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TapDownApps releases InfoSource for iOS - Active Information Monitoring

TapDownApps releases InfoSource for iOS - Active Information Monitoring


TapDownApps announces the availability of InfoSource on the iPhone App Store.
InfoSource provides active information monitoring for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

App Review: Fully Loaded "Top Camera" Tops Competing Camera Apps Easily


Lucky Clan’s impressive new camera and photo editing app, Top Camera, has many iPhone users ditching other apps as unnecessary clutter.  The secret to Top Camera’s appeal is its ability to all of the  most-wanted cam and editing features in one well-organized and easy to use interface.  From photo capturing to enhancement to sharing across multiple platforms, Top Camera is a one-stop-shop for the iPhone photo enthusiast.

Meteoric Download Manager LITE -- free app is the only one to let you capture streaming video


I haven't checked out this claim, but according to the publicist, Meteoric Download Manager is the only iOS app that can capture streaming video. If there's an online video that you like, you can now capture and store it on your iOS device and keep it for offline viewing. And although that's an amazingly cool feature to have, it's just one of the things this app offers. Billed as a "Swiss Army Knife for the iPhone," Meteroric allows you to download and manage content, sync to Firefox, play files on a media player, and grab IOS playable videos.

iStandard Clock Will Fill the Gap of iPad's Missing Standard Clock Application.

iStandard Clock Will Fill the Gap of iPad's Missing Standard Clock Application.

eFusion today is pleased to announce the release of iStandard Clock 1.0 application for iPad user to fill the gap of missing clock application with iPhone standard user interface. It is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. iStandard Clock is available immediately in the iTunes App Store.

Artist's iPhone, iPad help him create ancient Filipino calligraphy

Christian Cabuay

What do you do? I'm an artist and translator.

Which device do you use? iPad 1 and iPhone 3G.

How do you use your device? People pay me to translate and draw English words to the ancient Filipino writing system, Baybayin.

What apps do you use the most? Zen Brush ($2.99, app2.me/3512), iFontMaker ($6.99, app2.me/3731) Zendesk (free, app2.me/3732), Awesome Note ($3.99, app2.me/220), Mail.


Bed Bug Alert -- If you're traveling, you might want to get this app


I guess there's an app for just about everything — including a new one called Bed Bug Alert ($1.99) that alerts you to infestations, and allows you to report sightings. You can view by your current location, view top 10 cities with infestations, and look up specific locations. The app also has facts about bed bugs, and you can use the app to report sightings.

Facing a Crisis?
 Your iPhone and iPad can help you through it!

Your iPhone and iPad can help you through it

Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, and family tragedies are all stressful events, but you can keep the stress at a minimum with the help of your iPhone and iPad. Here we'll look at some apps and features you can take advantage of when life gets very difficult.

Notifying your loved ones

When a tragedy occurs, the first thing most people want to do is contact loved ones. In addition to using your device as a phone, there are several other options available:


What is the fastest way of putting HUGE files on your iDevice? (New file transfer benchmarks!)

UPDATE (07/23 night): I've re-run the iTunes File Sharing test with the just-released iOS5.0b4 (beta 4 of the forthcoming iOS 5) running on both iPad 1 and 2 (without jailbreaking, enabling iCloud or even installing more than one app on the devices).

Vacation flip flops: Summer apps that FLIP and some that FLOP.





Thrutu -- new free app lets you share media and data during a call

Just out today, Thrutu (free) seems an amazingly useful app. You can actually share data and media with someone while you're talking to that person on your iPhone. It works with other iPhone users — and also with Android users. You can share your location such that you see each other's position updating live on a map. You can snap and share a photo, or send one from your gallery. And you can send contact information such that contact details appear instantly in the other caller's address book. One feature is perhaps more playful than functional: you can vibrate the other person’s phone.

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