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I am looking forward to attending the Voices That Matter event in Philadelphia, PA October 16-17.  The organizers have even provided iPhone Life readers with a $100 off promo code!  Just enter PHGMAL5 when registering to save $100 off the $695 list price.

Today, Today, Today....


Sometimes all I want to do is quickly check what I have for today on my calendar. This app does just that.
It shows what's up for today.

Here is a brief description of what it does....

❑ Red badge on icon shows you at a glance how many appointments you still have.
❑ Shows all information you need about appointment time, location, and notes for the appointment without needing extra taps.
❑ Integrates with Maps so you can tap on location to open the route to your next appointment.
❑ Pick which calendars to show in appointments for today.

Sharing Calendars Between iCal, MobileMe,and the iPhone

A step-by-step guide to escaping calendar confusion

sdfsdfThe Calendar app in iPhone OS 2.x could be synced with iCal using two methods. First, using iTunes, both personal and read-only subscribed calendars could be synced between your Mac to the iPhone. With this method, you were able to select which calendars you wanted to sync and which ones you didn’t. Second, you could sync with MobileMe. This method gave you instant push updating between iCal calendars and Calendar on the iPhone.


Viewing a record of past Calendar appointments


Unless you delete them, the calendar or appointment book program on your PC or Mac keeps a record of your past appointments. This can come in handy for checking expense reports or following up on meetings. The record of past appointments on your desktop computer will suffice for most purposes, but if you need to have this record with you wherever you go, you can use iTunes to sync your past as well as current and future appointments with your iPhone or iPod touch.

iPhone 3G vs Blackberry Storm

At home I'm married to my iPhone, but at work I depend on my Blackberry Storm. As a lot of people might relate to, the Storm was a company decision which I have to live with. To an extent I like the Storm, it's a rugged phone with very good reception here in Maine - Verizon is a good carrier.

iPhone's window to the natural world

In this blog I’m getting back to my roots, literally. The people at Antenna Theater have something very special to show you in their blend of the iPhone, natural world and the arts, and it’s called ECOcal.

Go through dates quickly

Calendar screenshot on iPhoneIf you want to get to a particular date quickly in Calendar, simply tap and hold on the forward and backward buttons next to the day or month in the Day or Month views—the dates will fly by in no time. To get back to the current date, tap the Today button.







Synchronize Calendar and
 Contacts with your Mac or PC’s appointment book

You can use iTunes to synchronize the iPhone’s Calendar and Contacts with your Mac or PC. After you have selected iPhone in the iTunes source list and set it up to sync, go to the iTunes Info tab and click on the check boxes labeled “Sync contacts with” and “Sync calendars with.” Then select the contacts or calendar program you want to sync with. You can sync with the following programs:

Birthdays, anniversaries,
 and other repeating appointments


Calendar add events Screenshot on iPhoneSet birthdays, anniversaries, and other recurring meetings as repeating events. From the Add Event screen, tap on Repeat and select from Every Day, Week, 2 Weeks, Month, and Every Year. You might set the Alert time a day or two before birthdays and anniversaries to give yourself time to get a present.

Take time to prepare for and travel to meetings

Set the alert to give you plenty of time to prepare for an appointment. If the meeting is out of the office, set the alert to give you time to travel to the meeting.

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