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iCloud Keychain VS. LastPass and 1Password


This past Tuesday, Apple updated their Mac operating system to OS X Mavericks and their iOS software to 7.0.3. The feature that will raise security and productivity to a new level is iCloud Keychain. Its sole purpose is to save passwords and make them easy to use in Safari. Whether you are on your desktop or on an iPad or iPhone, Safari will protect your passwords and keep them in sync. You don't have to remember any of them, and you can create more secure ones than you are probably using now.

I Never Thought I'd Want an iWatch, Until I Saw This!


I've heard all of the propaganda, and seen all of the concept mockups, but I just haven't been able to wrap my mind around an iWatch. I mean, I don't even wear a regular wristwatch. Granted, back in the day I loved my calculator/Pac-Man watch (which was the pinnacle of high-tech back in Fort Collins, Colorado in the early '80s), and later my Casio G-Shock, but it's been almost a decade since I've worn a wrist watch with any regularity. Not since the invasion of smartphones have I made it a point to wear a wrist timepiece.

So when rumors of an Apple iWatch (or whatever it will eventually be called) started to circulate I was not overly enthused, and thus far, I have barely felt compelled to weigh in on the subject. Until now that is...

Cannonball Wants to Turn Email into a "Visual Activity"


Sorting your email messages can be tedious, but Cannonball (free) hopes to turn the process into a more "visual activity." The app will join the ranks of other popular email clients, like Mailbox (free) and AltaMail ($4.99).

Cannonball seeks to utilize the iPad's touchscreen experience to create a more intuitive inbox display. With up-to-date categories and sorting features, your inbox becomes easier to maintain.

Will iWork Help Apple Catch up to Office?


With all of the new hardware changes announced at today's Apple keynote, the newest updates to the company's popular iWork apps have a very good chance of slipping by the wayside—at least for now. After all, when there are new iPads with fancy Retina displays, who really cares about word processing or making an advanced slideshow? Well, the answer, dear reader, is you. Here's why:

New VPN Unlimited to offer reliable VPN service for unlimited devices.

New VPN Unlimited to offer reliable VPN service for unlimited devices.

New York, New York - Simplex Solution Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of VPN Unlimited - their new iOS app that lets establish VPN connection on the users' iPhones and iPads without limits on bandwidth, connection speed and the number of concurrent devices. VPN Unlimited is the Universal app designed in glamorous iOS 7 style. The app is offered as free installation from iTunes App Store.


Say&Go - save your notes on the fly - major update

Say&Go - save your notes on the fly - major update

Say&Go - the smartest app for capturing ideas on the fly has received a major update on 10th October 2013.

The very best ideas will always hit you just when you can’t write them down. Use Say&Go and stop losing those thoughts! Say&Go is an ultrafast voice recorder in which recording starts and stops automatically.

Version 1.1 incorporates the following features:

1. Dropbox auto upload - record notes on your way to work and seamlessly find them on your computer.

2. One-swipe Dropbox upload - if you do not want to upload files automatically, use Dropbox one-swipe shortcut to remain in control of which files are uploaded.

3. Set recording quality.

Lack of motivation? Solution is here!

          Sometimes the lack of time is not the main problem for the postponement of different things. Sometimes eead of them. We can’t offer such thing, but what we can it to offer something new in the field of organizers. Check the new application with the promising name “iMotivation+”! The application is a «mixture» of the functions of the organizer and motivator. But this is not the motivator with the ambitious slogans, quotes, or other similar things.

MemoZy—Reinventing Organization, One Touch at a Time


MemoZy (free) is a new app from DesignPlusD, Inc. that seeks to improve the way users utilize their mobile devices to organize their lives. Since the Palm Pilot Stone Ages, digital planners have held an obvious appeal for those with hectic schedules, complex projects, or a simple desire to tidy up their plans. Their disadvantages have often fallen into one of two categories: inflexible or overly complex. MemoZy seeks to offer users all of the functionality they expect and more, while avoiding the hassle of infinitely nested menus.

weekflow - the fluent calendar

weekflow - the fluent calendar

Weekflow offers a unique view of your schedule and a visceral navigation experience.
Why thumb through individual calendar months, when it is possible to scroll through an infinite stream of weeks? Weekflow displays up to 10 weeks at a glance. This way you get an overview of multiple months and even years, which makes long-term planning easier. In addition to that weekflow shows you when you are busiest that week and which calendar categories the events are assigned to. Simply pinch to fold open any week for details and tap for the complete daily view.

In the main screen, each row represents a week. The width of the individual days shows you when you are busiest that week. Three different color modes help you to get the best view:

Apple News: Weekly Roundup


It’s been yet another fascinating week in the world of Apple news, so let’s get right to it. This week’s roundup includes results from the first ever touchscreen responsiveness benchmark tests, a neat comparison of all the iPhones since the first iteration back in 2007 as well as new video that’s leaked featuring the new, soon-to-be released large iPad.

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