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#1 Flipboard

(Free, app2.me/3473) 

FlipboardIt's your own beautifully personalized magazine with content from your 
Facebook and Twitter feeds, along with a slew of news sources and categories to choose from. A definite must-have.

2. Instapaper

($4.99, app2.me/117) 


WSJ Live for iPad -- free app give you access to live news videos worldwide


If you need a news fix, check out the new app released last week by The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones. WSJ Live (free) gives you access to live news and on-demand video from 2,000 reporters around the world. You get access to the entire video archive of The Wall Street Journal as well as news programming in a range of categories: U.S., World, Business, Markets, Opinion, Technology, Life & Culture, and Personal Finance.

PodPlayer Review


The apps that Apple bundles on their iOS devices are slick, polished and almost perfect. But for those power users who need just a bit more tweaking to attain an even higher level of perfection, they have to turn to Apple's App Store to seek out programs that scratch that particular itch.

Editions by AOL -- another gorgeous and free Flipboard-like app for reading news


In the mold of the wildly popular Flipboard and Zite, Editions by AOL is a new free app that lets you create a personalized magazine on your iPad that's tailored to your interest. You can select from 16 different sections, ranging from Top News, Tech, and Business, to Entertainment, Music, and Sports. You can select the order, and you can add additional news sources. Editions also offers local news and weather, and it can sync with iCal and Facebook to create a personalized calendar for you.

Zite Personalized Magazine - My Favorite iPad App



I was lucky enough to get an iPad 2 at launch. One of the first apps I installed on my new iPad 2 was Zite. Zite is a news reader that helps you discover news that fits your interests. Having lived with this app for several months now, it seemed like a good choice for my first review.


Singapore Army equips recruits with 8,000 iPads


The Singapore Army has announced plans yesterday to purchase 8,000 iPads for new recruits into the army.

Pulse Review - Feeds at your fingertips!


I like Flipboard, but recently have started using Pulse, and in this review, compare it to the other great news and RSS aggregator/reader for iPad. Each is excellent in it's own way, though I must admit, the side-scrolling rows that Pulse collects your feeds into are perfect for quickly scanning through content. However, I like the large splashy news displays on Flipboard and the magazine-like page turning...ahhh, 2 awesome readers, so what's a geek to do..?! Use both...


Dock'n'Drive - Dension car dock for iPhone

Dock'n'Drive - Dension car dock for iPhone

Dension car dock for iPhone

In May 2011 Dension Audio Systems introduces a new and innovative product called Dension car dock for iPhone.


Dension car dock for iPhone is a custom designed cradle combined with an app. Both innovative products were developed to optimise the in-car use of iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G and enable the user to make the most of their iPhone on the move.
Dension car dock for iPhone is not only a windscreen mount or a dash mount but an easy-to-use car audio interface that offers a universal in car entertainment solution.

T.i.A.| #1 iPhone and iPad news source app

T.i.A.| #1 iPhone and iPad news source app

Eldar Murtazin, the editor-in-chief of Russian mobile phone blog Mobile-Review today tweeted that iOS 5 will not be compatible with the iPhone 3GS, limiting the new operating system to the iPhone 4 and the next released model. Just one comment. Apple iPhone 3Gs wont be upgradable to iOS 5.x. iPhone 4 will. It is unclear where Murtazin obtained the information, but he has a very solid reputation on the mobile phone rumor mill. iOS 4 was released last June and was compatible with the iPhone 3G,3GS and the iPhone 4, although all models were not compatible with all of the features. Apple finally discontinued support for the iPhone 3G with the release of iOS 4.3, leaving that device at a maximum operating system version of iOS 4.2.1 pretty much making it obsolete.

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