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Sonos Offers Rare Gift Card Promotion This Holiday Season


We have reviewed several Sonos wireless speakers and audio accessories at iPhone Life, and in this reviewer's opinion, there are few products that compare. The speakers sound astonishingly great, with solid wireless performance, and their streaming app and service library keeps getting richer and more refined. They don't often do sales or special offers, but the word on the street is they are offering gift cards and store promotions at select retailers for the Play family line. 

First Official New Beats Gear Under Apple Released


It's unlikely that Apple had much role in designing the new Beats headphones that were released today, given the product design lifecycle, but they are the first Beats products announced since Apple acquired the firm for $3 billion this summer. The Solo2 Wireless headphones operate via Bluetooth and offer 12 hours of battery life. A RemoteTalk cable can be used to turn the wireless headphones into wired ones, complete with an inline microphone. This is useful if the battery dies runs out, or for Airplane Mode use.

Rowl Wants You to Live More Socially, Launches Ultimate Discovery Service to Connect People to the Coolest Events

Rowl Wants You to Live More Socially, Launches Ultimate Discovery Service to Connect People to the Coolest Events

Rowl (http://Rowl.com/), the new way to discover what's happening across a variety of categories including music, sports, comedy, and nearby hangouts, has announced the official launch of its new mobile service. The free iOS app allows users to create their own events and hangouts with their friends as well as follow their favorite artists and celebrities to see when they will be making appearances nearby. Rowl is helping users discover where the action is and what their friends are up to. Never miss an event again!

New SingTrue iPhone app teaches even the "tone deaf" to sing in tune

New SingTrue iPhone app teaches even the
London, England, 21st October 2014. A new iPhone app called SingTrue™ released today promises to teach anybody to sing in tune accurately and reliably - even if they think they are "tone deaf". The app has been developed by London-based music education technology company Easy Ear Training, following their successful Tone Deaf Test project which showed that just 2% of people are truly tone deaf. With the new SingTrue app the company hopes to reach the other 98%, show them that they are musical after all, and help them discover their voice to become a confident singer.
Over 40,000 people have taken the Tone Deaf Test (http://tonedeaftest.com) on the web or with the free iOS app.

SoundHound and TouchTunes - Convergence of Online and On-Premises Music Services


If you like and use the SoundHound music app (free), which can guess melodies like a musical savant, then you might want to add TouchTunes (free). SoundHound recently announced a team up with TouchTunes: an in-venue entertainment and music platform that provides service at over 60,000 locations. With SoundHound and TouchTunes together, you can now get your online music choices queued up when visiting any TouchTunes supported location!

From the Originator of Beats by Dre, Come the Monster Inspiration Headphones


Monster headphones have been in the business of making premium audio accessories for over three decades now, and they have built up quite a reputation by developing high-end audio gear. Over the years I've heard a great deal about the amazing quality of  the audio gear made by Monster, the company served as the launch pad for Apple-owned Beats by Dre. So when I had to opportunity to try a pair of the Monster Inspiration Lite on-ear headphones ($269.95), I was excited to see how these headphones from the company that helped shape the future of Beats would perform.

iMusee+ for iOS completely redesigned for the US market, now available on the App Store

iMusee+ for iOS completely redesigned for the US market, now available on the App Store

An app that combines human-curated playlists and music videos for an engaging mobile listening experience.

We all listen to music in our daily lives, whether it's on a long commute to work, during a study session at the library, or while getting ready for a night out on the town. iMusee+ provides melophiles with the joy of listening to music and watching music videos, anywhere they are.


New Beautiful and Simple Radio App Released

New Beautiful and Simple Radio App Released

The 'Radio X’ plays internet radio stations powered by ShoutCast™ Radio.

There are over 50,000 radio stations ,you can find your desired station by location, genre, name or description.

The best part… it is FREE!

“Radio X” is designed and optimized for iOS 7.It’s simple, clean, and stable.

Pop, Rock, Ballads, R&B, Sports, News, ... everything! ... In a good collection of radio stations in one application.



- Over 12 colorful themes available

- Over 50,000 international radio stations

- Browsing radio stations by genres or search directly

- Browsing top 500 radio stations

- Fetching random radio stations

Bell'o Digital Offers Beautiful Headphones with Great Sound


Seeing is believing, but when it comes to headphones, hearing and comfort are more important than good looks. Fortunately, I've discovered a set of headphones that looks great, sounds great and is quite comfortable. And they come from Bell'o Digital, the electronic side of Bell'o, the well-known Audio Video furniture provider.

Boombot REX Brings the Boom


I love it when plans come together. The other day my kids were planning on camping in the backyard and they asked for a wireless speaker to enjoy their tunes. However, the forecast called for rain.  While my kids can handle getting a little wet, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of ruining my electronics. That same day, the Boombot REX arrived, from Boombotix.

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