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The Mobli Social Media Experience: Believe The Hype, And Enter Their Daily iPad Giveaway While You’re At It!



If you haven't heard of Mobli, or tried out the App (available for free in the Apple App store), now is a great time! Mobli, the new, up-and-coming social photo/video App is currently hosting a wild month of daily contests, with a brand new, New iPad as the prize, EVERY DAY! Yes indeed, you read that right! In an unprecedented move, Mobli is, for the month of May, giving away a New iPad every single day! The requirements for entering the different daily contests are quite simple, relatively speaking, considering the prize.


Trip to Worlds App Review


Trip to Worlds is a social app that allows travelers to share their various locations throughout the world.  It keeps track and documents where you've been, places that have been visited recently, and even tells you about highlights from each area.  Since social media has become extremely popular; the idea of Trip to Worlds is for friends to connect from all over the world. 

Travel Apps for iPad: Never Have a Crummy Vacation Again



How are you guys loving your new iPads?


The improvements are just incredible. I’ve been cradling mine in my arms like a proud papa since the day I picked it up, and I’m pretty stoked to use it to help me with my travel plans this summer. I found some really cool iPad apps over at Market Watch, and I picked out a few of my favorites to test out for you guys.

The Clique

The Clique


Sydney, Australia, 25 January, 2011.


Former Australian sports star Todd Byrne creates iphone app to solve the problem of lack of trust in online travel reviews.


‘The Clique’ lets users provide their exclusive social network with trusted, reliable and immediate travel advice via posts and integration with Facebook. Thisputs to an end to the annoyance of relying on travel reviews written anonymously or by strangers when searching for trustworthy online travel information.


Introducing ModMap NYC! A new way to explore NYC

Introducing ModMap NYC! A new way to explore NYC

Brooklyn, New York - January 22, 2012 - Ricky Robinett is pleased to announce the launch of his newest app, ModMap NYC, an innovative iPhone travel app that let's you explore NYC in a new and unique way. Great for tourist and native New Yorkers alike ModMap NYC uses augmented reality to help you find monuments, museums and trending locations nearby. ModMap NYC allows you to see a desired location on a map by just clicking the name of the location. ModMap NYC was developed over a period of two months as part of the NYCBigApps 3.0 competition. Monument and museum data is powered by NYC government data. Trending data for ModMap NYC is powered by foursquare.


(With my family through Europe)

The Idea

Taveling through Europe with familyWith the oldest of my four kids starting college in the fall, our chances to travel as a family were dwindling. Who knew if we would ever get a chance to go there together? So, if we went, we wanted to see it all! We drastically cut down the long list of desired destinations, and it still couldn’t be done in less than four weeks.



Get the most from your biking workout with these handy and useful apps.

I Love riding my bike, and I have been riding across cities on my same trusty Infinity recumbent for more than 25 years. But much has changed since the day I assembled that bike. What once required a truckload of communications and tracking equipment all those years ago, now fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. And what would have required a heavy backpack of maps, charts, repair manuals and videotapes, are now instantly accessible and stored on flash ram smaller than a postage stamp.


U.S. Traveller iPhone App Review


As the name describes, U.S. Traveler is made for travelers that call the United States their home and travel to countries outside their own. The application itself is overall very simple. In opening the app, on the “Countries” tab, you are presented with a list of countries & their correlating flags. I thought the added flags next to the country names were a nice touch, especially since most people can quickly find a country based on visual representation versus textual representation. I’ve traveled from the U.S. to numerous countries – Chile, Argentina, Germany & Italy to name a few. I cannot say that I was adequately prepared for the countries I visited, but this app for sure would have helped.

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