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Top 7 Rugged Waterproof iPhone Cases for Summer


The rugged, waterproof case market has exploded this year, and now that summer is in full effect, people keep asking me, “Which waterproof iPhone case should I get?”

This time last year, Lifeproof had excellent offerings, and... well, that was really about it in terms of quality waterproof iPhone cases. This year however, there is no shortage of top-quality waterproof cases for your iPhone. Read on for a quick roundup of the best of the best available. And while I can't tell you which one is best suited to you, I can turn you on to some great options (some of which you may not have known about), and let you decide.

Phrase Pop - Your Foreign Impressions Improved

Phrase Pop - Your Foreign Impressions Improved

Phrase Pop – A one-of-a-kind app that introduces popular phrases from around the world at the convenience of a few clicks, is now available at the Apple app store.


My Photo Framer

My Photo Framer


Santa Fe, New Mexico - June 4, 2013 - The Eugene Group announces publication of their My Photo Framer app. The app allows smartphone users to send real framed photos to anyone in the U.S. for as little as $24.50.

Lifeproof frē for iPad mini Available Now


The new, highly-anticipated Lifeproof iPad mini case ($99.99) is now available. Available now at Best Buy as well as at Lifeproof's website, the frē is nothing short of a feat of modern design genius.

The frē takes all of the best elements of its Lifeproof predecessors and fuses them to create a case that is Lifeproof’s best so far. If you are already familiar with Lifeproof cases, you know that the company (recently purchased by Otterbox) excels at crafting some of the best protective cases for iDevices. Sporting slim profiles, supporting full-time use, complete functionality, and control accessibility, Lifeproof cases could perhaps be considered more of an enhancement to your iDevice as opposed to an encumbrance. If Steve Jobs had designed a ruggedized, waterproof, shock proof, snow proof and dust proof iDevice, it likely would have turned out similar to the Lifeproof case. This go-anywhere, do-anything case is simply the best in its class.

iWishSecret - make your wish come true!

iWishSecret - make your wish come true!

iWishSecret is an iPhone application specially designed for those who want to make their dreams come true. Only three simple steps – and it’ll start coming true within the first six months.

iWishSecret will help to visualize your dreams, thus making them a reality. It’s an irreplaceable instrument not only for The Secret film fans and the book admirers, but also for all who want to get anywhere in life.

To make your dream come true, you should take three simple steps:

3 Baby Reference Apps Parents Can't Live Without


When it comes to having babies, all of your experiences will pretty much be brand new. Whether it's baby number one or number twenty, they are going to pull at least one thing you have never seen before. Where there were once old wives tales and home visits; now there are Google searches and frantic nurse line calls. Everywhere in between there we tend to turn to our smartphones for every answer.  Luckily for us there are enough smart people out there to have our every need covered.  If you have recently welcomed a new baby into your life these three apps are essential. 

Q&A with Otterbox CEO Brian Thomas on Acquisition of Lifeproof


Last month at the Wireless Association-CTIA tradeshow, iPhone Life Magazine hosted a major event at which Otterbox CEO Brian Thomas announced the rugged case maker had acquired Lifeproof case company. Although Thomas made the announcement at our event, we were nonetheless taken by surprise as Thomas revealed the merger of these two exceptional case companies. As someone who appreciates a good protective case for my iDevices, I am excited to see what comes out of this union. Both companies are already known for making some of the best cases on the market, especially in the rugged, military-standard case division.

Adventure-Proof your iPhone with the Slim, Waterproof Incipio Atlas


The Adventure-Proof series examines and reviews the best in rugged iOS gear, apps, and accessories to help iDevice users enjoy outdoor adventures and extreme environments with their mobile tech safely in tow.

The Atlas by Incipio ($89.99) is a newcomer to the waterproof case arena and on its first try has created an excellent, ruggedized, full-time use case. The Atlas has some of the absolute best features of any heavy-duty iPhone 5 case on the market

Right Off the Bat

What intrigued me most about the Atlas was the fact that it is the first waterproof case to use shatterproof, tempered glass for its screen cover. This is both unprecedented as well as very welcome! In fact, I would describe the Atlas as a game changer in the ultra-rugged iPhone case arena.

FREE adult entertainment app for iPhone...

SexyDiceGame is an adult entertainment game to be played by couples in a loving relationship. SexyDiceGame will help you explore your partners body and experiment in new tasteful ideas. If played in the wright manner it will help to improve you and your partners sex lives. Just roll the dice and see what treat you will receive. 

Gratitude Journal App: Blessings365 is now on iTunes


New Gratitude Photo Journal App BLESSINGS365 has been released on the App Store! The app allows you to keep track of your blessings through a daily photo journal. Photos with significance be under Favourites display, through a "star" track function



Lynnette Poon, owner of YOUR WELL-BEING CONCIERGE today announced the release of their FIRST app for iOS – Blessings365, a gratitude photo journal.

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