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Use Your iPhone to Build Stronger Relationships


In this smartphone coaching series, learn how to pair your iPhone with simple success principles and create a better life. This is Part 4 in the series. To start at the beginning, click here.

In the last two posts, we touched on the first aspect of a good life: good health, both physical and mental. The second aspect of living a good life is building good relationships. In this post you will learn how to improve your relationships with family and friends.

If you think back on your life, you will probably see that the best moments have involved other people. Sharing experiences with other people multiplies the happiness. Try watching a funny movie by yourself and together with a bunch of friends and you will see what I mean. Humans need other people to be fully happy, it seems. 

5 Must-Have iPad Apps


Great iPad apps help to optimize your social, professional, and personal experiences like never before. These five apps give you the flexibility to access data at your own convenience, anywhere, anytime.

Tanique Doncaster, safe tanning advice plus much more!

Tanique Doncaster, safe tanning advice plus much more!

Tanique Doncaster App is full of useful information about safe tanning and full of holiday themed iOS games and quizzes.

Here are some of Tanique Doncaster App feature:

* All the information about Tanique Doncaster in one easy to use application without the need of an internet connection once downloaded.

* A safe tanning quiz, plus a holiday flag themed quiz.

* A found Mr Sunshine iOS game

* A live map to help you find your way around Doncaster

* Information about Doncaster and it's surrounding area

* A pick my treatment iOS feature

* Five free wallpapers to use as your home screen

* A summery time clock

Plus much more, so download Tanique Doncaster today.

Price and Availability:

Free worldwide in the Apple App store

Get Ready to Ride with Strava App for iPhone


A friend of mine recently participated in a mountain bike race in Colorado. His 18-mile ride was completely tracked by the Strava Cycling - GPS Biking and Riding Route Tracker (free).

Your iPhone works as the GPS device. Go out for a ride and then view your activities on Strava.com.

As you can see on the image above, it took my friend less than 2 hours to complete the 18 mile race, climbing 1,500 feet in elevation (already starting at 6,900 feet!). 

PGA Championship Hits Rochester! Get Ready with These 5 iPhone Apps


My hometown of Rochester, NY, is a golfing town. Despite its smaller size, Rochester has hosted the 1995 Ryder Cup, the 2003 and 2013 PGA Championships, the Senior PGA Championship, and the annual Wegmans LPGA event, and even the Xerox Classic. With a number of world class courses, such as Oak Hill and Locust Hill, residents squeeze in as much playing time as they can, given the harsh winters, and are thrilled to welcome professionals with regularity.

To help you enjoy the PGA Championship experience taking place this weekend, I've tried to compile a list of Rochester and golfing related apps and websites. But first, I'll give you more details about the town hosting this year's event.

Track Your Emotions with HeartMath's InnerBalance Sensor [review]


I'm a skeptic by nature, so I wasn't sure what to expect with the HeartMath InnerBalance sensor for iOS ($99). The device clips to your earlobe and detects your emotional signals, transmitting them to your iOS device. Well guess what... the darn thing works! I was surprised to see that as my breathing, pulse, and emotions changed, the app registered those changes. There is something to this, and physicians, therapists, and researchers need to take note!

The sensor is more comfortable than I thought it would be... I thought it would pinch, but it just sort of sits on your earlobe. A wire tethers the sensor to your iOS device with a 30-pin connector. If you have devices with Lightning connectors, you'll need an Apple adaptor. The connection is a bit tricky, and it took me a few tries to get everything plugged in just right. I would prefer a wireless solution, but it does work.

Use Your iPhone to Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health


In this smartphone coaching series, learn how your iPhone paired with simple success principles can help you create a better life. This is Part 3 in the series. To start at the beginning, click here.

Health is the foundation of living a good life. Last week we covered ways to improve our physical health. This post is about the other part of being healthy—the mental aspect.

Everyone agrees that you have to exercise regularly in order to be physically healthy. What not many people know is that you also need to train mentally regularly to reach optimal health. What does it mean to train mentally? To train mentally means to exercise your mind to feel and function better.

Want to Get in Shape? Use Your iPhone to Improve Your Fitness


In this smartphone coaching series, learn how your iPhone paired with simple success principles can help you create a better life. This is Part 2 of the series.

In my introductory post last week, I explained what it means to live a good life and shared simple yet powerful ways to stay focused on your goals. In this post, we will discuss one of the fundamentals of a good life—your health. Here, you will learn tricks to motivate yourself to take your health to the next level using different iPhone apps.

Top 7 Rugged Waterproof iPhone Cases for Summer


The rugged, waterproof case market has exploded this year, and now that summer is in full effect, people keep asking me, “Which waterproof iPhone case should I get?”

This time last year, Lifeproof had excellent offerings, and... well, that was really about it in terms of quality waterproof iPhone cases. This year however, there is no shortage of top-quality waterproof cases for your iPhone. Read on for a quick roundup of the best of the best available. And while I can't tell you which one is best suited to you, I can turn you on to some great options (some of which you may not have known about), and let you decide.

MyNetDiary Release GPS Tracker for Running and Exercise Activities

MyNetDiary Release GPS Tracker for Running and Exercise Activities

Cherry Hill, New Jersey (June 28, 2013) – MyNetDiary, a comprehensive food diary, recently released its latest app, the MyNetDiary GPS Tracker for iPhone. This new app tracks and calculates calories burned during motion-based activities (running, biking, walking, hiking, and skiing).

For those with a MyNetDiary account, which is free to join, the data is automatically synced to the account and the calories burned are factored into the day’s calorie balance. However, this app can also be used by itself without an account.

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