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Report: Google Maps app nearly ready to submit to Apple


Apple's own Maps app, which in iOS 6 replaced Google's Maps app, has received a lot of complaints. Even though it offers turn-by-turn directions, which Google's offering lacked, it has been criticized as being flawed and not as accurate as Google's offering, as well as lacking the popular Street View feature. Soon after Google's Maps app was booted off iOS devices by Apple, rumors began that Google was developing a Maps app for iOS devices and would submit it to Apple for approval. Then came rumors that Apple, due to its battles with Google, wouldn't approve the app.

Free maps app coming from Nokia


Navigation has become a crucial component of today's smartphones and tablets, and companies are vying to offer the best solution. Nokia has reportedly spent billions on a mapping solution, called HERE, and yesterday they announced they have a FREE app coming for iOS devices in the next few weeks. You can read their full press release on MacDailyNews. It sounds great: offline maps, voice-guided walking navigation, and public transit directions.

iPhone Maps App Update

It's all good in my world. Since Apple kicked Google Maps to the curb, they have been dodging arrows from critics because it's not perfect. I am not about to apologize or justify for Apple, only check in about my real life testing here in rural Vermont.

Wherever you go, you can trust CoPilot to be your personal and reliable navigator.


CoPilot’s raises the bar for iOS turn-by-turn directional apps as ALK Technologies brings a stellar line up of GPS navigation software to iOS.



The CoPilot suite of GPS navigational driving apps has a whole lot to offer anyone looking for an excellent and feature-rich GPS navigation alternative for your iDevice.

Why the new Maps app is better than the old one


The Maps app in iOS 6 has taken a lot of heat, and the narrative has become that it's a huge blunder that would never have happened had Steve Jobs been around. Yet some of the latest, in-depth reviews are pointing to specific ways in which the new Maps app is superior to the iOS 5 version. Also, MacRumors is reporting that users are already seeing improvements in the app, such as a fixed Flyover image of the Statue of Liberty.

Apple CEO Tim Cook apologizes for Maps app, recommends alternatives


Usage of Apple's new Maps app is way down, as users switch to alternatives out of frustration with the problems they're having with it. Earlier today Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized in an open letter: "At Apple, we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With the launch of our new Maps last week, we fell short on this commitment.

Free iPhone 5/iOS 6 user guide ebook from Apple; Alternate maps app


In my experience, ebook guides to iOS can be very helpful, such as the one I bought that covers all aspects of iCloud. And now for the lucky owners of the new iPhone 5, Apple has released the free ebook iPhone User Guide for iOS 6. You can download it from the iBook Store or via iTunes. You can also access this book in your browser as a pdf file.

Life in the nüüd. Lifeproof introduces the first heavy-duty, waterproof iPad case.




After months of anticipation and rumored development, Lifeproof, (arguably one of the best protective case manufacturers for iDevices) has produced, and now released, their version of the award-winning Lifeproof case, for the iPad 2 and 3rd generation models.


Called the “nüüd”, this new, completely submersible iPad case is a revolution of design and functionality. This cleverly designed case provides a high level of defense for our precious iPads, unlike anything else on the market.

What's Next? You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet... [on the evolution of Apple]



With all the chatter in the blogosphere, about new products soon to be released, and patent battles being fought on all fronts in the courts of law, I think it's important to keep in mind the old expression: "You ain't seen nuthin' yet!" Truly, hasn't this week been a great example of that.
With the court cases bringing out details Apple would just as likely have preferred to keep private, we have been granted a rare insight into the evolution of products in the Apple iDevice chain, as well as having been given glimpses into what Apple had in mind, in prototype form, two years ago.
That said, can you imagine what Cupertino has in store for us in say, 5 years? That's not that long. Think about it. Within 5 years, devices and functions that are now, only in prototype/patent form, may very well be seeing the light of day. It's not for nothing that Johny Ive says that the products Apple is working on now, are some of the best, most exciting products Apple has ever invented!

iOS 6 Maps app superior to Google maps; will also be used in third-party apps


I'm really looking forward to iOS, and one big reason is Apple's new Maps app. Until now, the built-in app has tapped into Google's mapping service for all of its data. But Apple is showing Google the door, and is replacing the current app with a superior solution. AppleInsider has posted two detailed articles that tell you everything you need to know. The first article explains Apple's shift to its own mapping technology, and how that will impact Google.

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