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Press Release - BirdEyes : a Double Take on Twitter Photography

Press Release - BirdEyes : a Double Take on Twitter Photography

MONTREAL, March 17th, 2011. Pumax is proud to unveil today its latest iOS application. BirdEyes, a new take on sharing pictures through Twitter.

BirdEyes, available on the App Store, takes your pictures and shares them on Twitter in a matter of seconds. BirdEyes allows owners of iPad 2, iPod Touch 4g and iPhone 4 to use their front facing camera, simultaneously taking two pictures instead of one, sharing what they are seeing and who they are.

Whether you’re sharing the mouth watering selection of a newfound bistro’s menu, taking a live photo tweet of you and the crowd at a concert or the smile of some friends at a local café, BirdEyes shares the magic twofold. Now you can have a side by side shot of the Twitterer and... well, Twittee.

Opinionaided -- free app for getting opinions from others


One of the neat things about the Internet and social networking is the opportunity to get real-time responses to requests via services such as Twitter and Facebook. Opinionaided (free) has jumped into this arena and has become quite popular, in part because it's easy to use and addicting. In a recent weekend they had 4 million responses to 65,000 questions or requests. Opinionaided will return around 12 answers to your question in a few minutes.

Aftermath of Skype-Fring Split: Comparison of Int’l Calling Rates to Mobile lines


In the aftermath of the Skype-Fring split in July last year, Skype has finally caught up with Fring’s smartphone video-call capability by introducing its own.

Show off your creativity using Ringtones Uncensored & win prizes!

Show off your creativity using Ringtones Uncensored & win prizes!

Over two million ringtones have been created using our AutoRingtone service and family of apps! As our gift, we're offering a FREE iPad & other prizes for the best ringtones created using our apps! Make a ringtone using AutoRingtone or Ringtones Uncensored, etc., then login at www.AutoRingtone.com and follow the directions to submit a ringtone. If we use your example in our print ad, you win an iPad! If we use it in a web ad, choose an iTunes gift card, iPhone case, charger or earbuds!

Here are some examples, which should be easy to beat:

FANFARE + BritishMan: "Attention Steve, the President is calling. He needs your advice. Again."

POLICESIREN + JerseyGirl: "Mister Smith, this is the Police. Your son gets one phone call. This is it."

Skype 3.0 for iPhone -- free app adds video calling


Version 3.0 of Skype (free) just came out yesterday and now offers video calling over both WiFi and 3G. Skype has long been the most widely used service for Internet telephony, and now you can use the iPhone 4 front-facing camera to conduct video calls. You can read a great hands-on review on the PCmag.com website. The quality is reportedly quite good, even over 3G. And you can call cross-platform, even to PC users. 

Get Kik'd Into Gear This Holiday!



            As an iPhone user, have you ever wondered what its like to BBM?  Well, whether you have or haven’t, “kik” is an application that allows you to have that experience.  Rising in popularity among iPhone users in my circle, kik has its advantages. 

            Instead of having a pin, one operates kik under a username.  Upon downloading kik, the application prompts the user to create a username that they will not forget and that is easy to share with friends, family, coworkers and the like.  Once doing so, you are ready to go. 

HootSuite Finally Comes To The iPad!


HootSuite is now my new best friend when it comes to Twitter applications. The interface is clean and easy to understand and I can manage all my social networking sites in one app. I have been using HootSuite (free) on my iPod Touch and online for some time but couldn't take using it on my iPad in the iPhone mode......but no more. They just came out with an iPad rewrite that is glorious.

Do you Tango?


Because I do. I Tangoed last night. For those of you not in the know, Tango is a new app that let's you make free mobile video calls (facetime). There are three reasons why this is exciting:

1. Tango lets you make video calls using 3g. This means you are no longer tied to wifi to make or receive video calls

2. Tango lets you make calls across platforms. This means that I can facetime with my friends who own android phones. (not that I would want to)

3. it's FREE!!

Tango Video Calls -- free app for free video calling works over 3G, connects with Android users


Tango Video Calls (free) was just released today and seems another good option in addition to FaceTime and Skype. Calling is free, and you can connect with other iPhone 3GS or 4 users, as well as with Android phones. It works over 3G and Wi-Fi. You can invite friends and others via one-click email or text message. The app automatically imports your iPhone contacts. It lets you easily switch to audio only, and to swap the large and small screens so that you can see more clearly what the other person is seeing.

Best Apps: Social Networking

social-networkingDigital social networking permeates almost every aspect of our daily lives. From government to business to dating, social networking opens doors and greatly increases your sphere of influence. The apps in this section let you access your social network wherever you are to update your friends and colleagues about your activities with just a few finger taps. They make it easy to post to your personal blog, upload pictures and video, send out invitations, or let your customers know about a new sale offer.


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