FaceTime.  Although "quality" may not be the right word.

While it was great to be able to quickly and easily conduct a video call, there are numerous limitations.

First, the wireless networks on both ends must be state of the art.  Otherwise, the video is choppy and can abruptly dropout altogether.  No wonder Steve Jobs wanted everyone to turn off their WiFi devices at the keynote!

iOS Tip #1: Enable FaceTime if you've upgraded to an iPhone 4

I should know better, especially because the Apple Genius told me to do this, but I was so preoccupied with other features...

If you have upgraded from an older iPhone, and done a Restore using iTunes, FaceTime will NOT be activated even though it is active by default on a new iPhone.  The act of restoring turns it off.

To remedy this, go to Settings -> Phone and toggle the switch for FaceTime.

Now I'm ready for my closeup!

Launch Day Problems For the New iPhone 4?


It may just be launch day media hype for the massive iPhone 4 release today, however some reports are starting to trickle in on what could be a significant issue with the phone's reception.

Owners are reporting that by holding the iPhone normally in the hand, the bars that indicate reception strength begin to quickly drop until the phone loses all reception. Conflicting information on whether the iPhone actually loses all reception or the indicator that shows reception is buggy. Some owners report that when they try to place calls after the signal drop, they were unable to do so. Others report that they could still make calls, and still other owners report no such problems exists with their iPhone 4 at all.

Sleek booster helps callers hear you now, even with AT&T


AT&T.  Nothing inspires more conversation among iPhone owners than those few letters.  AT&T has benefitted from their exclusive contract, but their coverage has been an easy target for competitors and late night comics.  What is an iPhone road warrior to do?

I had the chance to try the Sleek from Wilson Electronics, Inc.  ($130 MSRP).  True to the name, the Sleek is smaller than Wilson’s previous models and more portable than hardwired models.  I had always been hesitant to try any device that needed to be permanently wired into my car or that worked exclusively with one phone.

Making conference calls


Note that your wireless carrier must support this feature. If it does, you can make conference calls with up to five different persons. Here's how you do it:

  1. Place the first call. When that person picks up, tell them you will be placing them on hold to connect the other parties.

  2. Tap on the "Add Call" button and make the second call. This automatically places the first call on hold.
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