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Puxxles App Review


PuXXles is a new and interesting way to communicate with other people and play a game at the same time.  With this app you can create pictures, jokes, stories, music or just about anything else, and then encrypt it as a puzzle or riddle.  When you send the message the only way they can open it up and see or hear it is to solve the riddle or puzzle.  This adds a little bit of excitement and fun to a regular conversation. 

Huud Connects Neighbours Nationwide with New Social Network App

Huud Connects Neighbours Nationwide with New Social Network App


Innovative Huud app rivals Facebook and FourSquare with new location-based social network app aimed to bring communities closer together.

London, 11 November 2012: UK’s first neighbourhood focused social networking app launches nationwide today for iPhone and Android, designed to instantly connect neighbours on the issues that really matter to their community. From local news and events to sharing services and favours, the free Huud app promises to build stronger and happier neighbourhoods up and down the country.

DiviMe: Private Video Sharing App Launches!



DiviMe Announces World First

How to Share Video With YOUR World, Not THE World!

Don't miss this unbeatable sale on these amazing iPhoneography apps!



With the huge popularity of the iPhone in today’s world its safe to say that taking a picture of whatever strikes our fancy has never been easier. With the iPhone or the iPad (especially with the introduction of the ultra-portable iPad mini) in our lives it seems we are never far from a camera these days. Well, whether you are an aspiring iPhone photographer (“iPhoneographer”), just a casual picture-taker, or a skilled camera wizard, have I got great news for you!


App developer MEA Mobile (creators of over 95 Apple App Store apps) is having a huge sale on all of their apps! Now thru Wednesday, all of their apps are FREE. This includes almost a dozen great iPhoneography apps, including the already very successful iSupr8 among others. Don't delay though, as this sale ends tomorrow!

New iPhone App Brings Easy, Stress-Free Gift-Giving This Holiday Season

New iPhone App Brings Easy, Stress-Free Gift-Giving This Holiday Season


With less than three months until Christmas, it’s never too early to get organized for the craziness that is The Holidays. But if the mere idea of Christmas shopping sparks fear and dread, help is at hand. Or rather, help is IN hand. In the form of a new social networking app for the iPhone called “TofU”. And even better news is - it’s free.


Pronounced like the bean curd but short for “Thinking of U”, TofU shares lists of the things you like with the people you love, with the intention of knowing exactly what would be the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest. No guess work, no re-gifting, no returns. It’s the ultimate personalized gift guide.


Live Video Streaming available on the iPhone and iPad

Live Video Streaming available on the iPhone and iPad

Netbriefings’ Proclaim Messenger video email apps now updated on iTunes

St. Paul, MN - September 27, 2012 – Netbriefings, a full service web technology provider specializing in engaging video messaging and large group webcasting, announces version 2.3 of its Proclaim Messenger video email application for both the iPhone and the iPad.

JSTN and Allegis Group Services Partner to Drive Strategic Talent Acquisition Innovation

AURORA, Ill.-- Job Search Television Network (JSTN), a digital, multimedia platform that uses the power of video for recruitment and employer branding and Allegis Group Services (AGS), part of the Allegis Group Inc., the world’s 4th largest recruitment and staffing firm, today announced that they have partnered to drive next generation talent solutions to their  client base. Combining JSTN’s leading edge Search Engine Optimized video and multi-channel media recruiting and branding platform with AGS’ innovative integrated talent technology platform, the partnership will provide enhanced offerings to help boost employment branding and attract and engage top talent.

What's Next? You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet... [on the evolution of Apple]



With all the chatter in the blogosphere, about new products soon to be released, and patent battles being fought on all fronts in the courts of law, I think it's important to keep in mind the old expression: "You ain't seen nuthin' yet!" Truly, hasn't this week been a great example of that.
With the court cases bringing out details Apple would just as likely have preferred to keep private, we have been granted a rare insight into the evolution of products in the Apple iDevice chain, as well as having been given glimpses into what Apple had in mind, in prototype form, two years ago.
That said, can you imagine what Cupertino has in store for us in say, 5 years? That's not that long. Think about it. Within 5 years, devices and functions that are now, only in prototype/patent form, may very well be seeing the light of day. It's not for nothing that Johny Ive says that the products Apple is working on now, are some of the best, most exciting products Apple has ever invented!

Let Birds Transfer Your Photos


There I was on Thursday listening to Leo Laporte's podcast that I had downloaded on my iPhone. One of his guests was talking about a new app called Chirp. It's an app that transfers photos and some types of data by sound from one iOS device to another.

"But I can do that through iMessage or by e-mail" I hear you say....and you are right.

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