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Revolutionary New Instant Rewards App, Now Available for iPad, Makes Earning Extra Cash Fun and Easy

 Revolutionary New Instant Rewards App, Now Available for iPad, Makes Earning Extra Cash Fun and Easy

BURLINGTON, N.J., March 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Flashpoint Media LLC today announced their official launch and the general availability of their Instant Rewards App for the iPad, which enables advertisers and small business owners to effectively harness the power of app usage to connect directly with consumers. The Rewards App is now compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad and is available for free at the iTunes Store.

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In the first three months of the Rewards App availability, it was downloaded by over 50,000 users, and hundreds of cash payouts have already been delivered. Additionally, tons of reviews state that it's a cool, user-friendly app that makes it easy to earn extra cash.

MacBook Air and iPad Air Priced The Same. What?


Is Apple competing with itself?

They have done it before, but this time they have really gotten my attention.

TUAW just posted an article doing a side by side comparison of the just released 11" MacBook Air and a top of the line iPad. The MacBook Air is cheaper.

Presenting iPhone Life's 2014 Earth Day Mobile Tech Award


In celebration of Earth Day 2014, we'd like to present to you the recipient of this year's iPhone Life Earth Day Mobile Tech Award. Today we are highlighting three environmentally-conscious tech brands (one winner and two runners-up) that are actively making a difference in how we live life in harmony with our home planet. Each company has made their own contributions toward making the world a “greener” place with their eco-friendly products and practices. Read on to find out who gets to take home the honors...

10 iPhone Accessories Every Nature Enthusiast Needs


Happy Earth Day everyone! I'll admit, I've got mixed feelings about the contemporary celebration day known as Earth Day, simply because I feel strongly that EVERY day should be approached with the love and respect for Mother Earth that Earth Day promotes. Nonetheless, once a year is better than nothing. We all have our own connection to this great planet and there's no shortage of cool gadgets, gear, and apps to help us get out there and enjoy all that this bountiful planet has to offer. I've put together a roundup (presented in no particular order) of some of my favorite items. This roundup features accessories that will encourage you to spend more time romping and frolicking outside, and that will support doing so with your modern-day tech in tow. The gear featured here isn't necessarily produced by any award-winning Eco-friendly companies, but they might inspire you to spend more time outdoors and perhaps develop a greater connection with this great planet and Mother Nature.

Review: the Down-to Earth Troubadour Over-Ear Headphones by LSTN


I'm a big fan of using over-ear headphones for the personal enjoyment of my iDevice media. When it comes to authentic sound reproduction, whether it's games or music, it’s hard to beat the noise-isolating comfort of a good pair of “circumaural” cans. Even more than over-ear headphones though, I am a fan of environmentally friendly products. So when a product manages to be a high quality hybrid of both over-ear hi-fi headphones and ecologically conscientious business practices you can guess that I would want to share the news with all of our readers. Without further adieu, I introduce you to the Troubadour from LSTN ($150.00).

Top 7 Adventure-Proof iPhone and iPad Cases for Summer Shenanigans


It's been a wild winter for many of us in the United States, to say the least! Now at long last the warm weather is here, and with the change of seasons (and summer vacation!), folks will be spending more time outdoors and on adventures with their tech toys in tow. Of course, it's a good idea to have a well-protected iPhone or iPad if you're bringing it along with you on you escapades, so I've rounded up some of the best rugged, heavy-duty cases to help you find the perfect protection for your valuable iDevice.

Apple Lets Siri Hit The Road With The Release Of CarPlay

Apple Lets Siri Hit The Road With The Release Of CarPlay


While automobiles have had MP3 capabilities for some time now, recently in-car technology has moved to far more advanced extremes.

With most car shoppers walking into a dealership with at least one consumer electronic on them, it is natural they would be interested in a car that offers a similar appeal.

While it appeared Google had cornered the market with Google Now, specifically reserved for Android users that outperformed Apple’s Siri, Apple has finally released CarPlay, an integration that ties Apple’s mobile operating system into automobiles.

And, as per usual, Apple has taken their service to the next level.

The Top 6 Loud and Rugged, Bluetooth Speakers for Summer Fun [Review]


Not too long ago,  if you wanted to enjoy your iPhone or iPad's audio through a speaker, you either had to utilize a connector cable or invest in a speaker with a built-in dock connector. These days Bluetooth speakers have become all the rage and the most convenient way to pair your device with an external listening source. There is a seemingly endless array of excellent quality Bluetooth speakers, however out of the multitudes of Bluetooth speakers on the market, only a limited and select few can lay claim to being rugged and heavy duty. As folks begin to gear up for warm weather adventures, I've compiled a list of some of the best, most durable and rugged Bluetooth speakers available right now. What follows are the cream of the crop of ultra-durable, shock-proof, and waterproof speakers. Read on to find the best rugged Bluetooth speakers for those who are adventurous or accident prone.

UniKey Updates Technology Powering Kevo

UniKey Updates Technology Powering Kevo


Winter Park, FL – March 28, 2014 – UniKey, the industry leader in smart access control technology, announced today that it has released updates to the firmware in the Kevo lock, enabling quicker and easier calibration, performance and speed enhancements, as well as security updates.

With more than 100,000 units shipped, Kevo powered by UniKey remains the only keyless Bluetooth residential door lock on the market. UniKey continues to make its access control solution more convenient than any other traditional lock, while also eliminating the need for keys, PINs and passwords, without compromising design or security.

Use Technology for Dog Care – Training & Health Apps

There are thousands of apps for mobile devices that are available these days. These applications focus on virtually every part of human life. It is also possible to find great apps that are specifically for your dog. Dog care helps are some of the trendy offerings by app stores. These have not only a dog training focus but a focus on health, as well. These are software products that can be used from your smart or android phone. They can also be added to your laptop or tablet for regular usage.

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