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SSH2GO - A Secure Shell Client for iPad and iPhone has been released

SSH2GO - A Secure Shell Client for iPad and iPhone has been released

Everett, Washington - iAPPS2GO LLC has announced the release of its newest iPhone, iPod touch and iPad app, SSH2GO. The app is an inexpensive, easy to use and very capable secure shell client for the IT professional and enthusiast alike.

iPhone App Review: Scrublist Simplifies Your Lists (and Your Life!)


If you can’t keep track of a grocery list on a scrap of paper, or a to-do list with too many options on your iPhone, Scrublist from p13development might just be the answer to your prayers.

                Clever, convenient, quirky:  Scrublist is a whole new take on list management via smartphone. First, you make a list… on paper.  You’re probably already doing that because dealing with a to-do or shopping list manager on your iPhone usually gives you a headache. Then, put down that pencil and pick up the phone and photograph the list you just wrote.  In Scrublist, your list photo becomes your list within the app no tedious typing required.


MobiForms Mobile Development Tool Now Supports Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

MobiForms Mobile Development Tool Now Supports Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The latest version of the revolutionary mobile development tool MobiForms 6.0 now offers support for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Up until now developing for Apple iOS devices required in depth professional programming skills with mandatory learning of Apple's obscure version of C called Objective-C and the Apple iOS/iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit). MobiForms replaces these tools with one simple, intuitive, drag and drop interface. No Objective-C programming is required.

Remote Conductor Now Available for the iPhone - Release Info

Remote Conductor Now Available for the iPhone - Release Info

Seattle, Washington - m3me, Inc. has announced Remote Conductor 1.0 for iPhone, bringing their popular iPad app to iPhone / iPod touch devices. Remote Conductor turns the iPhone into a productive, wireless, control center for a Mac or PC with features such as: Application / Window Switcher, Remote Program Launcher, Wireless Trackpad and Secure Keyboard. The iPhone version offers the same unique UI, feature set and strong security as its iPad counterpart.

Parkbud -- full-service parking app tracks meter, helps you find your car, and more

Apps that assist you with parking seem to be a perfect application for the iPhone. You'll never again need to be concerned about remembering where you parked your car. Parkbud ($1.99) lets you easily set a timer and an alert so that you don't get fined for overtime parking. It also lets you set your location and guides you back to your car. It includes a feature that lets you find nearby parking garages. Other features include a notepad in case you want to make a note regarding parking restrictions, etc., and a camera function for taking a photo of your location.

Looking for the Perfect iPad Note-Taking App

Can the iPad replace my beloved yellow legal pad?

I love yellow legal pads. They impart an air of professionalism, involvement, and importance. When I was a teacher, I took legal pads to every meeting. I took copious notes and would often refer back to them to help aid my decaying memory. My low-tech system worked fine—unless I misplaced the legal pad.

When I got my iPad, I started looking for an app to replace my legal pad. Not only would I have it with me whenever I needed it, but it would provide me with a way to permanently store my notes and never fear losing them again. The built-in Notes app on the iPad provided limited input and formatting options. I needed more flexibility for my note-taking endeavors.


Speak and Your iPhone Will Understand

Speech Recognition Apps Abound for iOS Devices

As this is being written in the spring, rumors are circulating that voice control technology will be deeply integrated into iOS 5. Whether in iOS 5 or later, it seems inevitable that much of our interaction with our devices will eventually take place just by speaking.

Of course, there are already many apps that use speech recognition, and ever since the 3GS, the iPhone has had a basic voice control feature that lets you make calls or request particular songs just by speaking into your phone (see sidebar page 38). But the forthcoming developments will go much further.


Top Tips

Hidden features that make the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad more powerful

Keep your screen clean: Don't use glass cleaner



Emerald Chronometer HD Review


A variety of clocks and timers for the iPad are pervasive in Apple's App Store, though few offer the beauty and sophistication that Emerald Sequoia's Chronometer HD. This brief review takes a look at this high resolution version based on the already popular iPhone release.

Emerald Chronometer features 15 accurately depicted watches with 26 total front and back watch faces, featuring day and night versions. Many of the watch faces also offer a variety of astronomical capabilities such as relative position and the rising and setting times for the sun, moon and the inner solar system planets, lunar and solar eclipse predictors and more.


VoiceDJ revolutionizes speech recognition


There are a lot of apps that claim to do speech recognition. In reality, what those apps typically do is record your speech and upload that recording to a server that does all the heavy lifting. Examples include the very popular Dragon Dictation, Vlingo and most importantly, Siri, which was actually acquired by Apple. This method can be effective when you have a fast network connection but the Holy Grail of speech recognition needs to be performed in-app.

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