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How do I make calls quickly?

You iPhone gives you a lot of options when it comes to making phone calls, and it makes it easy to access the Phone app when you're most likely to need it. Here are some of the fastest ways to call.

Add a phone number to your Favorites list:

The Favorites list acts like a speed dial system on other phones. You can use it to store your most frequently used numbers, and even add e-mail addresses for contacts you want to use FaceTime with.


How do I turn off Caller ID?

iphone caller IDWhenever you call someone, your name and number will likely appear on their screen. If you would like to stay anonymous, you can turn off your iPhone's caller ID feature. Here's how:

Turn off your Called ID to maintain privacy

  1. Tap on Setting.
  2. Tap on the Phone app.
  3. Tap on Show My Caller ID.

  4. Switch the On/Off button to the OFF position.


How do I use FaceTime?

FaceTimeFaceTime is a cool video call feature that comes with the newest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and uses the front-facing camera. This means we can see and talk to people at the same time just like in old movies about the future. There are a couple of limitations, however. The other caller must also have FaceTime over a Wi-Fi connection, or they must have FaceTime installed on their Mac.


How do I make a conference call?

conference callsMaking conference calls is super easy with the iPhone. Follow these steps:

  1. Make a phone call and wait until you connect.
  2. Tap on the Add Call option on your Phone screen to dial a second person.
  3. Dial and connect to your second caller.


Making Calls: Introduction

Making full use of the iPhone's calling features

The iPhone has helped expand the number of things you can do with a phone, especially while you're on a call. You can create conference calls with a quick tap, see the person at the other end of the conversation with FaceTime, use voice commands to dial phone numbers, and even use other apps while you happily chat away. Here are just a few of the features you can take advantage of while you're making calls on your iPhone.


Dual Sim Adaptors for Iphone 4: Using a Normal 3G Sim Card and your microsim at the same time.


Let’s face it. For those of us early adopters of microsim cards because of Iphone 4, we know that microsim cards are not catching on in any other phone model and is likely to stay that way for a while. However, for about US$20, the Chinese have developed a dual simcard adaptor that allows you to slot in a normal-sized simcard in an external adaptor, while at the same time allowing you to keep your existing Iphone 4 microsim in the simcard tray – in layman terms, this means that the 2 simcards (Normal Sim + Microsim) are essentially paired up much like batteries connecting in series.

Apple Peel Installation Field Report: Ipod Touch 3G becomes an Iphone (well, almost).


Reading about the Apple Peel accessory is almost like reading about the Abominable Snowman, Loch Ness monster or the Giant Squid. Everybody has read about them, and there are many articles written about them but nobody has actually seen one.

Well now I have. 

In fact, I went one step further; I bought and installed one on an Ipod Touch 3G.

Apple Peel 2: Accessory that allows Ipod to make calls, text messages and GPRS data transfers


You might have heard of the Apple Peel or maybe the ZTE Peel offered by Sprint.

In November, Jim Karpen reported in his post here about the ZTE Peel accessory which allows Ipods to access Sprint’s 3G network for data transfers.

Aftermath of Skype-Fring Split: Comparison of Int’l Calling Rates to Mobile lines


In the aftermath of the Skype-Fring split in July last year, Skype has finally caught up with Fring’s smartphone video-call capability by introducing its own.

Goodies from the Mac Section of Brothersoft


Brothersoft, one of the leading software download websites in the world, has a Mac section (still in Beta) that offers more than a few goodies for new and old iOS users. As a new iOS user myself, I found their "Software for New Macfans" a nice place to start. Here are a few of the more interesting and impressive free apps and software I found:


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