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Joggit Memory is "Free" during November

Joggit Memory is

In recognition of National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and National Caregiver Month, the Joggit Memory app is "Free" during the month of November. Joggit Memory was developed to promote Alzheimer's disease awareness and encourage brain health by staying mentally active. Mentally stimulating activities strengthen brain cells and the connections between them, and may even create new nerve cells.

Find Your RHYTHM with Scosche Heart Rate Monitor


I'm not a big fan of working out. One thing that can motivate me though, is having proof of how hard I've exercised.

That's why I love Scosche's RHYTHM ($79.99). It's a Bluetooth armband heart rate monitor for women that attaches to your forearm. I wore it during a workout and hardly noticed it was there.

Review - 24/7 Could Save Your Life...Oh, and Free Codes Are Available for a Limited Time!


Sleep. Medical research indicates that your body needs it to repair and rejuvenate, but more importantly, an unhealthy sleep condition (like Apnea), can lead to a heart attack and possibly death. You may not even know you are suffering from it, but sleep problems are not the only hidden health dangers we face. If you sit at a desk all day, recent studies indicate this could also contribute to an unhealthy condition. Enter 24/7an app that evaluates your sleep quality, keeps tabs on your daily activity, and helps you to keep moving in a positive direction, potentially away from a hospital visit.



Mobile Screen Cleaning Kit Battles Smart Phone Acne

CLEVELAND, OH -- October 1, 2013 – DF Consumer Products, Inc., manufacturer of
Mobile Clean and Go™ mobile screen cleaning products, announces Self Magazine’s recommendation of its travel-sized cleanser and cloth as a first line in the defense against germs that cause acne - citing noted New York City cosmetic dermatologist, Paul Jarrod Frank, MD (Self.com, Flash Segment, September 20, 2013).

Suck at Golf? Your iPhone Can Help


I never would have imagined that I could improve my golf game with my iPhone, but now I can with the new GolfSense by Zepp. This golf swing analyzer works with a sensor in a glove and sends data to a free app on your phone. Amazing. Just attach the motion sensor to your favorite golf glove, download the app, and you are ready to start improving your game.

Bring Your Outdoor Workout Inside With FitTrip App


When I take my mountain bike out on the trails, besides getting a good workout, it relaxes me. For me it's a mindful experience being out in nature with only me, the bike, and the trail.

However, because I live in Colorado, when the snow starts falling my bike finds residence in my garage until the sun starts shining again, I can shed my North Face coat, and the trails start drying out.

During the winter, I usually find myself hanging out on the couch instead of getting the exercise I need. I absolutely hate going to the gym. 

So, that's why I was happy to hear about a fellow Colorado resident who developed an app designed to quiet the mind and make working out at the gym like being outdoors.

FitTrip App Creators Help with Colorado Flood Relief


Gusto Technologies, creators of the FitTrip App now on Kickstarter, are helping out fellow residents of the Boulder, Colorado area who lost almost everything they own to the flooding that occurred during the week of Sept. 12. Close to 13 inches of rain fell in the region in just a few short days. 

Do the M7 Coprocessor's Capabilities Have to Stop at Fitness Apps?


Apple's recent event revealed the iPhone 5S, complete with space gray, silver, or gold color schemes, new camera features, and a fingerprint sensor. It also highlighted the new M7 motion coprocessor, designed to gather motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass.

Fitness apps that would normally fall on the A7 chip will now rely on the M7, a more efficient alternative that draws less battery. With a new set of CoreMotion APIs, developers can also contribute a variety of fitness and motion tracking apps for iOS 7.

SolarScreen; fantastically simple sunscreen timer AVAILABLE NOW in the App Store!

SolarScreen; fantastically simple sunscreen timer AVAILABLE NOW in the App Store!

SolarScreen is a simple timer application that alerts you when it is time to reapply your sunscreen. SolarScreen calculates its time with user selectable skin types; recommend or selectable SPF range of sunscreen and the current UV index for your location.

•Current UV index based on your location

•Selectable and suggested sunscreen SPF

•Safe Tanning Mode 

•Simple skin type selector

•Simple gesture and tap based interface

Ground-Breaking App Reveals Individualized ‘Gifts’ and Advantages of Children Living with ADD/HD

Ground-Breaking App Reveals Individualized ‘Gifts’ and Advantages of Children Living with ADD/HD

---New ‘Managing the Gift’ App helps adolescent caregivers uncover and capitalize on distinct strengths, abilities and opportunities specific to each given child living with ADHD, ADD or HD---

PHOENIX, AZ, September 4, 2013 – Internationally renowned child and adult ADD/HD expert, author and speaker Dr. Kevin Ross Emery (“Dr. Kevin”) today announced the release of a first-of-its-kind “Managing the Gift” App, which reveals the true potential of each given child living with ADD/HD. This App provides conscientious parents, educators and other caregivers with a more comprehensive and unbiased understanding of ADD/HD at large that negates common unfavorable labels and restrictive predispositions.

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