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CoPilot Live Premium USA iPhone App Review



Everyone is looking for the best GPS app and CoPilot Live may have just taken that title.  It’s a very user-friendly app that not only has audio capabilities, but also provides additional features to make the experience safer.  It really does become your copilot without having to look at your phone or GPS while driving. 

Speed Tracker 2.0 - Everything you need and even more in just One Application

Speed Tracker 2.0 - Everything you need and even more in just One Application

AppAnnex LLC has announced an update version of Speed Tracker. GPS Speedometer and Trip Computer.

Speed Tracker did a great job by combining GPS speedometer, Trip Log and Trip computer in one unique application. No more need for endless list of applications on your iPhone and iPad. Just take Speed Tracker app with you and automatically record your location, speed, time, distance and many many more.

You can not only control your speed and time of traveling, but also check your current position on the map by using built-in GPS navigator.

The Best Gear: Car Accessories

Chargers, GPS kits and car mounts. The best for a smooth ride.

Car Chargers

Scosche reVIVE II

5 Stars

($24.99, scosche.com)

Scosche reVIVE IIScosche is known for its quality, and the reVIVE II USB charger is no exception. It will accommodate an iPad and one other device.


Geotagging photos on your iOS device or desktop computer


As has been mentioned some weeks ago, it's pretty easy to record GPS information and, later, incorporate it into photos taken on a non-GPS-enabled camera.

Unfortunately, the current camera lineup doesn't really please people that would like to geotag their shots. Neither the, because of the high price-value ratio or high image quality (IQ), most popular point-and-shoot (P&S) or DSLR (including mirrorless [aka EVIL] or some lower-end [Sony] SLT) cameras have built-in GPS modules.

Some examples of the current, most popular cameras lacking any GPS support:

P&S-style "luxury" fixed-lens camera

Best Navigation Apps

Best of the Best

#1 MotionX GPS Drive

($.99, app2.me/249; iPad version: 


MotionX GPSFeatures such as live search, door-to-door navigation tools, and frequently updated maps make this GPS app a fantastic buy. Live voice navigation will cost you an extra $19.99 a year.

2. GPS by Telenav

(Free, app2.me/4035) 


Explore Ancient Symbols in a brand new way with Mystic Compass

Explore Ancient Symbols in a brand new way with Mystic Compass

Royal Palm Beach, Florida – Introducing a fun new way to use your compass! Let Mystic Compass be your navigation Guru: Navigate your life as you navigate the streets, forests and countryside, guided by Ancient Mystical Symbols, such as a Mayan Tzolkin Calendar, the Egyptain Zodiac, a Feng Shui Compass, or the Celestial Calendar. 20 different compasses and symbols in all.

You can now experience these ancient mystical symbols in an entirely new way: Prepare to be truly amazed at the patterns and animations you can unlock when you spin them at various speeds… Were the Mayans right about 2012? Can the power of the Tarot or the Zodiac help you find your path? Could you use a little Feng Shui? Seek your answers here.

GPS Navigation App for Free


I just discovered a free GPS app for my iPhone called Waze. Free is usually an indicator of a light version of a full app. Not here. I have played around with and paid for some full featured navigation apps and have not been terribly impressed. I actually just drove from NYC with my brother, to Greensboro NC. We had two iPad, two iPhones and a built in GPS in my brothers vehicle. It was a Mo, Larry, Curly moment. We stopped multiple times by the side of the road to determine why all the devices were giving us different info, and actually got lost once. I am just glad my wife wasn't in the car or I would still be hearing about it. Anyway, I digress.

AnchorApp, helps you track your boat's position during berth

AnchorApp, helps you track your boat's position during berth

Spend the day offshore, anchored somewhere, dividing your time between dives, sunbathing and books... Maybe even spend the night off the coast. What could possibly go wrong? Easy answer: that the boat drags her anchor...

ChronGlobal Tidal Chronoscope for iPhone/iPad – Star of Navigation Category

ChronGlobal Tidal Chronoscope for iPhone/iPad – Star of Navigation Category


ChronGlobal Tidal Chronoscope for iPhone – Star of Navigation Category



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ChronGlobal Corp. recently released ChronGlobal Tidal Chronoscope 1.01 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The newly launched application, which offers tidal conditions and forecasting, along with lunar and solar positions in a Swiss watch display, has shot to the Number One position in the App Store’s Navigation category in less than one week’s time. The fledgling app already has the highest consumer rating of all Tide Apps, thanks to its luxurious looks and accurate, flexible features.



Mobile Guide Tema Kyiv

Mobile Guide Tema Kyiv

Tema-Kiev has introduced Mobile Guide 1.1, the most comprehensive virtual directory of Kyiv in your pocket for iOS devices. The Ukrainian market for iPhone applications is starting to develop! Development of course is not much, but some of them are forced to admire his idea and its implementation. Bright representative of this idea is Mobile Guide Tema Kyiv This is a professional reference program with current information in Russian and English languages, the town of Kyiv for the iPhone.

Just a few taps on the screen allows you to find:
* State agencies
* Commercial structures
* Restaurants
* Hotels
* Cinema
* Stores
* Bars
* Clubs
* Pharmacies
* Taxi
* Banks
* ATMs

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