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Give IK Multimedia Gear to Your Musicians This Holiday Season!


Several of us blogger musician types have raved about IK Multimedia gear over the years, and with good reason (see Mike Riley's recent reviews here.) Early this year at CES, I was able to get an up close and personal preview of the latest music creation gadgets, but only recently was able to check out the production versions of IK's iRig Pro and Blueboard. If you are wondering what in the world to get your favorite musician this holiday (with a Mac, iPad, or iPhone), look no further. You can check out the rocking guitar demo above for a taste!

Google Play Music Comes to iPhone


You already have a ton of options when it comes to cloud-based music, including iTunes Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, Amazon Cloud Player, and more. Yet you might want to consider Google Play Music, since it offers a combination of features not otherwise available. As you know, services like Pandora and iTunes Radio let you listen to songs similar to what you like, but you're unable to request specific songs. And subscription services such as Spotify and Rdio let you request a particular song and typically charge a monthly fee of around $10, but they don't store your personal collection in the cloud. Then there are services like iTunes Match and Amazon Cloud Player that let you upload your collection to the cloud and stream music that you already own. Google Play Music combines the ability to request specific songs (like Spotify and Rdio) with the ability to upload your music collection (like iTunes Match and Amazon Cloud Player).

StompBox Free Multi FX Music App for iPad Released

StompBox Free Multi FX Music App for iPad Released

StompBox Free is the latest iPad music application from 4PocketsAudio, the creators of Meteor Multi-Track recorder and StompBox guitar effects rack, which featured in Apple’s iPad 2 TV commercial in January 2012.

StompBox Free turns your iPad into a flexible Multi FX Processor which comes with 3 free effects; Delay, Reverb, Chorus and a further 16 Effects to choose from in the Online store.

StompBox Free supports AudioBus and Apple’s Inter-App Audio making it an excellent general purpose audio processing tool for all musicians, not just guitarists.

With StompBox you get the best of both worlds, a rack of professional sounding stereo effects (with far more control than simple foot pedals) and a foot controller to access a tuner and all your patches.


iPhone Life Bloggers' Choice Awards: Best Apps of 2013


We know you've come to rely on the bloggers at iPhoneLife.com for helpful reviews of all the best offerings in the App Store. With over 1 million apps for your iPhone and over 475,000 apps for your iPad, deciding which apps to download can be overwhelming. That's why we asked all of our bloggers to vote for their favorite apps released or updated in 2013. Here are their top three in seven categories!

Voice Box Couture the free fashion iOS App

Voice Box Couture the free fashion iOS App

Voice Box Couture (VBC) is the App for all Fashion, Music and Celeb lovers worldwide. VBC was put together by Model, Singer, TV presenter and Fashion Designer Monique Lenore an up and coming superstar for Brooklyn, New York.

With VBC the App you can browse all of Monique's clothing range (for both Men and Women) or even shop and buy from within the App. Below is a list of App features that demonstrate how VBC is a must for all celebrity fans worldwide.

App Features
* An iOS celebrity game with scoreboard to challenge your fans and see who knows their A list superstars.

* Loads of top beauty tips

* A Fashion Design Quiz to separate the wannabes from the hardcore Fashion fans

Join the Korus and Enjoy Music Throughout Your Home


Bluetooth held great promise when it first appeared on the scene, but its Achilles Heel has always been long distance. Beyond ten meters, and certainly around 30 meters, the sound can be unreliable. If you're an audiophile, you wouldn't build a whole-house audio solution around Bluetooth. Even AirPlay locks you in to Apple devices and supported apps.

Wicked Audio's Evacs: Stunning Sound in a Surprisingly Affordable Package.


If you are looking for a great deal on a quality pair of high performance, bass-pumping on-ear headphones, look no further than Wicked Audio’s Evac available at Amazon for as low as $20.00. These headphones are extremely affordable and deliver surprisingly clear and crisp sound. In fact for the price, the Evacs are hard to beat!

TronicalTune Wins Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Award

TronicalTune Wins Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Award

Tronical’s TronicalTune Named One of the Top 100 Technical Innovations of the Year by Popular Science Magazine

HAMBURG, GERMANY – November 13, 2013 – Tronical, the manufacturer of the cybertronic guitar tuner TronicalTune, was honored with the Annual Popular Science Magazine’s Best of What’s New award. TronicalTune’s ability to tune a guitar within seconds with the push of a button and a strum of the strings has gained recognition in the recreation category.

Check out TronicalTune in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfQgqjFJc74

Want Cover Flow for your iPad for less than $1

Want Cover Flow for your iPad for less than $1

Reflection Music & Radio Player brings a feature packed music & Radio Player to the iPad with Fast and Fluid Cover Flow for browsing your albums for less than $1.00!

Reflection offers 3 Modes: Music Mode (Offline), Music Match (Online) and Radio (Online).


The Large and Uncluttered Screen can be brought to life with the Visualizations, there are 11 to choose from simply select to Random them.

The Ten Band Graphic Equalizer enables you to set up your sounds exactly as you want or you could use one of the presets such as Rock and Pop. You can also display the Graphic Equalizer Visualizations on screen at the touch of a button

Eton's rukus XL Solar Stereo and BoostSolar Charger


Eton has a great lineup of solar products available to charge and work with your iDevices. Two that I have had the pleasure of using are the rukus XL and BoostSolar charger. 

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