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Prepare to "Flip in Hell" on your iOS Device!

Prepare to

App developer Rory Buckley announces Flip in Hell for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

Flip in Hell offers a unique & refreshing approach to the classic endless game style. Prepare to flip yourself through the depths hell, scoring points as you flip between platforms. The game has a frustrating-but-addictive edge to its gameplay, there really is no room for error!

Since release, Flip in Hell has gained many fans & users - many say it has a certain charm to it that many other similar style apps fail to achieve. Some believe this could be the beginning of a new "Flappy Bird' style phenomenon!!

What I Played This Week: New iOS Puzzlers!


It was a cold week last week, capped off with heavy snow here in the East, and these three puzzle solvers helped kill the hours between shoveling episodes. Hope it's warmer where you might be enjoying this edition of WIPTW, so let us begin.. Cool Xonix is a rebooted Xonix clone that adds additional obstacles, and challenges to the vintage arcade classic. Jolly Jam (from mega game maker Rovio) is a match up game that practically jumps off the screen. Kindly Colors, also a matchup, will make you do a bit of painting too. Read on for all three mini-reviews.

Crazy Sapper 3D Redefines Minesweeper Game Genre on Mobile

Aratog Games announces new free-to-play version of its Crazy Sapper, a multi-platform puzzle game. Combining the classic minesweeper gameplay with new captivating elements in 3D Crazy Sapper delivers hours of fun and challenge.

Crazy Sapper 3D is a spiritual heir to the true classics - the Minesweeper game. However, it is far from blindly copying that addictive yet very simple gameplay. In Crazy Sapper, the player takes the role of Max, who is the only hope left to withstand the evil mad general Boris. By solving mind-bending puzzles, Max must make his way through 30 mine fields to Boris´s secret laboratory and disrupt his plans on enslaving the entire world.

This Week's Gaming Distraction: Radiation Island


Mobile games can be more than just match-three puzzles and in-app purchases; they can also create a genuinely compelling environment and immerse you in another world. The folks at Atypical Games provided me with a download code to play their latest release, the first-person survival horror game Radiation Island. In it, you are deposited on a mysterious island with nothing but your bare hands; you must find food, craft tools, fend off dangerous animals and zombies, and try to uncover the island's secrets. This may sound a little like Minecraft, especially considering the crafting mechanic, but Radiation Island's gorgeous graphics and open environment appealed to me in a way that Mojang's blocky world hasn't quite matched. I've quickly become invested in my character's fate and spent many hours wandering and trying to survive.

Review: Punfound Word Game App


Would it be corny to say that a game about puns is punny? 

Punfound (f re e) is a new word game app, and it's pretty dang punny (yeah, I went there).

Game Centered: Apple Continues to Focus More on Gaming



Game Centered features roundups and in-depth reviews of the best in iOS games and related gaming news. This week's installment focuses on none other than Apple itself and the ever-increasing attention it is giving to iOS gaming and gaming culture.

The Vainglory Interview, Part I


Vainglory (free) is a new iOS game that has taken the world of mobile gaming by storm. Developed by Super Evil Megacorp, Vainglory belongs to the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genreMOBA in gaming vernacular. Recently I got to chat with Kristian Segerstrale, COO & Executive Director at Super Evil Megacorp. We had a great conversation and I even got to play a few rounds of Vainglory with pro gamer turned Vainglory Video Community Manager, George “Zekent” Liu, and Super Evil Megacorp's Director of Marketing and Communications, Heini Vesander. I'm even more excited than ever to see what the future holds for this game, a game that is not only the pinnacle of awesome, but is also poised to revolutionize the way core gamers perceive and interact with modern games on the iOS platform. The following transcription is a must-read for any core gamer, as we delve into the creation of what is being hailed as one of the best new iOS games, and the only MOBA perfected for touchscreens.

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Spasmodic Pop

Spasmodic Pop

'SPASMODIC POP' is going to have you swinging like a wrecking ball. It's time to take your imagination to a far out place where you'll get to meet four pop culture icons. Meet Twerk, Westy, Freaky and Wannabe our very own superstars. This free app provides a challenge in a fun environment with thrill seeking characters that have edgy personalities.

Meet FREAKY straight up freaky. She's worn meat and been saluted with a legion of claws. This pop icon makes her monsters go gaga. Take her to the edge of glory and beyond.

Cool Xonix — a real sequel of the legendary arcade!

Cool Xonix — a real sequel of the legendary arcade!
Not just another remake of the world-famous game Xonix, but a real sequel of the legendary arcade!
You get in the game:
- 5 kinds of enemies
- Game bonuses
- Various obstacles on the game field
- 150+ interesting background images
- Fascinating levels require different strategies
Goal of the game: you control a green square. Cut off pieces of enemy territory (black field). The part of the hidden picture appears on the occupied territories. Open an entire hidden picture to complete a level.
In the game you will face different enemies: some can be killed, others move in your area.

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