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Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPod Touch 4


I saw yesterday that Mophie released their Juice Pack Air for the iPod Touch 4. While I do not have the 4th Gen device, I did pick the Juice Pack Air up during the holidays for my Gen 2 iPod Touch. I originally had their first version which was  like a sled. It did not offer full case protection like the Juice Pack Air. I really like this air design as it is essentially a case as well.

How do I replace my battery?

If your device's battery can no longer hold a charge, you need to have it replaced. Use one of these options:

Within warrantee period

If you are still within Apple's one-year limited warranty, or have purchased and are within the extended AppleCare Protection Plan, Apple will replace your defective battery. (They define "defective" as a battery that drops below 50 percent of its original capacity.)

Warrantee expired

If your device is no longer under warrantee, you can use Apple's Battery Replacement Service and pay a flat fee to have your battery replaced.


My battery won't charge. What do I do?

ChargingBefore you send your device in for service, here are some things you can do:

  • Use the AC power adapter that came with your iOS device to charge it. (A battery icon will appear on the screen indicating that your device is charging.)

The battery icon appears on your Locked screen, indicating that you are connected to a power adapter and charging.

  • You can also charge your device from your desktop computer using the USB sync cable. However, make sure you connect to a USB port on the computer.


How do I show the battery percentage in the status bar?

iPhone, iPad only

batt percentageIf you like keeping track of how much battery life your iPhone or iPad has left, you may want to choose to have the remaining percentage displayed in the status bar at the top of the screen.


How do I conserve battery life?

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Although the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad come with a decent battery life, it's possible to run out of power during a normal day's use, especially on the iPhone. Here are some general ways you can conserve battery power:

  1. Dim your screen: The brighter the screen, the more power you're consuming. Open Settings>Brightness to adjust it to the lowest level you are comfortable with.

  2. Turn-off Wi-Fi when you're not using it: Whenever you are not using Wi-Fi, turn it off to conserve power. Open Settings> Wi-Fi and slide the button to the right of Wi-Fi to the OFF position.


Review: RichardSolo 9000 mAh Mobile Charger



Richard Solo introduced another backup battery to their lineup, which is their 9000mAh Mobile Charger. There is enough power in this bad boy to give almost a 100% charge to your iPad or increase the amount of hours you can use your iPhone or iPod. According to their specs as it relates to the iPhone/iPod “the Mobile Charger can increase your movie viewing or Internet browsing time from 5-6 hours to 68 hours — or audio up to 325 hours.” For my review, I am using it exclusively with my iPad.

PRICE CORRECTION: Mophie Juice Pack Air

Nobody's perfect but we try! A typo crept into our March/April 2011 print issue, page 26 and the wonderful Mophie Juice Pack Air had the wrong price listed. The correct price is $79.95.

Reduce battery drain


If you've had your phone for a while now, you're probably beginning to notice that your battery doesn't last quite as long as it used to. Here are a few tips to help extend your battery life.

Tips for iOS

Hidden features that make the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad more powerful

High dynamic range (HDR) photos on iPhone 4

Hdr photos on iPhone 4One of the big pluses of the iPhone 4 is its high dynamic range (HDR) camera, which can capture amazing images. However, the file size of these images tends to be quite large and e-mailing them as attachments can take a bite out of your data plan. Our advice: turn it on if you want high resolution; turn it off if you're going to e-mail a photo to a friend.


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