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Polymo: The Organizational Photography App


A new iOS app called Polymo ($1.99) will keep your mobile photos organized before you actually shoot them. Add tags while you take pictures and all of your images will be curated automatically.

New SELFIEPRINT App Super-Sizes Your Selfies

New SELFIEPRINT App Super-Sizes Your Selfies

Goldsboro, NC (July 2, 2014) - SELFIEPRINT, a new app available on iPhone and Android, allows you to upload, edit and order large prints of photos directly from your phone. Users can select a size and even add mounting to their photos.

The app brings the art of selfies and iPhoneography offline and into the real world. Users simply take a photo, open the app, upload the image, make edits, enter their address and credit card information and the poster-sized prints are shipped within 24 hours. Prices start at just $8.00 USD for a 12 x 12 poster. The prints can be shipped anywhere in the world.

The creators of the app also founded Image WORX Creative, a state of the art graphics design and printing firm in Goldsboro, NC.

Yes, You Can Take Great Photos With an iPad, Especially With the olloclip


At CE Week, olloclip, the makers of the original clip-on set of camera lenses for the iPhone, showed off a version for the iPad Air and iPad mini. While some frown upon taking photos with a tablet, olloclip has embraced the phenomenon, even creating a funny and useful pamphlet on the subject entitled "iPad Photography: An Etiquette Guide."

Say Goodbye to Vertical iPhone Videos Forever With Horizon


One thing great thing about the iPhone and other iDevices is the ever-improving video recording feature. More and more, smaller design teams and other individual artists are shooting video with iPhones. Of course, shooting on an iPhone or iPad does mean having to shell out extra for accessories to help stabilize your device while shooting. Having witnessed a couple of iPad video shoots myself, I know it can be a process just getting accessory pieces on for a smooth one-take shot. The Horizon app ($1.99) may be a solution to all of that hassle. 

Get the Party Started, Support the PartySnapper Indiegogo Campaign

Puchheim, Germany – June 24, 2014 – “Much app, very party, wow!” These are just some of the comments Doge made when he heard about Boinx Software’s (http://boinx.com) latest endeavor: an Indiegogo campaign to launch PartySnapper (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/partysnapper-much-app-very-party-wow). A social photo wall on steroids, PartySnapper is (or will be, with the help of generous backers) an iOS app that will truly wow party-goers around the world. To make PartySnapper a reality, Boinx has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000.

Hot Pic Finder pro : Discover selfie, Make Collage, Gift on facebook

Hot Pic Finder pro : Discover selfie, Make Collage, Gift on facebook

Greetings from Nishansh IT Solutions,

We are going to launch our first product : Hot Pic Finder pro (an iOS app). The Lite version for the same is already out with basic features.

Worldwide Launch date : 12th June 2014.
Already launched in Countries : Switzerland and UK.
Price : (FREE for 1st week) $4.99

Here is the link to App store : http://goo.gl/CaeoiM
Here is the link to our Website : http://www.nishansh.com/

About iOS App :

Watermark Video Square will protect your photo and video from repost scammer.

Watermark Video Square will protect your photo and video from repost scammer.

How to protect your video with text watermark, copyright and trademark.

We are now in internet and digital era, which everyone are a member of social networks. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. Everyday, We are post at least 1 photo or or video more to these social network. The problem is how can you be sure that your photo and video won’t stole by other(s)? It is possible that your video will be repost and repost. So, Today we have a solution to avoid scammer repost! Let’s protect your video with your own text watermark with WatermarkVideoSquare™.

Tip of the Day: How & When to Use Your iPhone Camera's HDR Setting



HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it works by capturing three different exposures of the same image and then combining them into a single image. This can be really helpful when your subject includes a large range of lights and darks and you want the details in the darker parts of the photo to be visible without overexposing the lighter sections.

Travel Photography: Camera vs. iPhone


If you want to take really good pictures with your iPhone or iPad you need to enhance your devices, or perhaps just not use them at all. I'll come back to that last bit later.

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