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Geogame World Series - The ultimate world trivia game now on iPad!

Geogame World Series - The ultimate world trivia game now on iPad!


Geogame™ is the definitive world trivia game. We retain information much faster when education and entertainment are mixed. Geogame™ gamifies learning with a multiple-choice race against the clock to help test and improve knowledge.

·       This is the original, trademarked Geogame

·       Featured by Apple in “What’s Hot”

·       The recent update extended Geogame to iPad, making it a universal app for all iOS devices

·       A discount is available to educational institutions to support in-class learning


Game features:

Review: A Space Shooter For Free by Frima


A Space Shooter is simply that – a space shooter.  There’s nothing spectacular about the game play, and honestly not a whole lot original about the story or anything else.  What makes this worth playing, aside from the basic thrill of blowing up everything that stands in your way (which is a formula that’s hard, though not impossible, to mess up), is the game’s personality.  The irreverent hero is amusing, the villains are outlandish, and the A.I. put’s James Cameron’s movie to shame.  Game play wise I can rattle off half a dozen other games that are more fun, but when it comes to sheer atmosphere, A Space Shooter is hard to beat… and the captain would be more than happy to tell you so.

SEI Lite: Search for Earthly Intelligence (FREE)

SEI Lite: Search for Earthly Intelligence is the new Lite Version of the iPhone Word Game SEI: Search for Earthly Intelligence.

Defen-G Astro iPhone App Review



Do you have the skill needed to defend the Tower of Atia from the attackers? In other words, the world is in your hands and if you can't handle it, then Defen-G Astro [$2.99] probably isn't your cup of tea. Otherwise, even though it's an overused cliche on the App Store, it still proves to be an interesting genre when developers apply their personality to it - take control of the defenders, and defend the all-so powerful tower in this strategic solution to any boring moments.

Cosmic Ball FREE iPhone App – A New Way To Play Basketball In Space

Cosmic Ball FREE iPhone App – A New Way To Play Basketball In Space

Sydney, Australia - InnoLab challenges gamers to play basketball in outer space with the launch of its full-featured free version Cosmic Ball application for iPhone and iPad, an app that puts a fast-paced new spin on a classic game.

Players race the clock to make as many baskets as they can. But in space, players cannot use their hands to aim the basketball - they must bounce it off a platform that is controlled by tilting the iPhone or iPad. In an added twist, the basketball can be made more or less bouncy in midair.

"You have to use your quick reflexes to not drop the basketball," said Chinh Nguyen, creator of Comic Ball. "It's a fast-paced game that requires a lot of smart strategy to win."

iPhone App Review: Ninja Flier Pro—Fast-Paced Ninja Fun


Ninja Flier Pro hails from FunVidApps, and it promises ninja-paced fun in a tunnel racing title to take your breath away.

It’s not a concept that will take long to become familiar with.  If you’ve played any other tunnel racers, you know what to expect: your character, in this case a slickly animated ninja, rushes headlong down an enclosed passage, dodging obstacles and collecting stuff.  In Ninja Flier Pro, “stuff” is glowing green canisters, which you then cash in later for goodies.  These goodies come mainly in the form of superpowers, which you’ll use against the bad guys cramping your ninja-flying style.  The bad guys are aliens, so you’ll need all the supercharged ninja-fu you can muster. 

App Review - iPolygon


A logic and action-based puzzler, iPolygon, has recently been released as a universal app on the App Store.

The game has been designed to be played in the portrait orientation mode with the player either relying on swipes or gyroscope controls.  Gameplay revolves around a ricochet mechanic.

The aim of each level is to keep a moving ball inside a structure full of colorful walls while breaking all the walls in each level. This means that  players want to hit the walls and break them, but keep the ball constantly moving; and not fall off the edge of the structures' walls into space. There are also two smaller power-up orbs available that stay stationary.

50% Off Back-To-School-Boredom Sale For Elusive Ninja On iPhone

50% Off Back-To-School-Boredom Sale For Elusive Ninja On iPhone

Calgary, AB, September 12th, 2011 – Bulletproof Outlaws is pleased to announce a 50% off “Back-To-School-Boredom” sale on their first flashy, fast-paced iPhone and iPod Touch rel

Snake Wars is now free for a limited time on the App Store

Snake Wars is now free for a limited time on the App Store

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Jinix is pleased to announce that Snake Wars for the iPhone and iPod touch is now free for a limited time on the App Store. Snake Wars is a modern version of the classic snake game that we all love. The game includes a multiplayer mode with support for up to 4 players and a single player mode with 25 Levels:

Collect food pellets to grow longer, but avoid running into your own or your opponent's body. Try to be the longest snake by collecting the most pellets, and use your length advantage to trap other snakes. The last snake standing or the first to eat 10 pellets is the winner.

Single Player

What I am playing this week - rRootage Online and Magic Defenders!


Working on a couple of reviews, but wanted to get the word around about two newer titles am trying out this week and also admit to playing SlotZ Racer for more hours than I should have. rRootage Online HD is a top-down, scrolling shooter port of a game originally from legendary programmer Kenta Cho. "Shoot-N-Squirm" from a hail of bullets might be an apt description. Magic Defenders is yet another Tower Defense, but with a wizard manning the watch... Read on to check out the videos and get the gory details...

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