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#1 WolframAlphaIconWolframAlpha

($1.99, app2.me/2445)

Do you need to compare unemploymentates between New York and Houston? How about tide information in Hawaii? Access expert knowledge from wherever you are with this super-handy and efficient app.

2. Qwiki

(iPad only: Free, apps2.me/4069)


App Review - iSeekLaw



For those of you looking for an attorney in your area, this app should be of use to you. It will help you find attorneys related to a wide variety of practices related. Whether you want an attorney specializing in litigation, employment, or criminal cases, this app will help you. It allows you to search for attorneys specializing in a wide range of practices. However, you can't pick criminal charges like murder or assault from the menu as a way to find criminal attorneys. You must just select "criminal" from the search field. The civil cases seem to be more varied as you can select from class-action litigation to other specialties.

Identifying Birds Just Got Easier...And a Whole Lot More Fun!

Identifying Birds Just Got Easier...And a Whole Lot More Fun!


The BirdBeat App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch takes everything birders previously needed to carry in the field for cataloging pattern markings & data and puts it all in the palm of their hands.


iDinobook - iOS Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, a new way to look at dinosaurs.

iDinobook - iOS Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, a new way to look at dinosaurs.

Madrid, Spain - 4Fig is pleased to announce iDinobook. It is not only a book, it's a new way to enjoy the dinosaurs and learn at the same time. With a lot of information, very easy to use, it's a new step ahead in education applications for the iPad/iPhone.

Middle-earth Map II v1.0 is available today on the iTunes App Store

Middle-earth Map II v1.0 is available today on the iTunes App Store

Hollywood, Florida - App developer Richard Blum announced the release of Middle-earth Map II v1.0.

The Middle-earth Map II starts with the World of Arda at approximately 10% of its 100 in. x 100 in. size and allows the user to Zoom In and Scroll around the Map View. When selecting a place from the A to Z list, the category list or from a result of a key word search, a map snapshot with a short description are presented on a detail panel. Also on the panel are the favorites and Go There buttons. Tapping the check will add it as a favorite place or the X will delete it. Tapping Go There automatically finds your selection on the Map View where you can then zoom and scroll as much as you like to see the surroundings or follow a specific journey with ease.

Bing for iPad -- free app offers a great portal to content

Last week Microsoft released Bing for iPad, and the reviews and App Store Customer Reviews are generally ecstatic. It's important to realize that this isn't just a search app. It's a  portal that offers news, weather, trending topics, movie listings, trending topics, maps, traffic updates, and more. And of course it offers searching, including local search and speech recognition. All of this is presented in an attractive format that makes very effective use of swiping to let you quickly browse through a lot of content.

Bing -- free app from Microsoft lets you search via speech recognition


I've been looking at the wide range of speech recognition apps for an article I'm working on for the magazine. Bing (free) is one that I haven't yet mentioned. As you likely know, Bing is Microsoft's powerful search engine. Microsoft calls it a “decision engine” that you can use to find information, restaurants and other businesses, images, show times, travel deals, flight information, weather forecasts, and walking or driving directions.

Dictionary.com -- free dictionary and thesaurus app offers speech recognition


The free Dictionary.com app has nearly 1 million words and definitions, and it can be used offline. Like the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (also free), it now also lets you simply speak the word that you want to look up. It's powered by Nuance's highly accurate speech recognition technology. To use the speech feature, you'll need to have an Internet connection.

Google Search -- free search app now has new interface


Last week Google released a new version of Google Search (free). This is a great app, with voice search and the Google Goggles feature that lets you search by taking a picture. The update has implemented a new interface that's pretty cool. If you swipe right in the search results, you'll get a menu along the left (as in the image) that lets you refine your search. Check out this video demo on PocketNow.

Google Translate (free) -- speak what you want translated, and it then speaks back translation


I can't believe I missed the release of Google Translate (free) last month. Or maybe I assumed it was just another app for text translation. But it is so much cooler than that. It can also do speech recognition, such that you canspeak the phrase or sentences that you want translated, and it will speak back to you the phrase or sentences in the target language. It's fun to play with. When you speak the text, it shows on-screen what it thought you said as well as a text translation. Then if you tap the speaker icon, it speaks the text.

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