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Travelog - Smart + Simple City Guides - Now Available in the App Store - October 2014

Travelog – Smart and Simple City Guides – Now available in the app store
Singapore-based Travelog, is evolving from a travel sharing platform to an aggregator. Designed to make travel simple, convenient and mobile-friendly. Travelog’s new version aims to help travellers get the necessary information they need for a trip, be it must-see landmarks, city information or great watering spots. It will also show review scores, maps, and contact details for specific locations by drawing from a number of different services like Foursquare and Google Maps.
Singapore – October 2014 – Available now, the Travelog app offers travellers a single travel app where they can do everything from their research and planning to experiencing and sharing.

TravelbyArt 1.1 is now available to download in App Store

TravelbyArt 1.1 is now available to download in App Store

TravelbyArt, is a new iPhone app that lets you discover Paris through the eyes of her most legendary artists, writers, singers and composers of the 20th century.
The app has twenty carefully designed tours that reveal the important places in the lives of such artists as Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso and Edith Piaf. Paris is indeed a movable feast, and so we have also selected great places to eat and drink along the way in each tour.

Places Around 4.0 - The Ultimate Tool for finding Places of Interest

Places Around 4.0 - The Ultimate Tool for finding Places of Interest

Colombo, Sri Lanka - Neoappz, a mobile application development company, today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Places Around 4.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. Places Around is a user-friendly application which allows anyone to easily find places in their surroundings. It works world wide and provides accurate and concise information. It is ideal for travel.

Places Around features a Category Search which provides one tap access to over 40 common categories such as Restaurants, ATMs, Gas Stations, Parking, Shopping Malls etc.The custom search feature allows users to find places by the name of the place.

Rugged Gear Roundup: The Latest Abuse-Proof Headphones, Speakers and iPhone Cases


The latest crop of rugged, adventure ready gear is out, and there are some great new gadgets and accessories you'll want to take a look at. All of the gear featured here is built tough, with the shared focus of being able to survive extreme stresses and perform well under exceptional circumstances. From waterproof headphones and speakers, to the best new iPhone protective cases, we've got some unique rugged products that are made to live up to the challenge of an active and daring lifestyle. You'll notice as you read on, that many rugged products refer to IP and MIL-STD-810 ratings. For more on those designations and what they mean, you can click HERE to read my article discussing that topic.



MIAMI BEACH, FL— YouRoam launched a smartphone application that eliminates roaming fees for international travelers and it is now available for Android and iPhones.

The YouRoam App is a huge relief for global travelers! It eliminates astronomical roaming charges from cell phone service providers by enabling users to make and receive calls using their cellphone numbers over data. With a ‘Smart Caller ID’ feature, YouRoam allows users to know who is calling them, even if the caller isn’t in their contacts. Users can avoid unwanted phone calls that waste time and money! The YouRoam app also provides better call quality than a regular phone call!

Your iPhone As Your Hotel Key: Hilton Hotels' Newest Hospitality Initiative


Photo Credit: Hilton Worldwide

The hospitality world felt the tremors of change take place a couple
of weeks ago with the news that the Hilton company has begun to
implement new technology that will enable anyone with an iPhone
to totally bypass front desk services entirely to check into their
hotel room. The hotel chain recently disclosed a few details about
this plan in preliminary coverage by the Wall Street Journal. The

Pelican Introduces Pelican ProGear™ Elite Luggage Carry-on, Weekender and Vacationer Models Represent the Company’s First Luggage Line

Pelican Introduces Pelican ProGear™ Elite Luggage  Carry-on, Weekender and Vacationer Models Represent the Company’s First Luggage Line

TORRANCE, CA – August 5, 2014 - Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective case solutions, is unveiling Pelican ProGear™ Elite luggage.

The hard shell luggage is lightweight, watertight and crush-proof. Available in three elite models, each are built for optimal traveling size and weight: 22-inch Carry-On (weighs 9.2 pounds empty), 27-inch Weekender (weighs 12.2 pounds empty), and 30-inch Vacationer (weighs 15.6 pounds empty).

All models are available with an optional enhanced travel system that includes a lid organizer, a toiletry kit, and a zippered shoe sack. The 27” Weekender and 30” Vacationer enhanced travel system also includes a garment bag and a laundry bag.

3 Apps for Navigating an Unfamiliar City


Have you ever gotten lost in an unfamiliar city? Public transit systems can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know your way around, but a few apps can help you find your way in major urban areas across the nation.

Here are some of the best apps to guide you as you navigate a new area and help get you on your way.

Tip of the Day: How to Produce Great Outdoor Photos With Your iPhone


Your iPhone is a great tool to catalog your outdoor explorations. For an example, check out the image of Longs Peak that I took with my iPhone in Rocky Mountain National Park. Until I acquired a Nikon camera a few weeks ago, I relied solely on my iPhone for outdoor photography. I purchased the 32GB model of the 5s for the extra photo storage. I am no professional photographer, but I travel for work or play about once a month so you can imagine how many photos I have amassed.

Here is some insight into the best apps and tools to use for your adventures:

Tales & Tours - ultimate travel guide app

Tales & Tours - ultimate travel guide app

Going on holidays far away? Starting a roadtrip with some friends? Next weekend on a citytrip? With Tales & Tours you bring along the personal tourguide on your smartphone.

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