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PIM -- free app helps you find places to park


Not much need for this here in rural Iowa. But if I lived in one of the hundreds of U.S., Canadian, and European cities covered by this app, I'd definitely give it a try. PIM (free) lets you find, reserve, and pay for a parking space via your iPhone. It has information on over 16,000 parking facilities, including rates, hours of operation, entry points, and facility type. It even helps you navigate to the facility.

Localscope iPhone App Review – A Perfect Combo of Search, Social Networking and Navigation


I do like GPS navigation apps basically as most I have tried gives a better navigation experience so far.  I just did my hands on an app Localscope from Cynapse which does the same, but with a different execution.

GoGo Navigator (US & Canada) Gets You Where You're Going for Cheaper


Not too long ago, Apple started building iOS-powered devices with GPS capability in them. Immediately I knew that a menagerie of navigation apps would soon be flooding to the App Store, much like mindless pre-teen girls with a taste for wretched music flock to a Justin Bieber concert. Some of these apps are great, and some provide as much fun as using a cactus as a toothbrush. When I was asked to review GoGo Navigator, I admit I was a little skeptical - could it really match my beloved TomTom app for such a reasonable price? Much to my surprise, GoGo Navigator is a brilliant GPS app that does a terrific job for a fraction of the entry fee.

GPSNotifier for iPhone 4 -- sounds an alarm when you're in a specified area


This is a cool new idea. GPSNotifier for iPhone 4 ($1.99) sounds an alarm when you're in a specified location. It's an alarm based not on time but on where you are. Want to remember to pick up a specific item next time you're near a Walmart store? Set an alarm. Although a great concept, one limitation of the app is its granularity: it's limited by the number of cell phone towers in your area, such that you might only be able to specify that you're within one mile or more of the location you have in mind. Still, it could be quite useful.

Where to Eat -- $3 app is indispensable for finding nearby restaurants that suit your taste


I tend to eat a vegetarian diet, and one of the really hard things about traveling is finding good vegetarian food. The $3 app Where to Eat, for both iPhone and iPad, has been indispensable. The app lets you select from 45 different cuisines and 30 different food types, including vegan and vegetarian. When I'm traveling, I simply select one of those two categories, and then the app shows a list of nearby restaurants, the distance, and their location on a map. I can quickly get directions, as well as other information such as the phone number.

Best Apps: Navigation

navigationUsing location information from your iPhone's built-in GPS, Navigation apps can tell you where things, people, and places are located and how to best get to them. These apps help you find your way, whether you're traveling across town or around the country. There are apps that help hikers and mountain bikers retrace past trips or follow in other's footsteps. You'll even find apps that will let you mark your parking spot at the Mall and help you find your car at the end of the day.


How far are you walking? Find out with DistCalc



This is a nifty app, especially for those of you who like to walk or hike trails. With DistCalc, you tap out a path, while the app measures the distance. (You can measure in miles, kilometers, yards, or meters.)

Navigon is 1 Year Old and You Get the Present


Navigon AG, the company behind the highly rated iPhone GPS navigation app, NAVIGON MobileNavigator, announced that it would be reducing prices of its different versions by 50% in honor of its 1st birthday.  This represents a significant savings over the regular price. However, these prices are good only until August 15th They also announced the addition of a new version which covers just the United States.

Mix: GPS Stuff


I had entered an online giveaway recently and was fortunate to win a full version of CoPilot Live, North America, along with one years’ worth of Premium Live services. I was pretty excited, but then realized that it will only have limited functionality on my iPod Touch. This gives me an excuse to get a car kit for it though. Since I already own a dedicated car GPS unit, I decided that I would keep my eye out for some super excellent deal that I could not refuse or for a used unit. I am not in a hurry to spend a load of dough yet.

The next step in augmented reality is here -- image-based recognition


Macworld has an article about a new offering from Metaio that excites me: image-basd augmented reality. The whole idea of augmented reality is so cool: point your phone's camera at something, and when you view the live image on your iPhone you'll see related information or content superimposed on that image. Think of how useful this would be to tourists: you point your phone at the Eiffel Tower, and your phone superimposes information about it. Augmented reality has already been available, but it was GPS-based.

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