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Apple's Rugged-Couture Demographic




It's not surprising really, when you think about it; the fact that in the past few years, right along with the explosion in popularity of the iPhone, we have seen a corresponding boom in the popularity of hardy gear designed to keep your mobile device safe in all circumstances, extreme or mundane, and look good while doing so too. It has a lot to do with what the Apple brand represents, and with the demographic Apple targets.

IdeaBlocks today announces Dailybook (Journal/Diary) 3.0 for iOS

IdeaBlocks today announces Dailybook (Journal/Diary) 3.0 for iOS

IdeaBlocks today announces Dailybook (Journal/Diary) 3.0 for iOS, its handsome, full-featured journaling app that lets users save & share text, photos, and audio memos in a searchable book format. With flexible text formatting, diarists can choose multiple fonts, sizes, color, emoticons, indenting, and bullets, plus multiple time-stamped entries each day. Entries are searchable by tag, calendar, keyword, bookmark, or symbol, and this update optimizes backup/restore via Dropbox or iTunes File Sharing.

Feature Highlights:
* Universal - iPhone and iPad
* Backup/restore via Dropbox or iTunes file sharing
* Photos (with caption) can be viewed full screen and zoomed in
* Photos can be sized with multiple photos per page
* Record audios with subject description

iPoe Collection Receives the PIA Award for Best App Book in Fiction

 iPoe Collection Receives the PIA Award for Best App Book in Fiction


iPoe Collection, by Play Creatividad, receives the Publishing Innovation Award in New York for the Best App Book


BARCELONA, Spain, January 16, 2013 – Play Creatividad team, a small studio from Barcelona, has been honored with the Publishing Innovation Award for the Best App in Fiction category for “iPoe Collection: The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection,” for iPad and iPhone that gathers some stories from the master of horror, Edgar Allan Poe, enhancing it with illustrations, animations, interaction and an original soundtrack.

The SunVolt Solar Panel: Charge your iDevices as Fast as with an Outlet




I spent 6 years living on a sailboat in the Caribbean, and during my time on the yacht, I developed a great appreciation for the Sun’s ability to keep my batteries powered up for free, wherever I happened to drop anchor.  Since my sailing days I find I'm always on the lookout for efficient ways to harness this abundant source of electrical power for personal use, especially as one who spends a great deal of my time outdoors, with my iDevices. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn about the SunVolt, by Gomadic.

Women attire - Saree

Women attire - Saree


Saree is a beautiful attire for women. It is mostly popular among people from Asian region. Also it has become popular among women around the globe for its uniqueness. Saree is mostly used during occasions like: wedding reception, cultural events and any celebration occasion.

Wearing saree is complicated and someone needs to know the steps properly. Generally women used to take help of someone else who knows how to wear it. Another challenging matter is that a single individual don't know wearing saree in all styles. To overcome these difficulty from women's life 'how to wear a saree' can be a nice solution.

House of Marley Rocks CES 2013!



The House of Marley: Not just a brand, not just high quality gear, but a revolutionary lifestyle choice.



If you follow my articles, then you already know I am a big fan of House of Marley. Aside from the fact that House of Marley is spearheaded by Rohan Marley, son of one of the most influential artist of all time, Bob Marley, House of Marley is also a brand and company that is so enthusiastically focused on the quality and integrity of their product that it was an entirely refreshing experience for me to be able to visit with them at CES 2013 today here in Las Vegas.


My visit to the House of Marley station today at CES was an absolute joy. The House of Marley staff was both completely welcoming and extremely knowledgeable about their products and also, so enthusiastic about the latest additions to an already amazing line of gear. Theirs has been one of the most enjoyable booths I’ve had the pleasure of visiting at this year’s CES.


Buyer's Guide for All You New iPad and iPhone Owners Out There. [Reviews]



Happy Holidays everyone, from all of us here at iPhone Life! Hopefully everyone had a safe and abundant holiday celebration. I know many of you are now very happy owners of the latest iDevices, and whether you just got an iPhone, an iPad or an iPad mini, this little "Buyer's Guide" is filled with handy links with lots of concise and useful information to help you accessorize and personalize your new toys.

Celebrate the Holidays with HUGE App Store Sales! [Breaking News]



To celebrate the holiday season many top apps are now on sale for a limited time. Read on to find out which popular apps have had their prices slashed! Great apps that are sure to be on your holiday wish list or gift list are on sale now.

Holiday App deals from AppAnnex, LLC

Holiday App deals  from AppAnnex, LLC


The Holiday season is upon us and to make it more fun and memorable we are making some of our best apps FREE.

Create custom avatars for contacts in your iPhone address book with Call Screen Maker. Use our collection of vivid backgrounds, cliparts, frames and face effects to express your creativity and make some good laughs. We just updated our collection with Holiday themed content.  Download Call Screen Maker for free at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/call-screen-maker-your-best/id457516222?mt=8 for FREE

Resultly Launches iPhone App; Google Alerts On Steroids


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