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InWeby The First and The Only Full-featured Website Builder for iPad

The Innovation Systems LLC announces the release of inWeby, the first and the only full-featured website builder. The app enables users to quickly and easily create a blog, site and even a web store on their iPad. Flexible design options, visits counter, integration with social networks and PayPal - these are just a few features of inWeby.

The app is a great choice for users with zero experience in web development. The intuitive site constructor enables users to create, edit and browse the structure of the site. Any events on
the site can be easily posted to a social profile, group or community.

Integration with major social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, will help keep the target audience posted about discounts, sales and new arrivals.

Altego Launches New Bags into Space

Altego Launches New Bags into Space

Altego announces the launch of its newest line of laptop bags for summer 2013 by partnering with the Texas A&M High Altitude Balloon Club in an effort to send the new Sunfire Series backpack and messenger bag into near space. Video cameras recorded the entire trip as the Sunfire Series backpack and messenger ascended to over 96,000 feet and returned safely to Earth.

iPad mini Winner Announcement —Thank You for Participating in our Satisfaction Survey!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our satisfaction survey, and congratulations to Tim (undisclosed last name) for winning the iPad mini! The response was fantastic, and it was so rewarding to get everyone's feedback on our magazine and website. You are the best customers in the world, and the survey proved it. While we still have a lot of information to go through, we wanted to share a few tidbits with everyone, just for fun.

iOS 7 to Expand Social Networks with Flickr & Vimeo Integration


The popularity of social networking sites and smart mobile devices are growing side by side, and 91 percent of mobile Internet usage now involves social media activities. Apple knows the importance of social media and has made it extremely easy for users to access and share to Facebook and Twitter directly from their iPhones, iPads, or iPods. With iOS 6, users can manage their social media accounts right from the settings menu.

Apple is keenly aware of the social sharing habits of its users, and with iOS 7, Vimeo and Flickr will get special treatment generally reserved for Facebook and Twitter. Twitter was the first to find a place in the heart of Apple's operating system—integrated with iOS 5—whereas Facebook had to wait for iOS 6. Mainly for users with Chinese settings, Apple also has integrated Sina Weibo. These features are immensely popular with Apple mobile users and the rumors that Apple may integrate other social media websites in future seem plausible.

Infinite Peripherals Introduces Linea Pro 5® Mobile POS Device

Infinite Peripherals Introduces Linea Pro 5® Mobile POS Device


Infinite Peripherals Introduces Linea Pro 5® Mobile POS Device

Apple® Lightning-compatible device for iPhone® 5, iPod® touch 5th generation and just-released 16GB iPod touch 5th generation delivers improved in-store retail customer experience


Stellar New Apps: The Loop, The Official Doors App, and Running With Friends


New apps are arriving in the App Store at such a rapid pace it can be a real challenge to find the stellar entries. This week we'll take a look at a handful of newly released, noteworthy apps worthy of special mention.

1. The Loop (Free)


This new subscription-based magazine is the brainchild of longtime Apple journalist and reporter Jim Dalrymple. He will publish The Loop magazine twice a month, and it will cost $1.99 per month. The Loop magazine app is not just a spin-off of the Loop’s website online. This stand-alone app will feature articles written by some of the great authors in the field of Apple journalism, with all if the articles being written exclusively for the magazine.

While Dalrymple doesn't officially work for Apple, it's safe to say he has his finger on the pulse of the company. 

New and Updated Apps — Pulse, Album Share, Blitz Brigade


1. Pulse (Free)


My favorite news aggregate app just received a welcomed update this week. The new version of Pulse makes sharing articles even easier and simpler.

In the previous versions of the Pulse app, you could share with Facebook and Twitter as well as via email, one at a time. Now, however, after LinkedIn's recent purchase of Pulse, you have the added ability to share articles via LinkedIn, or with all three social networks with just a couple of taps. In addition to adding the sharing feature, the new update also allows for sharing via SMS. Now sharing via Pulse couldn't be easier or more comprehensive.

Apple Making Big Mistakes — How Will it Affect iPhone App Developers?


Apple has gone through a number of ups and downs during the last three decades. The company has invented the most inspiring products, and it has launched quite a few products doomed to fail right from the start. But the success of the iPhone and iPad catapulted Apple to number one in the tech market. Steve Jobs' unique style of leadership and showmanship was the foundation on which the edifice of Apple's success rested.

But after Jobs' left the company, signs of decay began to appear: this is not to say Apple is not creating good products. The company is easily the best when it comes to creating premium smartphones and tablets. 

Apps for Kids: How Can Indie Developers Make Money?


Kids love Apple. They embrace the iPad and dote on the iPhone. The intuitive design of iOS devices enables kids to simply pick up a device and start playing with it. The popularity of iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones and tablets has had a huge impact on how kids learn and how they interact with the world.

The App Store offers thousands of educational apps and games. Families and moms are conceptualizing apps for their kids and the Federal Trade Commission is formulating privacy laws for apps targeting children. Writers now have an audience for articles that give guidelines of mobile use for kids and help conquer the problem of kids making unauthorized in-app purchases.

New Version of Yahoo iPhone App Offers Summly News Summaries


New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who had previously been a key player at Google, sees mobile devices as central to re-energizing her moribund company. And the new version of the Yahoo app is definitely a positive sign of good things to come. Just released today, the new version lets you quickly scan your favorite news topics, while training it to find those items of greatest interest. If this sounds familiar, it may be because these features characterized the very popular Summly app, which Yahoo purchased less than a month ago. The company has now integrated the features of Summly into Yahoo.

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