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Scary Story Kit post Halloween giveaway!

Scary Story Kit post Halloween giveaway!


Melbourne, Australia - Comicorp has dropped the price of their best selling app, Scary Story Kit to free. "After a great Halloween season we aim to reach out to the wider market and gain more exposure. Doing a free promotion is our way of thanking our followers..."


A toolkit for creating extraordinary scary story telling experiences! Bringing traditional storytelling to the 21st century. The 'Scary Story Kit' is designed to aid and assist any scary story teller, empowering them with the tools necessary to fully emerge their victims in a world of terror. 


Features include:

Nexscience Announces Price Reduction for 'Thief Alert', the Alarm Security App for iPhone and iPad

Nexscience Announces Price Reduction for  'Thief Alert', the Alarm Security App for iPhone and iPad

Santa Clara, Clara – Nexscience LLC. today is pleased to announce a prie reduction for its alarm security app, 'Thief Alert – Burglar Alarm' for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch platforms.

Thief Alert is an anti-touch alarm app that sounds a loud and customizable alarm sound when an unauthorized person tries to pick up your iPhone or someone tries to look at your email or any privacy information stored in your device.

When a person picks up the phone, the app sounds a gunshot sound followed by a police siren. The user can also record their own shout and set it to play along with the alarm.

A great way to secure your device as well as play prank with your friends.


Product Download Link :

Num2Letter : a new update

Num2Letter : a new update

A new update is out for Num2Letter. This update bring the support of iOS 5, fixe some bugs and convertion errors and a new custom template which let you to choose a picture of your choice as a background image for the application.

Great news for Windows users: PhoneDisk is, finally, compatible with the system & other iTunes-less synchronization tips

In my Wednesday's article, I've quickly mentioned PhoneDisk by Macroplant as the most recommended application for (Mac) OS X computers to access the installed (AppStore or Xcode) applications' home directories on non-jailbroken devices.

iOS contact management (duplicate removal, import/export etc.) tips and tricks

Today, I've helped a friend restore some contacts onto his iPhone. As the experience I gathered may be useful to you as well, I let you know.

First, on my Mac, while I had the contacts in the Windows version of Microsoft Outlook 2010 under Parallels Desktop, I had iTunes solely under my Mac OS X and didn't want to install it under Parallels to keep the Parallels image size down. (Which is of paramount importance when you use Time Machine to back up the contents of your computer, including the disk images of your Parallels virtual machines and want to save as much storage as possible.) After all, there are only two cases when it's indeed worth having iTunes in your virtual machine if you, otherwise, use the OS X version to synchronize your iOS devices:

VM Player - movie and music player for iPhone and iPad

VM Player - movie and music player for iPhone and iPad

VM Player is the best multimedia player for iPhone/iPad, which has simple and easy-to-use interface and supports a big range of different file formats, video and audio codecs. This Movie and Music player has such useful and even unique features like:
 - Audio-Video sync tuning;
 - Volume boost;
 - Finger sensible rewind;
 - Audio/Video/Subtitle stream selection;
 - TV Out;
 - Slideshow-thumbnails;
 - Opening and downloading files from Network via SMB (Windows shares) and FTP;
 - Folders-playlists;

Best Utility Apps

Best of the Best

#1 Alarm Clock Pro

($.99, app2.me/4099: 

Free version, app2.me/4100)

Alarm Clock ProTurn your device into a beautiful digital clock with gorgeous themes and an alarm clock that sings your favorite tunes.

2. Barcode Scanner

($.99, app2.me/2901)


Beep Me! Better than Calendar for quick reminders


I love Apple and they usually get things right, but the Calendar app leaves a bit to be desired.  I often have to enter quick reminders and the built-in app can be cumbersome.  For example, if I need to check the oven in one hour, I should be able to set a reminder to do that without having to tweak dials to set a clock for an hour from now.  Why can't I just touch a button that says "+1 hour" and be done?

All Purpose LED Light 2.0 - helpful in any situation

All Purpose LED Light 2.0 - helpful in any situation

New York, New York - AppAnnex LLC is proudly announcing All Purpose LED Light 2.0, the most utilitarian and versatile LED Light in the whole App Store. The application combines several utility applications utilizing the power of the iPhone4 LED into one convenient package for a single price.

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