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Quick Look" mGifts List Manager


I was looking for an app for my iPad so I could manage gifts, such as for Christmas. I used to have one for my iPod Touch which was free, but was only basic and only did a few things. I found an app called "mGifts List Manager" that I purchased last week that I wanted to share with you. There are probably others out there that may have more features but I thought this was perfect for me. There is a full feature listing in the itunes page that you can check out at your convenience. There was an update yesterday that made this a universal app. Below are only a few screenshots.

Best Apps for Displaying Photos

The default Photos application on the iPad does a wonderful job of displaying images on Apple's mobile devices, but it lacks some needed features. Fortunately, there are third party apps that fill in the gaps. Let's examine the best photo album applications available in the App Store.

Stash Pro

$3.99, app2.me/2566 (iPad only)


Video Production Apps

Top 5 apps to keep your project on track and looking great

Video production is a labor intensive activity, and extensive planning is required to get things right. Managing dates, shots, and equipment is just the beginning. This article reviews some iPhone apps that will aid you in every step of your production and help keep your project on track and looking great.

Save the Cat!

$19.99, app2.me/2593



10 Best iPhone Photo Apps

These photo apps are among the best available—all worthy additions to an iPhone photographer's toolbox

In the world of cell phone photography, the iPhone is unique because of the thousands of photo apps available for it. Not only can you take pictures on your iPhone, with the help of these apps, you can crop them, adjust contrast, fix colors, add cool effects, and much more—and when you're finished you can share them online or by e-mail.


Best Apps: Photography

photographyPhotography apps add a long list of needed features to your iPhone's camera, including visual effects, digital zoom, and photo editing. Many of these apps also make it easy to share your images with your friends through either e-mail, MMS, or by posting them directly to social networks, image hosting sites, and even your own blog. There are even apps that will help you improve your photography skills. It's likely that no one app has all the features you need, so make sure you have a good idea of what you want to do with your camera before you start paying for apps. Best of the Best


XMarks bookmarks - get your bookmarks from anywhere


One thing I want wherever I am, is my bookmarks. I must have a couple of hundred bookmarks categorized and sorted on my desktop. Xmarks - www.xmarks.com is my savior. With it, I can access all my bookmarks from my PC computer at work and my iMac at home ...... And now on my iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Download it for free on any computer, and you can sync bookmarks across all platforms. All you need to do is click on your bookmarks tab and, bingo...there all are.

Download the XMarks app to your iOS devices, click on it and you have them on all there too.

You Gotta See This



Have you ever take a photo of something like the Grand Canyon but found that your picture just could not portray the magnificence of the scene? With You Gotta See This, you can portray the scene a little bit better.

Stop taking pictures and start taking works of art with CanvasPop!


If Yogi Berra were to assess today's use of cameras he might say: "Nobody takes photographs anymore... they're too busy taking pictures."  If you're like me, you have thousands of digital pictures stored on hard drives and online galleries but only print a tiny fraction of them.  Once in a while we'll find "a keeper" and enlarge it to 11"x14" and frame it, but by and large, photos stay on the computer and maybe a digital photo frame.

App Review - ColorSplash


First there was B&W and then COLOR came along. Now you can have the best of both worlds.    

A square deal on warranty coverage because 'Stuff Breaks.'


Stuff Breaks.  So says SquareTrade, the folks who offer an extended warranty for your iPhone and iPad, among other devices.  It's true, and perhaps even more so with the abundance of glass on the iPhone 4.  I have always kept my iPhone in a case, because, frankly, I'm clumsy and prone to dropping it.  However, the new iPhone 4 is so slim and elegant that you might want to keep it unveiled. Case or no case, you should check out the SquareTrade offer.  For $99 you get two years of coverage (or you can be billed $5.99/month).  That represents a 20% limited time offer.  You can transfer or cancel at any time and get a prorated rebate.

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