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Top 5 Free Astronomy Apps for Your iPhone


The iTunes app store has amazing astronomy applications which show you the wonders of the universe. Check out these five apps that let you dive into the universe and explore the stars, planets, and other celestial objects in the space while standing on your rooftop with your iPhone in your hand.

MemoZy—Reinventing Organization, One Touch at a Time


MemoZy (free) is a new app from DesignPlusD, Inc. that seeks to improve the way users utilize their mobile devices to organize their lives. Since the Palm Pilot Stone Ages, digital planners have held an obvious appeal for those with hectic schedules, complex projects, or a simple desire to tidy up their plans. Their disadvantages have often fallen into one of two categories: inflexible or overly complex. MemoZy seeks to offer users all of the functionality they expect and more, while avoiding the hassle of infinitely nested menus.

Turn Your Sketches Into Prototypes With AppSeed


AppSeed, a project on Kickstarter, hopes to bridge the gap between digital and handwritten prototypes. Designers could potentially streamline the early stages of designing an app and quickly transition the hand-drawn sketches into a functioning prototype on their iPhone.

Apple News: Weekly Roundup


It’s been yet another fascinating week in the world of Apple news, so let’s get right to it. This week’s roundup includes results from the first ever touchscreen responsiveness benchmark tests, a neat comparison of all the iPhones since the first iteration back in 2007 as well as new video that’s leaked featuring the new, soon-to-be released large iPad.

NEW 'Art Doodle' iPhone App

NEW 'Art Doodle' iPhone App

Art Doodle is an easy to use drawing and doodling app, use your finger to create an image or take a photo and draw on it.

Fancy yourself as an artist, then use this app to create your very own master pieces.

Have fun creating funny pictures and show your friends and family.

Experience the joy of drawing with your finger in creating amazing works of art!

The whole family will enjoy using the app with its easy to use interface.



LogicInMind’s Slideshow Remote Downloads Top Half Million

LogicInMind’s Slideshow Remote Downloads Top Half Million

Innovative iOS app lets professionals take control of PowerPoint and Keynote presentations

(PRWEB) September 1, 2013 — LogicInMind today announced that downloads of Slideshow Remote™ have reached half a million, making this app a very successful tool for all professionals using PowerPoint and Keynote. With more than 50 innovative features, Slideshow Remote is the world’s most advanced PowerPoint remote and viewer and is available through the Apple’s App Store as a free app and as a Pro version for $4.99 (USD).

Pic Lock 3 Ultimate for iPad has arrived at The Apple App Store with tons of features and free to download

Pic Lock 3 Ultimate for iPad has arrived at The Apple App Store with tons of features and free to download

Press Release for Pic Lock 3™ Ultimate




i-App Creation Release Pic Lock 3™ Ultimate for iPad


Private Media and Information Manager with Secure Vault is now available on Apple’s App Store


The new It's Playing 4.0 for the iOS, including Facebook(R), Dropbox(R) and PUT.IO(R) integration is here.

The new It's Playing 4.0 for the iOS, including Facebook(R), Dropbox(R) and PUT.IO(R) integration is here.

Addition, announces “It's Playing 4.0” for the iOS, including Facebook®, Dropbox® and PUT.IO® integration
It's Playing: Everything, Anywhere

Tip: Charge Your iPhone Faster in Airplane Mode


If you are like me, your iPhone runs low on power by mid-afternoon, sometimes sooner. I am guilty of waiting until the last minute to recharge, so when I came across this tip, I was delighted.

If you switch your iPhone to Airplane Mode (Settings > Airplane Mode> On), it will charge significantly faster, some say in half the amount of time.

I just discovered this tip from a great source, Quora.com. It's an amazing curation site for all sorts of information. It is a site that encourages you to ask any type of question and get immediate answers from real people with real experience. This particular tip came from a threaded question, "What cool things can one do with an iPhone and iPad that most people don't know about?"

DekkoScan iOS App Turns Objects into Minecraft Blocks


An app from the team at Dekko could potentially scan real-life objects and turn them into functional, in-game Minecraft blocks. DekkoSkan was recently discussed on Reddit.

Earlier this year, the developer at Dekko mentioned building a 3D reconstruction system for its augmented reality car game, TableTop Speed. Dekko then decided to turn its attention to exporting to other games, like Minecraft.

The process works by using the iPad or iPhone camera to showcase the entire object with video. Dekkoscan creates a render of the object in Minecraft, which is then added to the save game folder or to MCEedit, an editor for Minecraft.

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