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iBiomed App Helps Special Needs Caregivers!


Many of us blessed with good health probably can't imagine the mind-boggling amount of information that must be kept constant track of when caring for a special needs patient. The myriad medications, allergies, and vital health stats must be vigilantly maintained, and a simple mistake made under this strain can be catastrophic for a loved-one. Designed by a physician and his wife (parents of a special needs child), iBiomed makes this gargantuan task much more manageable... You can grab this valuable app for free at the link above.

Apps and Accessories for a Would Be Runner

2011You know those people you see in the middle of winter, running in place at every stoplight, wearing nothing but spandex running shorts? Well, I'm not one of those people. I've never run in a marathon. I don't even know how far a marathon is. Prefontaine I am not. 

Lately however, I've been feeling the need for more exercise. I love my job, but sitting at a desk from 9-5 doesn't make it easy to stay in shape. So I've taken up running in the morning before work.


Top 5 Apps to Improve Your Health

Apps that help you stay fit and informed about your health

WebMD mobile

Free, app2.me/2791


Best Apps: Healthcare/Fitness

health_fitnessGenerally, you'll find these apps to be much less technical than those in the Medical section, which are more designed for doctors and nurses. There are apps in this section that can show you how to reduce stress, help you count calories, and stay on track with your weight loss plan. Some even show you how to perform CPR and guide you through a number of first aid procedures. Whether you consider yourself a health nut, a fitness enthusiast, or just want to make a few healthy changes to your lifestyle, you're sure to find something in this section.


Staying or Getting in Shape Is Easier With The Right Help...or should I say APP.

Getting back in shape, after more years than I'd like to admit, has been a bit daunting and slower than I imagined. But since I always have my iPod Touch with me, I can now track my progress on the fly....track calorie intake and output all with a few taps of my finger. The beauty of having apps available on my device is that I don't have to rely on my memory at the end of the day. I can tally them at the time I am eating or exercising. What's even more helpful is that I can look up food in a restaurant to make smart choices. (did you know that a whole Bloomin' Onion at The Outback is 1,500 calories and 84g of fat?)

Opthalmology missionary work gives new meaning to the term "Retina Display"


A colleague of mine asked if this was newsworthy.  I can't think of anything more important than helping those in need.  Indeed, if an iPhone can make a difference in people's lives, then that gives new meaning to "iPhone Life" as well.

Doctor Edward K. Wong, Jr. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Opthalmology at the University of California, Irvine.  He is part of a team headed to Kenya in November, 2010 that will be working with 400 children who have never had an eye exam.  The team will be using the iPhone 4's camera to examine the eyes of these orphans.  The technology is based on work by MIT.

Managing Diabetes with the Help of the iPhone

Apps to help diabetics

As an emergency medicine physician, I often see diabetic patients only when the chronic effects of the disease are presenting themselves. I would prefer to focus more on preventative care, and as anyone that deals with diabetes knows, that is the key to managing the disease and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mobility is a key to managing the disease. Diabetics have to be able to monitor their glucose levels, select the proper foods, and make sure they get the exercise they need, wherever they are. Fortunately for iPhone and iPod touch users, the App Store has a number of apps that will help with these activities.


Workout Tracker?


Does anyone know of a good workout tracking app for the iPhone?

I'm looking for one that can keep track of what exercises I do, number of reps, # of pounds, # of miles, # calories, etc.

Any suggestions?

Health Care Apps for Women’s Reproductive Health

Apps to track your period and/or pregnancy

There are so many apps for out there for women. Our focus for this article is to bring light to some apps relating to reproductive health and issues that we think many women can find useful on a day-to-day basis. These apps make busy lives easier and most importantly, healthier. They make tracking your period and pregnancy a breeze. As parents of four, we know the apps for pregnancy are invaluable and so easy to use. For any woman trying to become pregnant or already pregnant, these apps are for you!

Menstrual cycles

Women track their periods for numerous reasons. Some women might be trying to become pregnant, while others are trying to track the symptoms of PMS.


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