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Car Camera DVR for iPhone and iPod touch. Your reliable witness

Car Camera DVR for iPhone and iPod touch. Your reliable witness

Car Camera DVR instantly turns you iPhone or iPod touch into a full featured Car DVR recorder at a fraction of the cost of the standalone device.

 Record HD definition videos while driving with embedded data about time, location and speed. Instantly playback videos with data within the app or export recorded videos into your device gallery. 

Car camera is the only app in App Store that is capable of recording high quality HD driving videos with data overlay.

Most Versatile Flashlight App in App Store FREE for Cyber Monday

Most Versatile Flashlight App in App Store FREE for Cyber Monday

Could not wait for Christmas and got yourself brand new iPhone 5 or iPod touch 5 generation already? We have an excellent app that you will find very useful in any kind of life situation. Flashlight 4 In 1 delivers 4 great utility apps on one convenient package:


[COMMENT] Apple Store app


// begin rant

I normally don't complain much about some of the things Apple does, but something needs to be said about the pathetic state of the Apple Store app. Many of you are aware of exactly what I am talking about. Why doesn't Apple show iPad owners some Universal love?

Apple created the iPad, so you would think that Apple would have created a standalone Apple Store app for iPad. Or better yet, create a Universal Apple Store app that can be used on any iOS device. As it stands today, the Apple Store app looks horrible on my iPad's (3rd generation) Retina Display.

It's almost like Apple thinks no one does any shopping for Apple products on an iPad.

2012 Holiday Shopping Guide: Great Gifting Tips for iDevice Lovers.



Featuring 50 great gift ideas in ten categories! You are sure to find something for everyone on your holiday gift list here...


Like most everyone else, I've got the holiday season on my mind. Honestly, there's nothing I love more than a good celebration of family, friends and togetherness. It's the time of year when so many traditions come together in the spirit of love and joy to exchange both good will and gifts of gratitude and appreciation. With the holidays now in full swing, I thought it a perfect time to offer my “Top Ten” list of holiday shopping ideas for that special Apple iDevice lover in your life.   


I've streamlined this article in the hopes of making things easy for you, especially if you are doing any online shopping, as this article is rich with valuable links that will provide you with a good variety of options within each category. In fact, you may want to bookmark this page, which features 50 different items in the Top Ten gift categories.   


You can use this article as a handy reference guide over the coming weeks; your one-stop, one-click resource for iDevice holiday gifting.   


Happy Holidays everyone, and now without further adieu, an iPhone Life Top Ten: Holiday Shopping iOS Guide Guide.

EventiCal App Review


EventiCal is an interesting app from PARK LLC which can help people manage their busy social life so they never miss anything that they wanted to do again.  You can create your own events and share them with friends over Facebook (without ever leaving the app!) or add in a special event that you plan on attending.   Where the app really gets impressive is the fact that when you log in to your Facebook account with EventiCal it will go out and find all the events listed on yours and your friends Facebook accounts.  The entire app is very well made and easy to navigate making it the best way yet to use your mobile device improves your life.

SparkNET Interactive Launches Black Friday Companion for Android devices, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

SparkNET Interactive Launches Black Friday Companion for Android devices, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

SparkNET Interactive

1241 W. Main St.

De Pere, WI 54315



SparkNET Interactive Launches Black Friday Companion for Android devices, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad


Mini cases, Maximum Protection: The best rugged iPad mini cases in review [Roundup]





Welcome to my review of the top three rugged cases for the iPad mini that are available to purchase now. While there aren't a ton of heavy-duty case options out there yet for the recently unveiled iPad mini, there are a few excellent choices. This is a roundup of the top three, extreme-duty, rugged cases available for you to pick up for the new iPad mini right away, with no delay! With Black Friday and the official start of the holiday season this week, what better time!?


The iPad mini may be the new kid on the block but it’s already selling like hotcakes and I expect it to be at the top of many a holiday wish list. Every good boy and girl deserves a good protective case for their new iPad mini, especially considering how infinitely more portable the mini is than its larger sibling. Since we will be seeing more iPads out in the wild now than ever before let's take a look at some of the best of the best of heavy-duty, extra-protective cases built to keep our iPad minis safe from harm, no matter where the roads may take us.


Apps for the Zombie Apocalypse: It’s Gonna Happen. Be Prepared!



My wife thinks I just watch too much of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but I tell her we can’t be too careful.

What if this can really happen?

Who are we to say that it’s impossible, right?

So, since “always be prepared” is one of my mottos, I think it’s a good idea to get my iPhone ready for that horrible day when the zombies come to get us. Aside from my massive stores of white chocolate truffles, coffee and vodka (who needs water?), I also have a top-secret underground zombie proof bunker. Plus, I’ve got some apps loaded up on my phone.

Celebrate the High Holidays with House of Marley!


House of Marley: specializing in gear for the iLife.  


I can't talk about House of Marley without taking a moment to acknowledge the man who started it all. A man whose principles and messages of love, and “inity” continue to inspire and shape the course of countless lives in so many ways. In fact as testimony to his longevity and influence, Forbes lists Robert Nesta Marley as number 5 on the list of top-earning deceased celebrities.  

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