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Blippar may be the future of mobile advertising #CES

This time of year, people get excited about the Super Bowl, if for nothing else, than the commercials. But still, even the best commercials are one-way and non-interactive. At CES, I got a chance to meet with Blippar, an augmented reality mobile advertising firm.

The Clique

The Clique


Sydney, Australia, 25 January, 2011.


Former Australian sports star Todd Byrne creates iphone app to solve the problem of lack of trust in online travel reviews.


‘The Clique’ lets users provide their exclusive social network with trusted, reliable and immediate travel advice via posts and integration with Facebook. Thisputs to an end to the annoyance of relying on travel reviews written anonymously or by strangers when searching for trustworthy online travel information.


Facebook Cover Designer Review


The facebook cover designer app makes creating great looking profile pictures or timeline covers quick and easy, right from your iPhone.  Since the new timeline profile feature came out on facebook there have been a few different places on the net which allow you to create some custom timelines, but there was never anything that could work right on your phone.  This was a big problem for many people since the majority of pictures taken and used on facebook today are shot right from phones or other camera enabled smart phones. 

Roamz is social networking that roams with you


Twitter, Facebook, and the like are all decent ways to stay in touch with people you already know about, but Roamz has solved a problem you might not have known you had. What happens when you're traveling? What if there are time-sensitive events happening near you, but you don't follow those related social networking accounts?

Social Media Report

Finally: an Official Facebook App

I live on Facebook. Seriously, I do. I’ve spent the last year writing two books about Facebook, written countless blog posts, and done tons of research on it. When I was out and about with my phone or iPad, interacting with Facebook on a browser or through a third-party app was a limiting experience. I reviewed the previously available apps for viewing Facebook in the July/August Issue of iPhone Life magazine. At that time Friendly (Free, iPad only: app2.me/3814) was my top choice.


Friends Map for Facebook Review


This app gives you a quick and easy way to use your phone's GPS to check in on Facebook, and to find where your friends have checked in from recently as well.  It will also provide you with some useful information such as where the nearest cafe or hotel is, and quite a bit more to. The app is pretty simple to use and seems to be pretty accurate as far as where it has you check in from.  If you don't have many friends who check in from their GPS phones than there won't be much information on your map but it can still be fun and as more and more people get smart phones this will likely become even more useful.

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To phone, or not to phone, that is the question.

To phone, or not to phone, that is the question.

Michigan, USA - My Status is pleased to announce the release of My Status – Your Phone Social Networking Status for iOS devices.

My Status provides a simple, yet a powerful and creative solution to a two fold common problem that we all face when it comes to telephone communication: Dealing with phone calls that come at inappropriate times, and choosing the right time to call people. Inspired by the availability status feature in chat messengers, My Status allows the users to set a status that describes their availability or willingness to receive phone calls. Once a status is set, it is visible in real time to all users’ contacts who have the users’ phone numbers and use My Status.

Showyou -- free video aggregator app wins top award from Apple


I recently finished an article for the next issue of iPhone Life (on newsstands in February) about video aggregator apps. These are a lot of fun, in that they collect videos from your social networks and other favorite news or web sources and present them in a Flipboard-like fashion. I've written about Plizy in the past, and in my article I also highlighted Showyou. These two are my favorites, and both are free.

Free Flipboard app now available for iPhone


Big news late yesterday: the wildly popular Flipboard app (free) originally available only for the iPad is now available for the iPhone as a universal app. Flipboard is so popular, and so many iPhone users downloaded it, that CNET is reporting that the service is down. The app gives you an amazing new window onto Facebook and other social networking services.

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