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instaDM Takes App Store by Storm, Gets Half a Million Downloads in 1 Month

instaDM Takes App Store by Storm, Gets Half a Million Downloads in 1 Month

First unveiled in April 2012, instaDM has managed to garner over 500,000 downloads in its first month alone. Now, with a brand new update released a few days ago, the Instagram private messaging app is well-poised to hit the one million mark in the near future.

New iPhoneApp, WAQA, Lets Users Create Targeted and Location-Based Polls

 New iPhoneApp, WAQA, Lets Users Create Targeted and Location-Based Polls

WAQA, a newly released iPhone app, provides users with the simplest way to ask and receive feedback from various sources. Thanks to its social and location-based features, users can get answers from their friends as well as other people nearby.

Phoenix, AZ – Maya Productions, a fresh app development company today unveiled its first iPhone app called WAQA. The app, which is now available on iTunes, allows users to conduct surveys and post questions to an engaged and insightful community. Users can set pre-existing answers or choices in their surveys or allow people to openly add their own answers. They can also include images to supplement the questions or answers that they send out.

The Mobli Social Media Experience: Believe The Hype, And Enter Their Daily iPad Giveaway While You’re At It!



If you haven't heard of Mobli, or tried out the App (available for free in the Apple App store), now is a great time! Mobli, the new, up-and-coming social photo/video App is currently hosting a wild month of daily contests, with a brand new, New iPad as the prize, EVERY DAY! Yes indeed, you read that right! In an unprecedented move, Mobli is, for the month of May, giving away a New iPad every single day! The requirements for entering the different daily contests are quite simple, relatively speaking, considering the prize.


Mumbo Jumbo?





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So are you tired of Facebook yet?  Granted, there probably are people that are tired of using the same social networking sites for so long.  Personally, my two favorites are Twitter and Instagram.  Check out a new one: Mumbo.


Another Contact App? my facecard Does it Differently


Okay, so it seems like there’s always some hot new way to organize your contacts popping up, and these new methods generally turn out to be so much hype.  The developers of my facecard, however, actually have a pretty novel new set up. 

SoulMate App Review for iPhone


The SoulMate app is a great app for just about anyone who is sick of having to use all different apps and other communications methods to get in touch with their friends, family or significant other.  This app combines the features of things like text messaging, phone calls, email's and much more as well.  It makes it very quick and easy to get in contact with anyone. 

PixUploader: Upload up to 8 photos to Facebook at one time with as little as a single tap

PixUploader: Upload up to 8 photos to Facebook at one time with as little as a single tap

PixUploader makes it really quick and easy to upload up to 8 photos at a time to Facebook, with as little as a single tap. 


Start your photos uploading in the background within seconds with features such as 

✓ Preloading of your most recent photos when the app is started

✓ The use of simple drag and flick gestures to arrange your photos

✓ The ability to upload up to 8 photos at a time in the background


See it in Action on YouTube


iThrowU, Around the World!


(photo courtesy of apple.com)


Probably the best thing about having access to every type of social media outlet on your phone is being able to connect to the world.  Every single day there are more and more ways to contact people from places you never even knew existed.  This application will help you do this in a fun, exciting way.


iDoc's Top 10 iPhone App Recommendations.


Considering how many apps are available in the Apple app store, not to mention how many are actually on my iPhone (close to 300), it's a bit daunting of a task to come up with only 10 apps to recommend here and now! There are simply so many amazing and award-winning apps out there and each is suited to an individual uniquely.

Wendr is a Free iPhone App That Makes it Easy to Find Out What Your Friends Are Doing Tonight

New York, NY - February 13, 2012 – Wendr, a new social media service that aims to simplify the way in which people coordinate nightly plans, announced the release of its iPhone application at the onset of Social Media Week in New York City.

“Wendr solves an everyday problem very directly,” said Sam Zises, Wendr’s creator and CEO, a social media and branded content specialist.  “We’re about making your real life more social.  Instead of wasting time calling, texting and messaging all of your friends to see what they’re doing tonight, Wendr allows you to coordinate plans with your friends more efficiently, so you can stop ‘checking-in’ and start hanging out.”

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